Yasuhiro Takeuchi
Birthdate: 03/08/1969
Height: 170 cm (5'6.92")
He has done some stunt work for Abaranger and Dekaranger. He has done various and diverse roles, but by 2010, he plays his very first Red Ranger in Goseiger. He also briefly played Gosei Green in one episode of Goseiger, Gosei Green had no visiible helmet. He reprised Gosei Red in Episode 2 of Gokaiger and 199 Heroes movie.

Other Roles

Series Ally
Gingaman Gingalcon

DraftKeace Dragon Ranger Grey Swat OhBlue Blue Racer
Ginga Green Go Green Time Blue Gao Yellow Hurricane Yellow
Smoky Bouken Blue Geki Blue Ron Go-On Green
Shinken Green Gosei Red Gosei Green Gokai Green

Tetra Boy Blue Blocker Police Fighter Mega Winger Giga Rhinos
V-Rex/V-Rex Robo Dai Voyager SaiDaiOh

Dongoros Bacchus Wrath Yugande Dagon