• Episodes
    • The Birth
      Episode 1

      A Japanese space shuttle is launched out to explore the planet called Nemesis, that has gotten close enough to the Earth. On Nemesis, the adults of the shuttle crew accidentally broke the seal, releasing the evil sorceress Bandora and her henchmen. Bandora swiftly disposes of the crew and heads toward the Earth. With her massive magic power and her giant monster Dora Titan, Bandora starts to wreck a havoc on the earth. Barza, disguised as a apartment super, tries to confront Bandora, yet he's apparently powerless in front of the powerful sorceress. When Bandora challenges him with hostages--the shrunk space shuttle with two children left inside--Barza decides to bring the five warriors back from suspended animation. He has secretly guarded for 170 million years. Four of the warriors--Goushi, Dan, Boy, and Mei-- rush into Bandora's headquarters, but are captured in a trap. The last warrior, Geki, rescues them, and the five transform into the Zyurangers. They smash Bandora's clay soldiers and take hold of the shrunk space shuttle for once, yet the shuttle is then taken away by giant Dora Titan.

    • The Revival
      Episode 2

      Bandora sets her headquarters, Bandora Palace, on the moon. Bandora prepares Dora Skeleton and sends the shrunk space shuttle with the children inside to the Earth as bait. Going after the shuttle, Zyurangers are sucked into Dora Skeleton's illusory world. The Zyurangers struggle in their fight because their weapons get broken so easily, yet they manage to defeat Dora Skeleton and regain the shuttle. Then the giant Dora Titan reappears, and even the Zyuranger cannot find a way to fight against the giant. When Dora Titan is about to crush Zyurangers, Tyrannosaurs, Geki's Shogozyu, emerges from the underground. Geki rides Tyrannosaurs and finishes Dora Titan with the attack Tyranno Sonic. This marks the first victory for Zyurangers, but they know much more battles are on their way.

    • Fight In The Land of Despair
      Episode 3

      Zyurangers start their combat training, yet all the available weapons fail to match the Zyurangers' power and they shatter one after another. Barza inform the Zyurangers about Legendary Weapons hidden in the Land of Despair, a mysterious island floating in an alternate world. Barza warns the team that anyone lost their hope or stayed more than one day in Land of Despair will be turned into stone. Bandora senses the Zyurangers' intention and acts in advance and abducts a boy named Hiroshi and his mother, sending them to the Land of Despair. Zyurangers rush to the Land of Despair to obtain Legendary Weapons and rescue the boy and his mother. In the Land of Despair, Zyurangers and their five Shogozyus repel Bandora's Golem Soldiers and Dora Minotaurus. Yet the Zyurangers couldn't help the terrified Hiroshi from becoming petrified.

    • Reawaken, Legendary Weapons
      Episode 4

      After spending a freezing night in Land of Despair, Zyurangers scavenge through some deceiving illusions and challenges of Land. They finally reach to the location where the Legendary Weapons laid and Bandora shows up to paralyze the Zyurangers. While Zyurangers' bodies are gradually getting petrified, Geki calls the Legendary Weapons to fight together against the evil. The Legendary Weapons themselves leap into their hands and break Bandora's curse. They combine the five Legendary Weapons into the Howling Cannon to destroy Dora Minotaurus. Zyurangers rescue Hiroshi and his mother, and are able to come back home safely before Bandora destroys Land of Despair.

    • Scaaary Riddles
      Episode 5

      Dora Sphinx appears in town and starts to give children riddles. When the children fail to answer correctly, Dora Sphinx blows them off to somewhere. While searching for the missing children, Zyurangers neglect to act in team and as a result, Boy and Dan are swept off by Dora Sphinx. The rest of Zyurangers find Boy, Dan, and the lost children are captured inside of trees. Furthermore, those trees are subject to be cut down very soon. The remaining three Zyurangers battle with Dora Sphinx, but Mei and Goushi are blown off into trees as well. Geki summons his Shogozyu Tyrannosaurs to combat Dora Sphinx, yet Tyrannosaurs sends Geki to a bizarre, deserted world instead-- it is where Geki has envisioned several times in his daydream.

    • Arise! Daizyuzin
      Episode 6

      In the desert, Geki finds the utterly ruined earth and the skeleton remains of other Zyurangers. The vision of five Shogozyus appears and tell that if Geki cannot bring the Zyuranger team into one, this devastated world will become the reality. The vision also tells Geki that Daizyuzin will be evoked through Dino Tanker. Geki returns from the other world with reaffirmed determination to be the true leader of the team. Barza advises Geki that the five Dino Crystals to call forth the Daizyujin. When Geki starts his own battle with giant Dora Sphinx, his Ryugekiken shows the place where the Dino Crystals are hidden. The power of Dino Crystals releases the rest of Zyurangers from trees, and their five Shogozyus are combined into Dino Tanker and then into Daizyujin. Daizyujin smashes Dora Sphinx, and the trapped children are released safely from trees before cut down.

