Shogun Revival

Shogun Revival
Airdate: November 23, 2008

Last time, Engine DaiShogun arrived in the Human World. A homeless gentleman wakes up among his brethen and two Samuari World monsters come to him asking for his help. CarryGator and Sosuke explains about the three from the Samuari World who formed Dai Shogun and ran out of energy during the finale battle. The Wings tell Sosuke that it is just a shell and their friends are dead. The little boys are surprised Retsutaka is dead and tell them that the sword was made by him.
It is part of his soul and he gave the sword to the boys. It is to control DaiShogun. The Go-ongers realize the plot of the monsters and they arrive. The boys run off and the seven put their helmets on. They fight. The little boys encounter the homeless man And Sosuke thinks it is Retsutaka. The man takes the sword from the boys and holds it out for the foe. One foe explains that sometimes there exist people with the same form and soul between both worlds. Red implores him not to give the sword away.
The man says he never heard of Retsutaka. Hiroto tells him to give the sword back and the seven are slashed down. The man throws the sword to the robot saying he is not needed in this world and so let the world disappear then. DaiShogun is brought to life and attacks the city. The two monsters retreat. The man wants it to destroy the world and he leaves. Red is about to go after him but Black stops him as they must fight against him with their robots.
Sosuke doesn't go into battle and his friends are beat up. Seiku-Oh and Gunbir-Oh use their finishers and it doesn't work. They are beaten down. EngineOh gets in between. Gunpei suggests using G9. Sosuke doens't want to and as a result, their friends and Engines get split up. The monsters arrive at the Gaiark palace and they take the two ministers hostage and stuff in their machine. Now they won't return to their world and make ours theirs. Dai Shogun and EngineOh battle it out.
They are split up as well. After the sun sets, the brothers goes to the seven's aid. They wake Sosuke up. They continue to the others. Sosuke stands up and is determined to go to the Retsutaka twin. He confronts him and they have a scuffle. Sosuke asks why he wants the world to be destroyed. The man says no one acknowledges him or needs him. Back in the bus, Miu bandages her brother. Renn and Saki go to search for Sosuke. The fight continues, Sosuke tells him he is spoiled.
The man says that when he finally got a job, the business went bankrupt and he balmes the world. Saki and Renn arrive, telling him to give up. The man says he can't understand him because everyone kisses his ass. Sosuke tells him to be a hero. The man says hate is his heart. Sosuke grabs Kitamoth and decides to bring Retsutaka's heart back to DaiShogun. The man thinks its heart is just hate. They run off. After the sun comes up, the monsters confront the 3.
Red fights the two foes and they beat up the 3. They talk about their friends (DaiShogun) and won't be loosing. The other four arrive. They battle it out as the brothers watch the robot. The man comes to them and asks if they come from the same world. The man wonders if it will be different for him in Samuari World. The brothers say it is the same, it is just as painful and harsh, it's no different. The man says he knew that. He asks if they were talking about fighting.
He is now convinced he must fight in this world. Black, Green and the Wings defeat one of the monsters and the trio defeat the other one. The two rejoin and command DaiShogun to destroy them but the man rushes in and stops him. He glows with the spirit of Retsustaka. The spirit comes out of him and inside of Dai Shogun. The sword and the three casts split. The man is proud of himself. The two monsters drink the Bikkurium they stole and grow huge.
The trio put their partner's souls inside the casts of the others and form DaiShogun. The man leaves mid-battle and rejoins the brothers. He gives them the sword. Retsutaka's spirit tells Sosuke to strike. DaiShogun destroys the two foes. Back at the palace, the ministers curse the monsters and call out the Ugats for help. Later, Ksihamoth is ready to take the brothers to the Samuari World.
The trio give Gunpei the engine casts. Hanto gives the little boy more candy and Gunpei gives the eldest boy the three Engine Casts. The eldest mentions that the man wanted to come with them too. Sosuke says he is not coming, it's just a feeling he has. Kishamoth leaves and they say their goodbyes. The man in well-dress clothes see them go and leaves his homeless clothes alone.

  • Jum-bowhale is featured in the ending.