Final Battle
Airdate: February 01, 2009

Speedor narrates the events of the last two episodes at mach speed! The two ministers are surprised they were not yelled at, they toast. Bomper says there is some dimensional residue in when the others disappeared but he doesn't know what to do with this info. The other three Engine lament that they are the only ones left. BearRV says she should have gotten along better with the Wings. Saki can't even eat her breakfast. Sosuke says to forget everyone.
Renn says to go back to when they first met at the race. They all get back on task. Bomper tells them of a Gaiarc detection. The three Engines fight Bodomu planes. They have seven minutes left on their time limit, so they make EngineOh. Yogoshi prepares his Deus Haguru Magia to get energy to create an endless army. Now, they only have 20 seconds. They destroy all the Bandomu and time is up, they all split up. The ministers arrive and do a roll call.
The heroes then do their roll-call. Blue fights Kita, Yellow fights Kegaleshia, and Red fights Yogoshi. The heroes go down. Sosuke says everyone is here with them, they are fighting together. Blue gets Black's weapon and Yellow gets Green's weapon. He uses the Rocket Daggers. They use the weapons and Yogoshi uses the two ministers as shields and then uses a puppet spell on them. He forces them on the trio in a blaze of fire and they loose their suits. Yogoshi then attacks all five.
He laughs as the trio has retreated. Yogoshi is for continuing his army and they leave. The trio arrive in the bus and ask about Bomper's progress. BearRV brings up the endless army. Speedor brings up their base. Renn tells Bomper to take his detection to maximum level to find the base and destroy their device. At the palace, Yogoshi admits to the ministers that they are expendable and he is into it for his own. Yogoshi eats and powers up his wheel while the Ministers complain.
The army is sent. The Go-Onger find the location of the base and dramatically put their jackets on and run towards the shore. Saki says she is not scared, she has to do her best. Renn says they would have lost their lives if it wasn't for the Engines back at the race circuit. They put their hands together and promise to be the bestest of friends. They transform and go underwater inside EngineOh. They arrive to the palace and more Bandoma are coming out. The three enter a cave entrance and fight Ugats.
They detect Yogoshi and face the ministers. Yogoshi uses the ministers as shields again, they protest and he blasts all five. Yogoshi gets his garbage can and Kegaleshia grabs it with her whip and Kita destroys it. Kita says the Gaiarc doesn't need a dictator. Yogoshi slashes them down. They tell them of the cog and if it is destroyed, then their fiends will be saved, according to Bomper. They are energy in wave form. The trio is touched. Kitaneidas wants to touch hands with Kegaleshia to the afterlife.
The two shut down barely touching hands. Saki puts Kitaneidas and Kegaleshia's hands hands together for them. They get up and put their helmets on. Yogoshimacritein is in front of the cog and the trio enter the room. Yogoshimacritein charges with the energy of the Deus Haguru Magia.

  • Speedor is the ending song.
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