    • I Can See You, I Can See You
      Episode 7

      Dora Goblin starts to collect its favorite food is children's souls. A boy named Tooru witnesses Dora Goblin's taking the soul of Michiko, a girl he likes. Bukkubakku snatched his gift box, Tooru recklessly chases after it. The Zyuranger try to fight the monster by themselves, but they can't even come close to the monster, because Dora Goblin is invisible to adults. Mei recalls that the monster will become visible if they can switch the side of Dora Goblin's shoes. Dan questions Tooru about what is inside his precious gift box for Michiko. Tooru's answer is a caterpillar, Dan soon learns that it really is the most precious thing to Tooru. Tooru's alcoholic father was convicted of petty theft, and an egg of butterfly found at the yard of prison was everything the man could give to his son. Dan apologizes Tooru, and promises him to get his box back. Tooru's cooperation and Geki tricks Dora Goblin and makes the monster to switch the side of its own shoes. Dora Goblin becomes visible to them and they defeat him, and Tooru successfully presents Michiko his gift, which has now turned to a beautiful butterfly.

    • Terror! Eaten In An Instant
      Episode 8

      Boy meets Mamoru, a chubby boy whose parents are also overweight. Yet, Mamoru and his parents are not embarrassed of being overweight, and enjoying eating. Because their family business allows them few vacations, they have chosen to spend their meal times together, while more and more children are eating alone nowadays. This family-bonding through eating impresses Boy, yet outrages Bandora, who happened to be on crash diet. Bandora sends Dora Kirke to Mamoru's family, and the monster starts to eat up all the food on their table. Dora Kirke moves so quickly it's invisible to human eyes. The hungry family starts quarrel, devastating Mamoru's body and soul. Zyurangers detect the monster and start the fight, but Dora Kirke gulps down their Legendary Weapons. Zyurangers are rescued by Gnome, the chief of the elves. Gnome tells Zyurangers that he'll give them Moly, the herb that once defeated Kirke, if they can win his game: to finish all the feasts offered by Gnome. The game is harder than it looks, and Zyurangers, stuffed full, surrender one after another. Yet only Boy, although feeling all choked up, keeps on eating, in order to save Mamoru. Boy's dedication moves Gnome, and Gnome gives Zyurangers the herb. The power of Moly makes Dora Kirke puke out everything it ate, including Legendary Weapons. And while Bandora finds herself too starved to throw her Dorascepter to grow Dora Kirke, Howling Cannon destroys Dora Kirke. Mamoru and his family are happy once again, although Zyurangers have to gently decline their offer to eat.

    • Run! Prince of the Eggs
      Episode 9

      A bizarre car is traveling through another dimension. On board is Euro, a young prince of Apelo tribe, with his loyalists, baron Clockle and baroness Daisy. They accidentally run into the house of girl named Emiko. Before Zyurangers locate the accident, Bandora's gang storm into the house, and Dora Cockatrice takes Euro and Emiko away. Barza and Clockle explain to Zyurangers the situation: in the war between the ancient people and Bandora, Bandora relentlessly destroyed the lives of the dinosaurs and put them on the blink of extinction. After the war, heads of the five ancient tribes put a pair of dinosaur eggs in a chest and sent it off to the sea, hoping safer time and place for the dinosaurs to come. The chest drifted over to Daros Island, where Apelo tribes reside. God appeared to Apelos and entrusted them to protect the dinosaur eggs until Zyurangers return to this world and receive the eggs. Bandora learned about the dinosaur eggs and had Daros Island in her sight already. Euro has thus come from Daros Island to seek Zyurangers' help. In the meantime, Bandora and Dora Cockatrice are using Emiko to threaten. Finally, Euro tells Bandora about the cave where the dinosaur eggs are hidden. The Zyurangers rescue Euro and Emiko, and Daizyujin' smashes Dora Cockatrice, but Bandora heads to Daros Island before the Zyurangers.

