Advanced Childcare

Advanced Childcare
Airdate: November 30, 2008

Toripter is sitting on a egg for it to hatch. He had gotten hit by this egg and Hiroto had found it. Toripter said he always wanted a little brother. After the opening credits, Renn and Sosuke are walking with veggatables in their grocery bags. Sosuke spots Ugats scooping things out of the river. They run off by the time they get there. Renn spots tadpoles in a tub. Meanwhile, the egg hatches and the creature makes a terrible noise. Jum-bowhale seems to recognizes it.
The creature calls out Hiroto's name and then smashes the glass and a flower pot. Miu returns and Hiroto grabs Toripter's soul and runs off with his screams. Miu is shocked to find the mess. Meanwhile, Kita is not so happy. He wants some kind of mallet or weapon. Back with Hiroto, Toripter explains that the baby thinks Hiroto is its parent. When he tries leaving, the baby screams. Hiroto calms it down by doing peak-a-boo. He tries feeding him milk and other things but he doesn't respond.
The Ugats arrive and so do Renn and Sosuke. Hiroto stuffs the creature in his jacket to hid e it. It pops out and eats the veggies. Later at the bus, the others feed the creature veggies. Hiroto puts him in a box and enters the box, closing themselves in from the five. Toripter gets jealous and flies out and sits next to Speedor and Speedor and Sosuke comment on it. The five try to peek in the bus to look at Hiroto acting out of character but Jum-bowhale interupts to explain the baby's origin.
He is from Stormy World, if he matures, he possesses great danegrous power. Hiroto plays with the baby. Renn remembers the Ugats searching for something and they figure out it was the Gaiark who brought him here. Miu arrives and is very accusable and Sosuke is freaked out by her. She is upset about the smashed stuff and demands Hiroto to open up and so do the other five. They explain about the Gaiark. All the banging makes the baby scream.
The baby hops out and hops away as Hiroto says he will take care of this one by himself. Chibi falls for a Ugats trip. Hiroto arrives, transforms and fights the Ugats and grabs Chibi. Chibi tries escaping but Hiroto calms him down by taking off his helmet. The Ugats attack and he puts the hlemet on and Chibi runs off and he has to take his helmet off again and gets attacked by Ugats. When he turns to look, the Ugats and Chibi are long gone. The others arrive. Later, the gang is in the bus.
Hiroto wonders how he will save Chibi if Chibi is scared of him when he has his helmet on and only as Gold he can do that. Sosuke reassures him that they will save Chibi for him if he feels that strongly about him. The Gaiark appear and have Chibi as a hostage and the seven appear. The Ugats zap the child and he becomes mature and evil. He doesn't respond to Hiroto and Miu takes a hit meant for him. The Go-onger get the weath of his screaming as they fight the Ugats and windows smash.
Hiroto enlists Saki, Renn and Miu for his new idea. A giant fissure appears between dimensions which was brought from the scream, that will merge the Stormy World with them. Hiroto tells Black, Green and Red to use their robots. Hiroto walks forward and more Ugats appear so he fights them. The others call GunBir-Oh and Kyurset-Oh and try to stop the portal. Miu, Renn and Saki work on something in the bus. Kyursetu-Oh is whirled up and tossed on the other robot.
Hiroto defeats all the Ugats and extends his hands and tries to appeal to Chibi and gets zapped in turn. He says he has to be the one to stop him. he transforms as he walks slowly and runs as he is zapped and fights the monster. He holds him down and is brushed off. He stops and gets pummeled. The others arrive with a new device. He puts the gun in the monster's mouth and he drinks a green veggie juice like a baby bottle. Gold finishes off more Ugats quickly. He takes his helmet off.
He does peek-a-boo and shows off his goofy face. Chibi returns to normal but still mature. They hug. The other two robots defeat the fissure and the sky is repaired. Later at the beach, the two stand in front of the waves. Hiroto tells Chibi that the Human World is not a place for him and he has to return. The other six watch. Hiroto mentions that his partner is important to him and he will have comrades too. Chibi cries but doesn't do his sonic scream. He giggles. Chibi walks off.
He becomes a pink ball of light and zips into the fissure that is repairing itself to return to his world. Hiroto cries and tries to hold it in. He somberly walks forward to the others. Hanto says it is great that they have a mother and father, Renn is the mother and Hiroto is the fahter. They continue teasing and Hiroto then plays around with them. Jetoras finishes off the narration.

  • Chibi means 'little. '