Ministry Shake-Up

Ministry Shake-Up
Airdate: January 18, 2009

Yogoshimacritein has arrived to the palace. Chirakasonne comes out of the trash can and reveals that Yogostein is his son and Yogoshimacritein is the Prime Minister of the Gaiarc. They discover that the Cleaning Minister wasn't the only one who destroy those worlds. They were not even awarte of the Prime Minister. Bus-On narrates as Gunpei chases Hanto with a dress. Gunpei explains his mother wants him to marry someone pre-arranged but wants to show her that he has a girlfriend.
Hanto says why can't he just fins his own woman. Gunpei says he has no time. Renn says he is asking for too much. Bomper tells them of the Gaiarc. Yogoshi communicates to the people through a screen and starts exploding everything in the city. The Go-Onger arrive and present themselves quickly. The new baddies are not impressed. At sight at Yogo's dad, they ready themselves. They all fight. Carrygator takes Birca's place and Black and Green struggle.
Carrygator inside the Mantagun hops towards Yogoshi and Chirakasonne takes the energy and swallows it and throws it back at Green and Black, knocking them all down. Red is knocked down. Chirakasonne blasts the rest. Meanwhile, Green asks Carry whats up. He explains that Yogo's dad killed his race. Black and Green take this personally and run back. Chira fight the other five. Black and Green attack him. Yogoshi attacks the seven. The Wings and five prepare their finishers.
Chira blocks the attack meant for Yogoshi and shoots it back at the seven. The ministers and Yogoshi leave. Back at the bus, the gang tend to their wounds. Gunpei and Hanto are at a bathhouse. Sosuke wonders what is up with them. Hanto tends to Gunpei's wounds with hot water. Gunpei finds a wound on Hanto's back. He says it is from before, when he was getting Birca from Kegaleshia. The three Engines are also enjoying the water. The other Go-onger talk about them.
Hiroto thinks they would be lonely without them. Sosuke puts his jacket on and throws a rock in the water. Meanwhile, Yohoshi eats energy from the garbage can. The other ministers talk smack of them. Chira goes off to work. Back at the bathhouse, Carrygator regrets not getting his revenge. They all dip in the water. Later, the gang thinks of a counter attack. Sosuke comes up with something but they don't anything solid. Bomper tells them of Chira's rampage. Green and Black face him off.
They fight him physically. The others arrive. They try their Junction Rifle. They try to stop them out of a Kamikaze attack. The others use their finisher. Chira reflects his attack. Chira gets defeated and Black and Green take the hit. Black and Green do high five and the others come to their aid. Gold says they are reckless but that's why they are Go-onger. Yogoshi is disappointed. Chira becomes big. EngineOh and Seiku-Oh are formed. Chira blows them away and stomps on them.
They get back up and get blasted apart. The five fall on the ground near Green and Black. Black gets up and rallies Hanto. Bomper teleports their Engine Casts and they race into battle. Gunpherd and Birca launch from CarriGattor and beat Chira up. GunBir-Oh is formed. They push Chirakasonne back and punch him endlessly. The others chear them on. They push all their energy on him and overload him, destroying him. The Wings get a bad feeling. Yogoshimacritein arrives.
Carrygator moves GunBir-oh to step on him but he pushes them off. Yogoshi attacks him with a devastating finisher. Black and Green land while Carrygator, Birca, and Gunpherd crash land and then disappear. Everyone is showered in light. Black and Green are sparking and in danger of disappearing. Their suits come off. The others run to them but it is too late, they burst into sparks of light, shocking Hiroto. Bus-On narrates.

  • Bus-On on the ending song is covered.
  • The episode has also been translated as "Cabient Remodeling. "