Great Star League Gozma
An empire that devastates planets and uses the survivors as warriors to invade yet more planets.

Vice-Commander Seema, Commander Giluke and Vice-Commander Booba
(pictured above)

Commander Giluke
In charge of the invasion of Earth from Girath. Once plotted against Bazoo. Dies and returns as Ghost Giluke (later Super Giluke and the Space Beast Warrior Giluke).

Vice-Commander Booba
Former space pirate armed with the Buldobas sickle.

Vice-Commander Seema
Princess of Amanga with a man's voice (until she defects to the Changemen).

Star King Bazoo
Actually a projection of the living planet Gozmastar.

Queen Ahameth
She is from Amazo and has a three-headed pet dragon.

Hidrer Soliders Grunts
Ugly blue creatures with bellies and blonde hair born from eggs.

Gyodaai ('kyodai' = 'giant')
One-eyed monster enlarging creature from Gyodai.

  • GOZMA Sentouki

Space Beast Warriors Monsters of the week
Either captured beasts from conquered alien worlds or aliens mutated into monsters.