The Dark Science Empire
From the time when iron was discovered in ancient Turkey, the 'Dark Scientists' have existed to move the world in the shadows. United by Fuehrer Taboo, they are Deathdark.

Fuehrer Taboo
A one-eyed 'super gene' product of genetic engineering that hides behind a translucent wall until emerging, giant-sized, for the finale.

General Deathgiller
Swordsman field commander in black. Piloted the last of the Kongs, Bear Kong.

Grand Marshal Deathmark (15-50)
Pharaoh-like commander brought back to life by Taboo.

Bella and Beth (Deathmark's twin handmaidens)
Faceless warriors in purple and blue tights who assume human forms.

Madaramen (madara = spot, referring to their camaflogue outfits)
Android footsolfiers in camoufalage-colored tights.

Dr. Zazoriya (1-15; sasori = scorpion)
A Dark Scientist scorpion-woman who builds mecha-motif robots. Rival of Dr. Igaana. Put to death by Deathmark.

Dr. Igaana (1-15)
A Dark Scientist iguana-man who builds beast-motif robots. Put to death by Deathmark.

Dark Giant Castle Deathtopia Mobile
castle-shaped fortress that launches giant robots from its gate. Usually underwater but can fly.

Synthetic Beasts (Mozoos) Monsters of the week
Combinations of animal genes and metal atoms. When defeated, the Refresh Power ray gives them enough energy to enable them to pilot their Kongs. Later superceded by Super Synthetic Beasts made of Neometal from Crocodile Mozoo onward.

Giant robots (Kongs)
Usually modelled after the Mozoos who pilot them (but exceptions exist). Have blue cockpits on their heads and disproportionately large legs, presumably to support their enormous weight.