Justice Dissolution
Airdate: January 25, 2009

BearRV narrates the events of the last episode. Sosuke and the others lament over their lost friends. Yogoshimacritein arrives and explains his attack Justice Dissolution is a family heirloom that makes things into nothing. This makes them all mad. He smashes the ground and sends a wave of destruction. Admist the wreckage, he walks towards them. Sosuke stands up to him, Yogoshi is about to attack him when the Wings pull him back and Yogoshi is so angry, he retreats.
Back at the palace, Yogoshi says Yogostein was useless guy who lost at the hands of the Go-ongers. He blasts the two ministers back. They want to be his henchmen and hide in the monster maker. Yogoshi eats more. Meanwhile, Renn can't find no sign of Hanto nor Gunpei. Birca says they can't detect them in another dimension. Sosuke is real angry and loosing his cool, picks a fight with Hiroto. Miu pulls him back. The Wings then leave. Sosuke punches a pole.
Outside, Miu tries to excuse Sosuke to her brother. He says they need someone to support them. They arrive to their mansion to find moving men. Jii tells them what their father said, to go with them to Switzerland. The Engines are not so happy. Jii tells Miu not to get involved in this Gaiarc battle. It is news to Miu that her parents knew. Back in the bus, Sosuke throws a hissy-fit. Renn is afraid, Sosuke shakes him. Sosuke is sure if he saves the day, he will restore their friends.
The siblings say they can't do it, they must stay. The Engines bug Jii to no end. A mover breaks some glass and they get a 'feeling. ' Miu clarifies to Jii that she chose to be part of the battle, not that she was caught in it. Kettei Banki is attacking. The Minister clarify that he has part of all the Bankijyu and can use attacks from them. The Wings are beaten up. Red saves them and fights the monster. Red rejects Silver's help. Blue and Yellow don't listen to him. The Banki attack them all.
Yogoshi is not impressed with their efforts. Kita and Kega talk about how cold he is and that they have to do their best. Kettei Banki becomes huge and attacks the city. Mei finds Saki and Renn in the destruction, they can't find the other two. Miu sees the huge Banki and encourages the other two but they scurry in fear. Saki is afraid to be erased. Saki reminds her of smiling. Meanwgile, Hiroto finds Sosuke but he doesn't want his help. He rubs it in that he is Go-On Wings, not an Go-onger.
Hiroto asks him why he thinks he is Go-On Gold. Sosuke answers that because he like combining (Gattai). He explains that he thought fighting was the only thing they could do but when they appear, they realized. Miu says Saki's smiles gave her courage and that Renn's eggs are the best in the world. They are reliable friends. Saki and Renn thank Miu. Hiroto encourages Sosuke and then helps him up. Sosuke and Hiroto then confront the big monster and the others arrive. They transform.
They do their roll-call. The Engine Casts are sent and EngineOh, Seiku-Oh and Kyoretsu are formed. The two ministers watch on. He spills oil on two robos, sticking them up. Seiku-Oh flies up and avoids the foe's hits by splitting up. Bowhale washes the oil off. Seiku-Oh is formed again and holds the Banki. The two finishers are made and Seiku-Oh's finisher destroys the monster once and for all. The two ministers run away when Yogoshi appears. Red leaps down to face him.
Red is down and Yogoshi conducts his attack on the Ancient Engines. They all disappear. He prepares to do it on EngineOh and Red urges him to stop and is powered down and stepped on. EngineOh backs up. The Go-On Wings prepare themselves. Seiku-Oh blocks the attack meant for Engine-Oh. Yogoshi leaves, because he is hungry once again, but not before kicking Sosuke when he's
down. Gold calls to Bomper, to get as much data as he can. He does so. Toripter disappears first. Hiroto tells them to save the world. Miu and Hiroto hug as they disappear and yet again, a burst of yellow light. The three heroes are devastated. BearRV narrates. Sosuke is determined.

  • BearRV is in the ending song.
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