Year-End Big Cleanup
Airdate: December 14, 2008

The mysterious figure strolls in the Gaiarc pallace and shoots up the two Ministers. His name is Kireizuki. He destroyed three Barenworlds such as Music, Sound and Prism Worlds. He says he will help them. The Go-Ongers are celebrating Christmas. Bomper tells them of Gaiarc attack, they transform into Go-Onger. They arrive to a valley but there is no one three. Kireizuki is sniping his secret. He shoots Green and Yellow, hurting Green. He makes his presence known. They shoot at him.
He collects their power in his Rag Grenade. He strikes all of them and Santa is flying above and his carriage is striken. The Engine Souls are attacked and they recognize this from before and identify him as the attacker from before. All the Engines are unconscious. The Wings arrive and Red fights the foe and is beaten up by them. Red is swung away. Silver and Gold are left to fight him as the others take Hanto back to safety. Sosuke runs in the forest and encounters Santa.
Their attacks are useless. The Wings keep trying though. Their Engines are taken out of comission. The foe throw the Go-On Wings away. Meanwhile, Sosuke helps Santa up. His sack is caught in a tree and Sosuke gives it to him. Sosuke believes it is dirty and empty. Santa is hurt and is encouraged to take a day off but he won't. He takes out a present for Sosuke magically. It is a speed car toy he wanted since he was little, that he drew and recieved from Santa.
Sosuke says because of the Christmas present, he wanted to become a Racer. Speedor is better but says Santa comes Christmas World. Santa walks off and he chases after him. Meanwhile, Hanto is still hurt. Renn talks to the other Engines. Bomper tells them of another attack. The attack hits their Engines and the foe is in front of them. They transform and attack him but he reflects them away. He injures them. He runs towards them. Santa falls and refuses help. Sosuke wants to help him.
Bomper tells Sosuke of the trouble and he carries Santa to the site, where Christmas has been ruined and everything is a mess. The Go-On Wings arrive too. Sosuke wants revenge, Gunpei has lost hope. Sosuke says tomorrow is Christmas Eve, they got to save the day. He tells them Santa is real, he gives them all presents and they open them. Saki gets a teddy bear, Gunpei gets a police car, Hanto gets a scooter, Renn gets a bus, Miu gets a glass angel and Hiroto gets boxing gloves.
They put their hands together and ready to save the day. They ask Santa how his magic bag works and he expalins it is connected to Christmas World. Back with the Gaiarc, they celebrate. Kireizuki has plans to ruin Christmas. Kireizuki is stopped by Go-On Red dressed as Santa on a rooftop. They battle it out. He takes his santa suit off and gets Go-On Roader on him. The others pop out of Santa's bag and grab hold of the foe. Red destroys one of his weapons and Roader brings him down.
The Engines are better now. The Go-Onger do their roll-call. The five do a group attack and destroy his second weapon. Kireizuki destroy his third weapon. The Super Highway Buster with CarryGator destroys his fourth weapon. With the Kankan Bar and Mantagun, Kireizuki is taken down. Blue and Red thank Santa for his bag. One of a box, Kireizuki comes out in form of smog. Speedor narrates.

  • T-Line is in the ending sequence of this one.
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