    • Monkeys No More!
      Episode 10

      In the cave of Daros Island, Bandora finds the dinosaur eggs' chest, yet the sacred crystals around it prevent any evil from laying hands on it. Bandora has become Irritated and destroys the entrance of the cave. Zyurangers, along with Euro, Clockle, Daisy and Emiko, arrive to Daros Island. Zyurangers find that every Apelos in Daros Island are desperate over the dinosaur eggs. In fact, Apelos already has failed to accomplish a task assigned from God a long time ago, and as a punishment, they were expelled from the land of Gods and their nature was turned into that of monkeys. If they fail this time, they will remain as monkeys forever. Meanwhile, the restored Dora Cockatrice II disguises itself as Emiko and approaches to Euro. The monster in guise leads Euro to a secret path to the cave and removes one of the sacred crystals. As the safeguard loses its power, Dora Cocatrice II reveals its true self and snatches the chest. Zyurangers, after rescuing the real Emiko, join the battle and defeats Dora Cockatrice II, but the chest is lost in the sea during the turmoil. Apelos eventually has failed to fulfill their mission yet again. The five Shogozyus listen to Zyurangers' plea and forgive Apelos. Euro and Apelos, now back to human, thank the Zyurangers and return to the land of Gods.

    • My Master!
      Episode 11

      A group of children find a magic lamp and befriend with genie of the lamp, Ginn. Bandora is intrigued by Ginn's ability and destroys the lamp and turns Ginn into a Dora Monster.

    • Papa's a Vampire!?
      Episode 12

      Dan meets a tomboyish girl named Michi, who wants her wimpy policeman father to be a hero. Dora Argos makes Michi hallucinate to think her father is Dracula, a legendary vampire.

    • Fire! The Golden Arrow
      Episode 13

      Bandora targets and poisons Mei, because only the Ptera Arrow has the chance to defeat Dora Ladoon. While the other Zyurangers battle with DoraLadoon, Mei starts her own battle to break Bandora's curse.

    • Become Small!
      Episode 14

      An elf named DonDon applies to be a Pleprechuan's assistant, but is rejected by Bandora. A valley-boy Toshio befriends DonDon, and they start playing with DonDon's magic jars, which can shrink anything to be stored inside and cause havok.

    • Destroy! The Dark Super Sword
      Episode 15

      Goushi finds a spirited girl Ritsuko caring for her younger brother Shigeru. This reminds Goushi of his own older sister Otome, who died in the old war against Bandora. Goushi wasn't brave and strong as he is now from the start. It was Otome's training and support, which made him the best knight of his tribe. Ritsuko invites Goushi to Shigeru's ten-year-old birthday party. Yet at the party, Shigeru is taken away by Bandora's gang. Bandora is to create the legendary sword of darkness, Durandal. It requires a child who becomes ten-year old on full-moon night. Threatened by Bandora's gangs, Shigeru reluctantly hammers in the sword in progress and Durandal is given the spirit. With hostage of Shigeru and Ritsuko, Dora Knight calls for Goushi and starts fighting. Goushi rescues the two, yet he finds Durandal, in the hand of Dora Knight, is far stronger than his weapon. Durandal causes extreme damage on Zyurangers' Legendary Weapons. When Dora Knight is giant, it further overwhelms Daizyujin and the God Horn, his sword. Shigeru realizes the consequence of what he's done, and with all his courage, he runs toward Dora Knight to stop the fight. Dora Knight uses the Durandal to strike down Shigeru but it can go no further than inches away from this little boy's head. Even the evil sword cannot harm the one who has created it. Goushi takes Shigeru onto the cockpit of Daizyujin, and Daizyujin's God Horn finishes Dora Knight and Durandal.

    • The Great Sneeze Plot
      Episode 16

      A wicked boy name Isamu gets frustrated when he is rejected from his soccer team. Dora Endos disguises as a clown and has Isamu kick balls filled with sneeze-causing virus towards people. The virus doesn't effect the Zyuranger's suits.

    • The Sixth Hero!
      Episode 17

      Zyurangers find Gnome is assaulting a little boy. To their surprise, even Barza is assisting Gnome= but the boy escapes the scene with his own mysterious power. The boy is Gnome's grandson, Ryouta. Ryouta is trying to bring his hero, Burai, back from suspended animation of 170 million years. The news of another warrior from ancient days astonishes the Zyurangers, but they also wonder why Barza is trying to keep Burai from awakening. Bandora foresees the sixth warrior as a key to defeat the Zyurangers, and gives helps out Ryouta. Eventually, Burai comes back to life. Burai claims himself as the prince of Yamato tribe, and transforms into Dragon Ranger. And with his superior power, Dragon Ranger fiendishly starts his assault-- not on Bandora, but on Zyurangers.

