Runaway Bomper
Airdate: January 11, 2009

Saki is back and Hanto and Gunpei are doing pushups, she goes inside and notices Bomper is sad. Dumbbell Banki is spouting out Carbon Dioxide. Go-On Gold attacks him and Silver helps people. He can't raise his arms and asks for the help of Ugats. He blasts at the Wings and disappears. The Wings report this to the five and they realize Bomper didn't detect it. They scold him. Renn tells him they rely on him. Bomper asks if it was better if he was gone. Bomper can't stand it and runs off.
Bowhale narrates, he doesn't even know what happened. Meanwhile, Kita scolds Dumbbell Banki, who blames Ugats R and L, who are surprise to raise his arms. He was given a letter that Kita reads. They quit the Gaiarc. Kita is mad and puts the note in the trashcan. Sosuke suggests to go to Hiroto's to find out when the Gaiarc attack and Saki wants to look for Bomper. Hanto, Gunpei & Sosuke leave. Bomper thinks back to what Sosuke & Renn said. He overheard them saying something was junk.
He thinks they were talking about him. Saki and Renn look for him. Bomper took off his GPS tracker. BearRV tells them she caught him fixing himself. Bus-On says Bomper's parts only exist in the Machine World. Bomper bumps into the Ugats R and L. They explain that they quit. They had to lift Dumbbell's arms with remotes. The Ministers can't find anyone to replace them, so they might have to do it. Renn is stressed and Saki cheers him up with a drink just like she did when they first met.
He offers it to her and they leave. The Wing Siblings are training while the other three are worried about Bomper. Hiroto feels something and they all run off. Dumbbell's arms are being raised by the two ministers through remote. The five arrive, Red and Black try to fight but the Wings stop him when he releases his gas. He then enters an area where the remote doesn't work. He retreats. Gunpei thinks Renn and Saki haven't found Bomper.
Sosuke finally admits he is worried about Bomper, that he took him for granted. Meanwhile, Bomper realizes he should had communicated. The Ugats are inspired and return to the Gaiarc. They give them another note. Saki and Renn find Bomper, he brings up that he is not their Partner like the Engine. Renn says they aren't angry at them and that is an important teammate. Meanwhile, R and L raise Dumbbell Banki's arm to cause real trouble.
Their request was a Southern Ocean Island resort. Kita agrees to it. They then hear a deep voice saying they are pathetic. The Go-Onger confront Dumbbell. He sends their attack towards them. Saki shows Bomper her knicknacks on her Go-Phone. He was the one who gave it to her. Renn says he will fix Bomper, they are all touched. He gets a dectection. The others are being beaten up. Blue and Yellow arrive and fight. He sends a missle towards them all.
Bomper sees them. He notices the Ugats controlling him. Bomper uses the Mantagun against him, everyone warns him not to. He says how important they are to him. He shoots the two Ugats above and the Banki's arms lower. Bomper explains. Saki says he wasn't broken after all. The five do the roll-call with Bomper. They use Super Highway Buster and Wing Booster on them. He is made big. Bomper is upset that he can't send the Engine Casts. They use Go-Roader GT.
Seiku-Oh arrives and Go-Roader holds the Banki so they finish him off. Back on the bus, the bus is the piece of junk that they have to fix. The gang realize Bomper's faulty. They wonder why he didn't detect the Gaiarc. He assumes the reason he didn't detect the Gaiarc was because he was so worried. He bouncews around and Renn saves him from the others at his request. Back with the Gaiarc, smoke comes out the garbage can to reveal a dark Gaiarc that makes the Ministers scared.

  • Carrygator is finally used in the closing sequence.
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