Shoji Hachisuka
Birthdate: 08/27/1962
Also: Gingaman's Iriesu.
Twin of Yuuichi. He has played four males and four females. He has done stunts for Sharivan and Shaider. He played Five Pink, Blue Swallow, Tricera Ranger, and Tenma Ranger in "Super Sentai World." He played one of the Hurricane Yellow clones in the Hurricanger movie. He played BoukenYellow in place of his brother in "Gekiranger vs. Boukenger." In Gokaiger, he reprised Tricera Ranger and played Pink Five in 199 heroes film.

Series Robot(s) Villain or Friend
Kamen Rider Kuuga Go Zazaru Ba

Spielban's Diana Lady Green Sai Blue Turbo Five Pink Blue Swallow
Tricera Ranger Tenma Ranger Neji Yellow Iriesu Pink Five (Gokaiger 199 Heroes)