    • The Hate-Filled Brother's Sword
      Episode 18

      Back in their base, Barza finally tells Zyurangers the secret he and Gnome have kept. Burai is, in fact, Geki's older brother. When Burai was eight years old, king and queen of Yamato tribe, without a heir back then, secretly adopted Burai's baby brother, one-year-old Geki. However, Burai and Geki's real father, who was known as `knight in black ', later revolted against the Yamato king and got killed. Young Burai fled to Gnome's village and since then, Burai has been in suspended animation to avenge his father on the Yamato king and the heir Geki, and to prove himself as a true king. Barza's story stuns Geki, and Geki starts to feel compassionate for Burai, his one and only brother. Meanwhile, Bandora invites Burai into her group to defeat their common enemy, the Zyurangers. By Bandora's conduct, Burai obtains Hellfriede, the sword of evil. With Hellfriede on hands, Burai calls Geki for duel, but Geki just can't fight against his brother.

    • Female Warrior Scorpion!
      Episode 19

      Zyurangers meets Kazuo and Yuuji, young brothers who have found a chest of dinosaur eggs in the sea. The chest is returned to the Zyurangers, but they are then attacked by an uncanny female warrior. She is the secret agent of Bandora, Lami, who has been searching dinosaur eggs as well. Lami takes Kazuo away and demands the chest in exchange. Zyurangers succeeds to rescue Kazuo, but the chest is eventually fallen into Bandora's hands. Bandora prophesies that she will defeat Daizyujin on the third day.

    • Daizyuzin's Last Day
      Episode 20

      The day Bandora prophesied has arrived, and her gang start their havoc into the city. Zyurangers, still without a clue about Bandora's prediction, hesitate to summon their Shogozyus. The sly Bandora puts the Zyuranger on the edge with a kidnapped school bus and the dinosaur eggs in her hands. Just when Zyurangers are to summon their Shogozyus, Barza, who finally has figured out the significance of the day, appears and stops them. Barza explains to the Zyurangers that this is the day of full eclipse. When the supply of Daizyujin's power source, the Gaiatron energy, becomes the least plentiful. The Zyurangers summon their Shogozyus to rescue the children captured in school bus and dinosaur eggs--although the chest of dinosaur eggs is once again lost in a river. When Daizyujin battles with Grifforzar and Lammy Scorpion, the eclipse begins and Daizyujin starts losing power. Zyurangers and Daizyujin attempt to scatter giant foes and escape, but just then Dragon Ranger grows giant with Bandora's evil power. Dragon Ranger fights against Daizyujin. Because Geki hesitates to battle with Dragon Ranger, Daizyujin loses the chance to escape. After the fierce onslaught from giant enemies, Daizyujin powerlessly falls down, the Zyurangers fall out and each Shogozyu disappear into the lava.

    • The Guardian Beast's Great Riot
      Episode 21

      Geki feels responsible for the loss of Daizyujin and leaves the team. Meanwhile, during the celebration party in Bandora Palace, Burai attempts to assassinate Bandora. Bandora's true magic ability overwhelms Burai and he is literally thrown back down to the Earth. While Burai is still in shock, a mysterious girl in a white cape appears in front of him. The girl takes Burai into `Lapseless Room' and gives him the Zyusoken. And with enigmatic smile, she tells Burai that remaining time in his life is only about thirty hours, and disappears. Left in confusion and disbelief, Burai leaves the 'Lapseless Room.' Soon after he starts playing his Zyusoken, his Shogozyu, Dragon Caesar emerges from the ocean. Burai, pleased with the massive power of Dragon Caesar, begins crazy rampage throughout the town. Geki witnesses the remorseless destruction caused by Burai, and decides to confront his brother at last. The other four Zyurangers join Geki, but they have no way to fight against Dragon Caesar without their Shogozyus.

    • Combine! Gouryuuzin
      Episode 22

      As Bandora sends Grifforzar and Lammy Scorpion to battle alongside with Dragon Caesar, the destruction of town worsens. The Zyurangers pray for Daizyujin, their Dino Bucklers start to glow brightly--and their Shogozyus emerge from the ground. Five Shogozyus have been actually healing their wounds in the underground lava. While Tyrannosaurus starts its own battle against Dragon Caesar, so does Geki against Burai. After the intensive battle, Geki defeats Burai. And at the end, Burai finally realizes Geki's genuine love and care, and regrets his vengeance-driven past. Burai reunites with Geki, and as Burai and Dragon Caesar join the team, Zyurangers get the new giant alley, Gouryuujin. Yet, the Zyurangers soon find Burai is gone without a word. They are not aware that Burai has to return to his 'Lapseless Room ', where the oracular girl, the spirit of life, Klotho awaits him.

    • I Like, Like the Super Miracle Ball
      Episode 23

      Anyone who swallows the magic baseball of Dora Pixie becomes blindly in love with anything in first sight. Zyurangers struggle to beat Dora Pixie, as Dan, Boy, and Goushi happen to swallow the magic baseball.

