Nostalgic Children
Airdate: November 16, 2008

Men in masks lift little shrine in effort of a festival causing children to come towards them. They enter a festival dimension and have fun. But quickly it becomes dangerous, they become trapped in cotton candy. The monster appears. The Go-Ongers split up to investegate. Kega akss why Kita is collecting them. That they will addict the children to festivals and when they grow up, they will only think of such. They will make a world into a mess.
All the Ugats cheer. Elsewhere, the main trio deal with three children crying about the other lost children. They suspect the Gaiark. Elsewhere, Hanto and Gunpei discuss the festivals. They hear a strange sound. In front of a store, patrons marvel at two boys in samuari garb. The little one wants to go home but the eldest says they have a mission, to protect a katana the little one has. They and Hanto and Gunpei enter the festival dimension. They meet but the boys walk away.
They won a train but don't know what it is, Hanto explains what it is. Birca talks to them, telling them it is strange. Suddenly the monster appears and the kids go to safety. The monster puts masks on the two men and the dimension is destroyed by Kishamoth and the 3 Go-Onger. They 5 reunite and Saki punches the men, taking the masks off. The monster appears and shoots the five down. The Go-On Wings attack him. He doens't want to tell them where the kids are.
The brothers run to Kishamoth and when two different monsters come close to them, they run off. They play with Kishamoth's controls and they leave. Hanto and Renn quickly hold on to it as it goes. The others continue fighting the Banki. He throws yo-yo bombs at them. Hanto and Gunpei shout to stop and enter the cockpit as the two want it to take them to Samuari World. Kishamoth doesn't have the power to go through the dimensional wall and they all fall out.
The little boy studies Kishamoth's cast and soul. The other two explain. Back at the Gaiark Palace, Yatai Banki returns and the ministers like his sucess. The two monsters from the Samuari World enter and want them to help them and they will help too. Kita doesn't want their help, the monsters bring up their plan will take years. Kita realizes it will take a lot of time. The monsters say they want the two brothers caught. Their sword has power, which makes Kega happy.
Gunpei and Hanto know whats going on now. Hanto offers the little boy candy, his brother says no and the Hanto gives it to him in secret. Gunpei looks at the sword and puts two and two together, that they recognize the sword. The kids run off, thinking they want to steal the sword. Yatai Banki arrives, the two transform and the ministers pretend to be nice to the brothers. They offer to take them home. Black's helmet is fried and the others arrive. Black tells Green to explain later.
The masks attack them. Kega tries taking her sword, the boy knocks her off and the candies fall down They try picking it up and the eldest finds the Engine Soul. The little one explains the candy is from Hanto, they run off. The Go-Onger are wrapped in rings and then go down. The brothers arrive and throw back the Engine Soul of Kishamoth at Gunpei. Sosuke gives the Kankan Bar to Hanto and he loads T-Line and K-Line and makes fireworks. Gunpei puts the other soul in the Mantagun.
He merges the two to make the Kankan Mantagun to defeat Yatai Banki. The children are then freed. The heroes tell them to run away. The Yatai Banki grows big and the three robos are formed. They are taken to the festival dimension. Seiku-Oh are in the 'save the goldfish' space and Engine-Oh is held against its will in a game. Gunbir-Oh saves their friends. The two become big again.
The three attack at once, after avoiding his pinwheels. They perform a special attack to destroy him and his dimension. The seven reunite with the kids. Gunpei thanks them. Renn wonders the secret of the sword. They all repeat Retsutaka's name as the kids clarify the sword belongs to him. Then something lands. They all run to it. They stare upwards. It is Engine DaiShogun. Gunpherd narrates.

  • The Samuari World was first mentioned in Episode 24 and the Go-Onger visited it in the movie, the events in this episode and the following episode make the movie canon.
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