Ryuuta Nanbara, Blue Three
Full Name: Ryuuta Nanbara
Ranger Designation: Blue Three
Weapon : Eleki (Electric) Sword
Mecha : Bio Jet 2
Vehicle : Bio Turbo

Age: 18
Abilities: Screw Kick, Flying Cutter, Super Sky Diving, and Chodenshi (Super Electron) Ear - able to hear the humming of disguised Mecha Clones.

Former marine sports enthusiast. Comic relief. Master of stealth and sneaky tricks. Pretends to be thief in one episode to infiltrate Gear's plan. He's usually the one who has to don black suit and go rapelling down a building to enter a room the hard way. Loves aquatic sports.

Actor: Akito Osuga
Suit Actor: Tsutomu Kitagawa (also suit actor for Change Pegasus, Blue Flash, Blue Mask, Shishiranger, Ninjablack)