Click the mask to discover who is behind the mask. If the character is played by two actors, there is no link on the picture, only below. A list of the suit actors is on this page in Japanese. Who played who is not one hundred percent correct, corrections are welcomed. Most of the stunt actors are part of the Japan Action Enterprise.
Time Red:
Seiji Takaiwa
Hirofumi Fukuzawa
Time Blue Time Yellow:
Hideaki Kusaka
Yasuhiko Imai
Time Pink:
Motokuni Nakagawa
Naoko Kamio
Time Green
Yuuichi Hachisuka
Naoko Kamio
Time Fire
Yasuhiko Imai
Hirofumi Fukuzawa
Time Robo V-Rex/V-Rex Robo Giem Don Durendo:
Osamu Ohnishi
Mecha Crisis Neo Crisis