    • Turtles Forever
      Episode 24

      Bukkubakku and Tottobatto create Dora Tortoise without Puripurikan's help. Dora Tortoise's signal-lights is causing chaos throughout the town. Boy is among those who is showered by his 'go' light and forced to keep on running. To obtain the legendary flower which can beat Dora Tortoise, Boy runs for his life. With the help of his Tiger Shogozyu, Boy gets the flower and showers it over Dora Tortoise. The Zyuranger defeat Dora Tortoise.

    • The Park Where Demons Dwell
      Episode 25

      There is a statue of faerie that is featured in a park and it is the last work of Tsumura, an artist. Goushi remembers Tsumura, who loved nature and his two children. But Bandora secretly switches the statue with hers, in which Dora Tarantula hides. Goushi, Boy, and Dan form Gouryuujin to destroy Dora Taranatula.

    • Together Spirits in Shaved Ice
      Episode 26

      The Zyuranger are playing a sport and while they are not looking, Tottpatt drops a magic potion in their shaved ice. Dan and Mei eat the shaved ice and as a result, they become punks. While the rest of Zyurangers fight against Dora Bugaranan, Barza strives to obtain the healing herb, Mandragora. Dora Bugaranan swallows Boy and Goushi. Dan and Mei finally turn back to normal and come to Geki's aid. They transform and unfortunately, Geki and Dan gets swallowed. Mei tries to shoot Dora Bugaranan's weak spot, his neck and Tottobatto pushes her out of the way. Tottobatto, Dora Bugaranan, and Bukkubakku chase after Mei. Mei manages to shoot Dora Bugaranan's weak spot with her arrow and the other Zyuranger are released. They destroy Dora Bugaranan.

    • I Want to Eat Mei
      Episode 27

      Mei finds the flower of Lyciam, symbol of her tribe. As Dora Guzzler's lethal flowers start to assault people, Mei decides to follow the legend of princess Yui, who sacrificed her life to save the people of Lycia tribe.

    • Great Upgrade! Clay Monsters
      Episode 28

      Dan starts a part-time job at Ramen restaurant. Later, Dan discovers that Bandora's gang are digging Dokiita-clay right under the restaurant. The Dokiita-clay is a special kind of clay which will enhance the ability of her monsters. Dora Franke, the first monster to be made of Dokiita-clay, displays superior strength than previous Dora Monsters. As Daizyujin struggles to match up fighting-wise with Dora Franke's skills, Geki calls Burai for help.

    • A Mystery!? The Attacking Beast Cavalry God
      Episode 29

      Burai senses the crisis Daizyujin with Dora Franke but when Burai is just about to leave the 'Lapseless Room ', he is teleported to a bizarre world by supernatural power. Geki is also sent to the same world. Before they start exploring the world, Geki asks his persistent question-- why doesn't Burai stay with him? Unfortunately, Burai cannot tell the truth. The brothers find the figures of Shogozyus and hear Daizyujin's voice, saying: if they cooperate each other and successfully surmount the challenge of Zyukishin King Brachion, they will find the way to defeat Dora Franke. Then, King Brachion appears from the swamp and starts firing toward the brothers. Geki and Burai bring their powers and hearts together--Burai gives Geki his shield and Burai uses Geki's sword. At last, they obtain the chest which contains the new weapon, Thunder Slingers. Geki and Burai get back to the battlefield, and Zyurangers defeat Dokiita Golems with Thunder Slingers, and Dora Franke with Ranger Slingers. Yet, the power of Dokiita clay soon revives Dora Franke as Zombie Franke. Furthermore, Bandora has set an eerie white pole on the earth before she retreats to the moon.

    • Satan Comes!!
      Episode 30

      The repulsive pole Bandora has placed upon the Earth is guarded by evil power and not even Daizyujin can remove it. Meanwhile in Bandora Palace, Bandora is executing the hardest black magic, which would cost her life if she should fail. At the same time, Bandora's gang start to abduct children after another, in accordance with Bandora's order. Barza finds out what Bandora's up to--she is summoning Dai Satan, the ultimate ruler of hell. Barza tells Zyurangers that Bandora is gathering thirteen children to be sacrificed in completing `Satan's Tower' to summon Dai Satan from hell. Zyurangers find and guard the thirteenth girl, yet Bandora seizes the girl during the battle between Zyurangers and her gang. The completed `Satan's Tower' is activated and Satan descends on earth. Satan responds to Bandora's demand and spares his power to Zombie Franke. Replenished with Satan's power, Zombie Franke now transforms into lethal Satan Franke.

