Hatsuyume Plans!?
Airdate: January 04, 2009

The Go-Onger say 'Happy New Year' in special clothes and head off to the Hot Springs Resort on their bus. Meanwhile, the Engines are in a special Refresh Hole, it is open only during New Year. They don't have to worry about their time limit. They think back to when it began with the first three Go-Onger at a race. Speedor speaks of him and Sosuke. Bus-On talks of him and Renn, how he is called the team's mom. BearRV talks about Saki and her smile and guts.
Meanwhile, the gang enjoy their meal and thanks the Wings. Back at the palace, Kegaleshia is mixing a potion with a beginner's book to black magic. She wants to revive Yogostein, instead clips come out about him and other Bankijyus. Clips are shown of the Go-Onger saving the day against Bankijyu. Then Yogostein fighting Red. The clips and smoke smash and the Ministers are sad. Sosuke, Renn, and Saki do a play for the others. Renn tells Gunpei and Hanto that it is their turn.
Sosuke goes for his lobster and it disappears. He fights with Gunpei and they are pryed apart. Sosuke then manhandles Hanto. They see a little girl with Lobster in her mouth. The lights then go out and the girl stole Saki's hairclip. They go after her. Carrygator talks about the other two. Gunpherd talks about Gunpei and Birca talks about Hanto. Back with Kegaleshia, she is trying again. Engine-Oh and the other robot's best attacks are then shown.
The clips are destroyed and the Ministers fall down in smoke. Kegaleshia leaves, saying she needs rest. The magic trash can drops on Kita. He goes for a drink and the can glows. The gang reunite and the Wings think the girl is a spirit. They are suppose to bring happiness to people. Saki says she looked lonely. Hanto is for making the child happy. They all split up and search. BearRV ask Jetoras what kind of people Hiroto and Miu like and they explain with Bowhale.
How they became more fun with the Go-Onger. Meanwhile, Kega enjoys the hot springs naked. Saki enters and doesn't recgonize her and ask if she has seen the girl. The Wings find the girl. The Engines are now refreshed. The girl likes songs so the gang thinks they should do G3. Kegaleshia rrives and they agree to bring G3 Princess back together. They perform for the girl but it doesn't make her smile. She says she doesn't like tha told lady. Everyone is shocked. She gets mad.
She is full of electricty. The boys drag her outside and she becomes huge. She stomps and makes the ground shake. EngineOh G12 arrives and intimidates her. They knock her away with a punch. The girl waits for a song. Saki suggests the boys to sing. Hiroto says he has a song. G5 Prince, they joke. The Engines join in to watch as they sing. The girl smiles. The next day, the gang is heading out. The girl is dressed in a kimono and gives Saki her hair clip back. She waves the bus goodbye.

  • G5 Prince Rap is the ending song.