• Episodes
    • The Enigmatic Giant Robo Arrives
      Episode 1

      Doctor Man instructs his New Empire Gear minions to begin an attack on a scientific city in Japan. Mason of the Gear Empire's Big Three, accompanied by the monster Messajyu or Messerbeast and the Mecha Clone soldiers, launches an assault with the Mecha Gigan Kabuto Kans. In the meantime, a mysterious giant robot emerges from an mountain and sets out on a mission. Literally picking them up like action figures, the robot gathers pilot Gou, racer Shingo, water sportsman Ryuuta, camerawoman Mika and flutist Hikaru. Bewildered and scared, the android Peebo then meets with the quintet and gives them their techno braces. Peebo explains that they carry the genetic code that enables them to use the techno braces to become Bioman, and that the genetic implant was done long ago. Just as she finishes talking about the emergence of the New Empire Gear, Mason, Messerbeast and the Mecha Clones attack. After getting beaten up at first, Gou then activates his techno brace to become Red One. The others follow suit and the Super Electron Bioman are born. After smashing the Mechaclones, the Biomen defeat Messerbeast with the Super Electron - Prism Laser Attack. Afterwards, they use the giant robot, known as Bio Robot, to defeat the Mecha Gigan Kabuto Kans with the Super Mazer Straight Thrust. Doctor Man vows vengeance. Mika, on the other hand, is livid that her camera was damaged and walks away...

    • Gathering! Warriors of Destiny
      Episode 2

      Doctor Man orders the female member of the Big Three, Farrah, to investigate the Biomen. Farrah takes along her lackey, Farrah Cat, and the telekinetic monster Psygorn. They locate and confront Mika, and Mika engages Farrah Cat in a duel. Psygorn joins in and almost has her on the ropes until the other four Biomen come to her aid. After beating the Gear Empire off, the four Biomen talk to Mika to try to get her to join for good. Mika explains that her first love is her photography. Her brother had died in Africa as a photojournalist and she wants to continue taking pictures of the African wildlife. Gou then gives her a tour of the Bio Base and we see the Bio Dragon for the first time. Gou explains that Peebo brought everything to Earth five hundred years ago. Peebo explains that the Bio Star had reached the peak of it's technology before it was destroyed. Peebo had been sent to earth at that time to protect earth from Gear. Peebo says that Earth is like a rare jewel in the universe, and that is why it is coveted by many (Phil: quite right! hence a new invasion every year!). It was also revealed that when Peebo landed, she showered five people with Bio Particles. Hence, the current Bioman are the descendants of those original five. The Gear Empire suddenly attacks an oil refinery. Mika decides to join for good and transforms into Yellow Four. The rest follow suit, go defeat Psygorn et al with a Super Electron Kick (reminiscent of the JAKQ covack), and defeat the Mecha Gigan Devil Kans.

    • Our Friend, Bio Robo
      Episode 3

      While performing routine maintenance on the Bio Robot (imagine the Biomen actually cleaning and washing the exterior of the robot!) Shingo accidentally leaves a wrench near some sensitive mechanism inside the Bio Robot. During a subsequent battle with the Mecha Gigan Gorilla Kans, the wrench jams an energy control circuit and the Bio Robot becomes helpless. Green two tries to fix the damage but is hurt. The team is forced to retreat and hide the Bio Robot until it is repaired. Red One gets the necessary parts from Peebo, but is cornered by Monster, of the big Three, and his lieutenant, the monster Beast King. The two are too strong for Red One alone, and they use him as a ball to play catch! Red One eventually uses his agility to escape, but passes out. A dog comes up to him and encourages him to go on, as Gou discovers that he can speak to animals. With the help of various animals, Red One finds a short cut to the Bio Robot. Meanwhile, Shingo recovers just in time to go help Red One. The team defeats Monster and Beastking just as Gorilla Kans finds the helpless Bio Robot. The circuit is replaced and Gorilla Kans is defeated.

      Phillip's Favorite line: "Bioman and Bio Robot, intrinsically linked! His steel is our skin, his energy our power! We are one!"

    • Self Destruct! Mecha-Humans
      Episode 4
    • Kill the Unseen Enemy
      Episode 5
    • Rise up! Bio Robo
      Episode 6
    • Captured Peebo
      Episode 7
    • Fight! Wishing upon a Star
      Episode 8
    • The People-Erasing Jump Rope
      Episode 9
    • Goodbye Yellow
      Episode 10
    • Enter New Warrior Jun
      Episode 11
    • Murderer Green!
      Episode 12
    • Jun!
      Episode 13
    • New Intellect Brain!
      Episode 14
    • The Female Warrior's Flaming Oath
      Episode 15
    • Run, 21599 Seconds
      Episode 16
    • I Saw Tatsumiya Castle
      Episode 17
    • The Esperer Girl's Prayer
      Episode 18
    • My Father is Doctor Man
      Episode 19
    • Prince's Challenge!
      Episode 20
    • Protect Bio Base
      Episode 21
    • A Great Burglar!? Blue!
      Episode 22
    • Gyo! Attack of the Puppet!
      Episode 23
    • The Exploding Flower of Love
      Episode 24
    • Prince's Ghost?
      Episode 25
    • My Father's Dreadful Secret
      Episode 26
    • Spider Hell's Female Warrior
      Episode 27
    • Doctor Man Assassination
      Episode 28
    • The Day Tokyo Disappeared!?
      Episode 29
    • Ultimate Canth's Demon Sword
      Episode 30
    • New Model!? The Megas Arrives
      Episode 31
    • Gear's Great Remodeling Plan
      Episode 32
    • Has It Come Forth!? The New Finishing Move
      Episode 33
    • Behold! Bio Power
      Episode 34
    • The Sixth Man
      Episode 35
    • Transform Boy
      Episode 36
    • The Assassin Silva!
      Episode 37
    • The Enigmatic Balzion
      Episode 38
    • Mason's Trap!
      Episode 39
    • Stolen Turbo!
      Episode 40
    • The Demonic Lullaby!
      Episode 41
    • Go! Risk Your Life!
      Episode 42
    • The Sailor-Suited Soldier
      Episode 43
    • The Beautiful Conscience Circuit
      Episode 44
    • Human Bomb Jun!
      Episode 45
    • Escape! The Town of Traps!
      Episode 46
    • Professor Shibata's True identity!?
      Episode 47
    • Enter! Balzion
      Episode 48
    • Critical Bio Robo
      Episode 49
    • Assault Neograd
      Episode 50
    • Goodbye Peebo
      Episode 51
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    • Bioman Movie