Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess
- takes over planets, using their lifeforms as fodder for its experiments
- goal is transformation of Great Emperor Lar Deus into strongest being in the universe .
Reconstructive Experiment Base Labor
Flying saucer headquarters of the Empire.
Great Emperor Lar Deus
Leader of Mess. Ends up as the monster Za Deusoola.
Great Doctor Lee Keflen
Geneticist. Creator of the Beast Warriors. Originally from Earth.
Ley Wanda/Wandarla
Winged zebra-like field commander who can transform into the utterly bestial Wandarla.
Ley Nefel/Nefelura
Catlike field commander who can transform into utterly bestial Nefelura.
Ley Garus (1-28)
White-furred, blue-skinned brute field commander.
Ulk and Kilt
Nefelura's feline assistants.
Sir Cowler (15-48)
Boss of the Alien Hunters, armed wih a whip. Kidnapped the five Earth babies who would grow up to be the Flashmen twenty years ago.
Bo Gardan (43-48)
Second in command of the Alien Hunters.
Green-eyed, red-skinned insectoid footsoliders.
Alien Hunters
- Baura, Hag, Kerao, Hou, and one unnamed member
monster-enlarging jellyfish