Campus Secret
Airdate: December 07, 2008

Bin Banki is doing something when the Go-Onger arrive and his attacks don't work and the heroes bring him rolling down the stairs. He runs off and the gang splits up. Go-On Silver spots Kegaleshia go into a school and the Go-On WIngs aren't allowed in the premises because they aren't students. Speedor narrates.
Bomper analyzes the school but doesn't detect anything Gaiarc-like. Hanto yawns and Saki brings him to attention. Bomper says a female student can go in and everyone looks at Hanto, he says no. Miu volunteers. A boy asks if she has a boyfriend, she says no and that she is interested in monsters like the Bankijyu. Everyone laugh and make fun of her. A boy suggests to a guy named Newton to go out with her, he's not for it.
Miu does her research but can't find Kegaleshia, she is called into the cheerleaders. She starts enjoying it. She runs off from the club. Meanwhile, Bin Banki and Kegaleshia are in the clinic. Newton comes in. Newton says he is not done yet. Kegaleshia says she understands him and gives him milk. Back at the palace, Kita is upset at being by himself and is not sure of her plan. Back at school, Miu is acting in a student film.
But she won't kiss the boy and runs off. She bumps into Newton and he 'falls in love with her' and tells her to run, which she does. He thinks of testing out something on her. She is eating lunch with Jetoras watching soccer. Miu was homeschooled and never went to regular school. She kicks a soccerball perfectly and is implored by many clubs to join. She brings out a 'secret weapon' from her brother which doesn't help because it is a yo-yo. Newton throws a cupid arrow at Miu with a wierd wand.
It ends up burning her yo-yo. He runs off. He drops the wand and Miu grabs it. Jetoras says it is from Magic World. Newton catches Kegalisha with Bin Banki, and she makes her true form known. She makes a deal with him to make Miu his in order to use his magic power. Bomper tells the gang about the magic field. Bowhale said stuff from the Magic World came to out world a month ago. He confrims what Saki asked about humans using these things.
Miu is reading up on Newton. Kegelshia takes the wand from her and is surprised she is Silver. She sicks Bin Banki on her and she incapacities her. Kega tells him to work. Newton puts down a black blanket and draws. He draws a magic circle. Bin Banki stands in the center and is given a cape and magic powers, thanks to Newton's magic 'program. ' Miu wakes up in a strange room and Newton says he will take over the Magic World.
He found a book with the wand and he wants to make Miu his with a spell of love. Mahou Bin Banki makes trees steam and the other heroes arrive. They start attacking each other and can't help it. Miu wakes up once again and is untied. Darwin wants a kiss but gets a slap in the face. Miu grabs him by the collar and tells him he is pathetic and should put more heart into capturing a woman's heart. The Bin Banki is attacked by Miu's yo-yo. The yo-yo now has a Go-On Wings logo.
Darwin arrives and is on Miu's side now. He deflects the monster's attack. She transforms into Go-On Silver and they combine their powers to defeat the monster, his magic is taken away. Kega is mad and the monster becomes big. Engine-Oh G9 is formed. Kita watches from the palace. He hears a deep dark voice. Bin Banki's attacks are no use against the heroes. A red light hits them and they are split apart. They all fall. A new enemy was responsible for this.
Red forms Kyourestu-oh and takes Bin Banki appart. Speedor and Sosuke talk about the attack afterwards. Miu asks Jetoras if he is okay. Darwin comes towards her. He says she is interesting because she is illogical, he asks to fight with her but he drops and steps on his laptop, loosing his magic power data, Miu says he is helpless. The others talk about how she is attracted to helpless men, they allude to Sosuke is one of those and he is shocked to hear this.

  • Kishamoth is in the ending sequence of this one.
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