    • Reborn! The Ultimate God
      Episode 31

      Satan Franke unfolds its horrifyingly superior power, and Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar have collapsed to the ground. On the blink of complete defeat, Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar send the six Zyuranger to Burai's `Lapseless Room' with their supernatural power. In `Lapseless Room ', Klotho appears and reveals the astonishing truth-- Burai has already died long time ago in his suspended animation because of natural disaster. Klotho has resurrected Burai with a tentative life, because Daizyujin asked her to bring him back. Burai and his Shogozyu Dragon Caesar are needed in reviving the `perfect' form of god, which defeated Satan in the past and will be necessary when Satan returns to the Earth in future. The six Zyurangers head toward the north, as Klotho has instructed. While others combat with obstructive Bandora gang to let Geki go further, Geki finds a mysterious green and gold plate. When each of the six Zyurangers state his/her own attribute on their mission and place his/her medallion, the golden plate emits beams of seven colors toward Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar. As Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar receive the beams, the two regain their powers. Zyurangers return to the battlefield, and Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar combine into Zyutei Daizyujin and Zyutei Daizyujin's Empire Attack demolishes Satan Franke. Further, Zyurangers summon King Brachion, and Zyutei Daizyujin combines with King Brakion to bring back Kyukyoku Daizyujin, the ultimate form of Daizyujin. Kyukyoku Daizyujin's Gran Banisher smashes Dai Satan, and he retreats for now.

    • Geki, Slash Your Tears
      Episode 32

      Geki cannot start his fight against Dora Narcissus, because Bandora tells him that Dora Narcissus has the ability to restore anyone's life, possibly Burai's as well. Goushi risks his life to bring back Geki's fighting spirit. But to the end, they have to destroy her. They take advantage when she is looking at the reflection on a building and kills her.

    • Teach Me! The Jewel of Bravery
      Episode 33

      Dora Laygor abuses the power of blue gem, and only the red gem, which an timid girl Saori owns, can stop the turbulence. Dan persuades Saori to be brave. Dora Laygor sticks the Zyuranger and Saori in another dimension. The Zyuranger combine their powers through their coins into Dan's coin to escape the dimension to finish off Dora Laygor.

    • Burai Lives!
      Episode 34

      Burai can't stand the ordeal of loneliness and leaves `Lapseless Room'. Burai meets a young girl Rie and her baby sister Michiko. Bandora soon abducts the sisters. Bandora's plan is to force Burai to use up his remaining life. Burai feels responsible about the incident and seeks to rescue the sisters, despite Geki and other Zyurangers plead for him to stay in his `Lapseless Room'. Burai and Rie are trapped in a cave, and attacked by spinning wheel created by Bandora's magic. Zyurangers manage to rescue Burai and the sisters, but Burai's remaining life is now less than five hours.

    • Ninja Warrior, Boi
      Episode 35

      Boy is hired as a guard at Tomura Ninja school. Dora Ninja assaults the school to steal the medicine for longevity which Tomura is researching.

    • Smash It! The Mirror of Death
      Episode 36

      Tadashi, an outgoing boy finds a map of that he believes leads to a hidden treasure. What the map actually leads to is the 'Mirror of Havoc ', a horrifying mirror which brings kills anyone who looks at it immediately. Zyurangers and Bandora gang race against each other to find the mirror.

    • A Dinosaur is Born
      Episode 37

      Children finds the dinosaurs egg chest by a river bank. Zyurangers attempt to protect it from Bandora's gang, but Mei and children are captured in Dora Kinkaku's magic bottle. During the battle, Geki, Goushi, Dan, and Boy hear the voice of Kyukyoku Daizyujin, saying: to protect the eternal circle of life, Zyurangers must save the life of the dinosaurs, hatching in sixty days. The four of the Zyurangers and Gouryuujin rescue Mei and children, and Kyukyoku Daizyujin defeats Dora Kinkaku. The dinosaur eggs are finally back into the hands of the Zyurangers. King Brachion receives the eggs to incubate them inside of its body. Zyurangers are delighted with the coming new lives, but Geki cannot help thinking about his brother Burai's fading life.

    • Princess Mei's Seven Metamorphoses
      Episode 38

      Lammy nurtures the larva of Dora Silkis with children's souls. To get Lammy who is in disguises, Mei counterattacks with her kaleidoscopic disguise.

    • A Subterranean Beast's Tears
      Episode 39

      An earthquake brings an underground monster Goda onto the surface. Despite its monstrous looks, Goda has a gentle heart. Goda just wants to protect its eggs. Yet, Bandora abuses Goda's power to defeat Zyurangers.

