Road of Justice
Airdate: February 08, 2009

Speedor narrates. The trio shoot at the powered-up Yogoshimacritein and he shoots back at them, knocking them down. They each get up, Blue blasts the monster device and Saki opens it and Sosuke pushes him in. Sosuke uses the KanKanMantagun against the Deus Haguru Magia with the 3 Engine Souls. All the Bandoma planes are destroyed in the process. The trio celebrate but are interupted by Yogoshimacritein busting out and shaking up the place. Energy comes out of the big cog.
The gang evacuates as the place crumbles. EngineOh watches the palace sink from the water. The cogs and nails start reassembling into a huge Yogoshi. He flies away and EngineOh swims back. He starts destroying the city. In the bus, the fallen heroes' weapons start glowing with waves and disappear. Yogoshi becomes physcial and human-size. He is blasted at by Go-On Wings, Go-On Black and Go-On Green.
They explain they couldn't rest in peace because of the noise and it is time for him to disappear. They all blast at him with their individual attacks. The seven reunite. Yogoshi powers up and shoots them all. They de-transform and the Go-On Red helmet is busted up, Yogoshi crushes it. Each hero says their own little speech. They stand up roaring and transform. They do their roll-call with no helmets on.
Renn and Saki toss their Engine Souls to Miu and Hiroto. They put them in their Wing Daggers. They shoot the Super Highway Buster and Wing Dagger attacks at him and then he becomes huge. Birca, Jum-Bowhale, Kishamoth, and the others arrive. The trio make Speedor, Bus-On, and BearRV big and they board them. They are all happy to be back. Carrygator wants revenge. G-12 is formed.
They slash at him and then charge up with fire and engulf him. He explodes into gears. The gears regather and re-form him. He makes a fireball and bats it at them. The team is determined to hold on. They de-flect his attack. He sends another one and they jump up. They conduct their final Grand Prix attack that resembles a phoenix and rip a hole through him. Yogoshi then explodes and his spirit does too. Later, the gang on the beach with their Engine holograms in front of the bus.
The Engines tell them they have to return home since the Gaiarc have been defeated. The Go-Onger can't stand it. The Engines say their goodbyes. Saki asks Bomper what he will do. He asks if he did good, Saki thanks him for everything he has done. Each hero turn off the hologram and put the Engine Souls inside the Engine Casts, the henshin devices turn to light and the Engines do too, they all float in the air. Bomper hops on Speedor and they fly away. The humans say goodbye.
A portal opens and they go in. The humans stand quiet. Several months later, Gunpei is in the Special Crimes unit. Hanto is cuffed up, probably of his own doing. At a cake shop, Gunpei and Hanto visit Saki, who works there now. At finding out her pay has been given to her sister, she drops the cake on a Kegaleshia look-a-like. She complains and Saki and her co-worker apologizes but the lady lakes the taste. Back on the bus which has been renamed "Gun-iger," Saki helps Hanto with a key on his cuffs.
Hanto asks about Hiroto. At a posh mansion, Hiroto makes a toast with a man and say "Rennasiance" much like the Gaiarc. Miu comes to him and they go into a private room. Hiroto can't stand it, Miu reminds her how important it is to make connections with the upper class. She drops her earrings. Saki, Hanto, and Gunpei have trouble coming in through secruity. At the grand prix, all come to see Sosuke race and meet up with Renn. Everyone is surprised to see Sosuke racing on a go-kart.
He has a scuffle with a co-worker. Renn pries him off Sosuke and asks for forgiveness. The gang reunites. Sosuke pushes Hanto and his cuffs come off. They then sit on the bleechers and wonder what the Engines are doing in the Machine World. A portal opens and Speedor comes down. Bomper pops out and goes in the cockpit. They need their help. The missing Pollution President is attacking Glass World and Gunman World. They run forward, ready to save the day.

  • This is the first 50th episode of a Sentai show since Dekaranger.
  • The now standard 'passing of the torch' between red rangers after the episode is now filmed outside and both leaders spare with their weapons.