    • Burai's Deathly Departure
      Episode 40

      Burai's horror reaches its peak, as he sees a dream in which the Death takes him to land of the dead. Meanwhile, Klotho appears in front of the rest of Zyurangers and prophesies that the next time Burai gets out of his 'Lapseless Room, ' he won't be able to return there and his life will end. Klotho's message freezes the Zyurangers, and they desperately seek any possible way to save Burai's life. Meanwhile, Bandora plots with Dora Gansaku. Zyurangers find that Dragon Caesar is running amuck in town. Bandora appears and proclaims that now she has the command over Dragon Caesar. Zyurangers and Daizyujin confront to Dragon Caesar, yet Zyurangers hesitate to call Burai to stop his Shogozyu's rampage. At the same moment in 'Lapseless Room, ' Burai is seeing a young boy in his dream.

    • Blaze, Burai!!
      Episode 41

      Burai senses a crazed Dragon Caesar and leaves his 'Lapseless Room' without suspecting anything. When Burai gets to the battlefield and plays his Zyusoken, the real Dragon Caesar appears. It is revealed that the Dragon Ceasar that was running a rampage was in reality Dora Gansaku. The whole purpose of the ruse was to pull Burai out of `Lapseless Room' and trace his energy to detect its location. Bandora swiftly heads to 'Lapseless Room, ' and Burai can't stop her from destroying it completely. On the verge of despair, Burai searches the boy whom he envisioned in his dream. Burai finds the boy, Kouta--none other than a healthy, ordinary child. The hidden truth that innocent Kouta is destined to die soon like himself breaks Burai's heart, and Burai spends his last hours with Kouta. Meanwhile, Zyurangers find the last hope to save Burai's life: the life-restoring elixir hidden in the 'Sacred Land.' Zyurangers pray for mercy of Shogozyus to enter the 'Sacred Land' and obtain the elixir. As a result, Goushi and Dan are teleported to the 'Sacred Land'. However, their five Dino Bucklers are taken away by Shogozyus. Dora Gansaku in guise of Daizyujin is still on rampage and its battle with Dragon Caesar causes heavy destruction of town. Consequently, Kouta gets severely injured.

    • Burai Dies...
      Episode 42

      Burai leaves his coin in hand of hospitalized Kouta. Burai tells Geki about his dream and his wish to save Kota's life, and Geki tells Burai about the elixir. The brothers find their final hope, but Burai's remaining time is now less than an hour. Meanwhile in the 'Sacred Land, ' Goushi and Dan find the white statue holding the jar of elixir. Yet the statue is actually a knight who guards the elixir, and Goushi and Dan are forced to start the fight without transforming. Burai rides Dragon Caesar and tries to fight against the evil to his last moment, though his power alone is not enough to defeat Dora Gansaku. When Burai's remaining time becomes less than five minutes, Shogozyus finally return five Dino Buckler to Zyurangers. Geki, Mei, Boy, and Burai summon their Shogozyus and Kyukyoku Daizyujin defeat Dora Gansaku. And next moment, the clocks in town are simultaneously chiming to tell two o'clock-- the end of Burai's life. In the `Sacred Land ', the jar is lost in a pond during the battle, leaving Goushi and Dan in shock. Then, the knight turns into a beautiful goddess--Klotho. Klotho tells them that since Burai has already died once, even the gods themselves can't save his life again. Klotho gives them the elixir to grant Burai's final wish to bring Kouta back to life. And Burai ends his life in Geki's arms--leaving Zyusoken, as well as all of his hopes, to his brother.

    • Live Again! Zyusouken
      Episode 43

      After the loss of Burai, grief-stricken Dragon Caesar has lost its soul. Bandora casts spell on Dragon Caesar to hinder its moves, while Geki overcomes his sorrow and tries to bring back Dragon Caesar's spirit.

    • Swordswoman! Japan's Best
      Episode 44

      Goushi meets Sayaka, an upright kendo woman. Yet, Sayaka's talent draws Bandora's attention, and Dora Chimaera takes over Sayaka's body and assaults Goushi.

    • The Foolish Boy
      Episode 45

      An impish boy, Kouichi, rebels on people who thoughtlessly pollute the river. Dora Unicorn approaches Kouichi and synchronize their senses to make Zyurangers unable to attack the monster. Geki calls upon his brother's shield to defeat Dora Unicorn.

    • Presenting! The Vicious Squadron
      Episode 46

      Dora Mirage creates malevolent impostors of the five Zyurangers and manipulates the media to spread the bad reputations of Zyurangers. Zyurangers are shocked by how quickly people lose their trust on their heroes. They fight their clones and defeat Dora Mirage.

    • Break in! The Final Deciding Battle
      Episode 47

      Geki and Mei visit Satoshi, a sick boy who loves dinosaurs. To cheer up Satoshi, Geki tells him about the hatching dinosaurs eggs. Meanwhile, a strange quake hits Zyurangers' base and Bandora's Palace. Shogozyus tells Zyurangers and Barza that Dai Satan is re-emerging from hell and the time for the Armageddon is approaching. Shogozyus also gives Barza a book of recorded written ancient language. In the meantime, an uncanny boy appears in Geki and Mei's way. Using his psychokinesis power, the strange looking boy abducts four children of Satoshi's friends. Later, the boy appears in Bandora Palace. The presence of the boy shocks Bandora--he is Bandora's deceased son, Kai. Kai informs Bandora and her gang about Satan's resurgence. Bandora brings her Bandora Palace down onto the Earth and declare the Armageddon upon the Earth. Kai, along with hypnotized four children, rides colossal Dora Taros and assaults Daizyujin.

    • The Son from the Darkness
      Episode 48

      The massive power of Dora Taros overwhelms Daizyujin and Gouryuujin. When Geki tries to summon King Brachion, Barza stops him. Barza has figured out that Bandora's real purpose of this battle is to destroy the dinosaurs eggs maintained in King Brachion. Yet, eventually King Brachion appears and Kyukyoku Daizyujin smashes Dora Taros. The four children that were hypnotized are rescued safely. However, King Brachion gets under Bandora's spell and is lost into the underground with dinosaur eggs. Barza, after deciphering the book, 'Dino Apocalypse, ' explains to the Zyurangers about real importance of dinosaurs eggs. The two eggs are the last pair of the dinosaurs on earth, and if they are destroyed, Dinosaurs are truly extinct from this world and Daizyujin will lose its major power source and might even die. Barza also tells Zyuranger about a segment in 'Dino Apocalypse, ' describing a story of Dall tribe queen, who lost her son by an accident caused by dinosaur. The queen vowed to avenge on dinosaurs and people who worship dinosaurs, and sold her soul to Satan. Meaning it was Bandora. Meanwhile, Bandora sets the Satan's Tower again on the Earth and summons Dai Satan. Satan re-emerges from hell and starts to devastate the earth. Kai and revived Dora Taros join Satan to spread the havoc. Zyurangers and Daizyujin cannot find a way to defeat them without King Brachion.

    • The Gods Lost!!
      Episode 49

      Under the oppressing power of Satan and Dora Taros, Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar are helplessly beaten. As Bandora casts her black magic, both Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar are lost into darkness. Zyurangers are left without their Shogozyu and Daizyujin. Zyurangers painfully feel their lack of power, as Satan and Dora Taros continue their mass destruction. In addition, Satoshi is losing his motivation to fight his illness after he finds out that King Brachion is gone. Zyurangers, now cannot even transform because their Shogozyu are gone and they are almost occupied with hopelessness. Then, Geki's Zyusoken shows a vision of Burai. Burai cheers the Zyurangers up, telling that Daizyujin, Dragon Caesar, and King Brachion are still alive, just captured in Bandora's 'Magic Realm.' Burai's vision shows the door to 'Magic Realm, ' and fades out. Zyurangers regain their spirit, and Geki, Goushi, and Dan head to 'Magic Realm ', where ghosts of dead Dora Monsters block their way.

    • Long Live the Dinosaurs
      Episode 50

      Geki, Goushi, and Dan get through the surrounding perils in 'Magic Realm' and find the cells in which Daizyujin, Dragon Caesar, and King Brachion are captured. Zyurangers' teamwork releases them from the cells. As Shogozyus come back from `Magic Realm ', Zyurangers become able to transform again. Combined with Zyurangers' power and spirit, the revived Kyukyoku Daizyujin demolishes Dora Taros and finally defeats Satan. Zyurangers storm into Bandora Palace to confront the evil sorceress. In Bandora Palace, a wounded Kai dies in Bandora's arms. Bandora weeps over her son, and her tears astonish the Zyurangers, as well as her henchmen. Furious Bandora tries to zap Zyurangers, but she finds that she's unable to use magic any more. Daizyujin appears and proclaims the end of sorceress Bandora: when a witch sheds tears, she loses her magic abilities. Daizyujin seals Bandora and her gangs into a jar and throws it away to the outer space. Peace has finally arrived on Earth and people are celebrating out of destruction. Another celebration is going on inside of a jar floating in space as well--Grifforzar and Lammy's newborn baby maybe adorable enough to let Bandora forget about everything else. And now, Zyurangers' mission is over. Zyurangers leave the two baby dinosaurs to a recovered Hiroshi. Barza, who has regained his white magic, leads Zyurangers to the land of Gods on a floating cloud, where their Shogozyus await them.