The Maidens' Seriousness
Airdate: November 09, 2008

Saki has trouble opening a can and Sosuke takes it and opens it, even though she was going to do it. Sosuke tightens it up and BearRV encourages her but she flakes and gives it to Hanto. No time to open it as Shower Banki is spraying everything with water. The seven arrive and she says she will use her acid shower to melt everything. They notice it doesn't do anything to though as they can see. Shower Banki doesn't understand why. The Go-Onger shoot her away.
Kegaleshia is surprised to hear the water didn't work and tries the liquids she worked on. She throws it on Kita. Nothing happens. Back at Gunjiro, the gang dries their jackets and souls, as they got wet through their suits. The men complain that their joints hurt, Saki is fine but when she turns around, they are all frozen in place. When she discovers they are not playing a gag, that they really are stiff in place, Saki comes in carrying Hiroto. She drops him as she can't carry him no longer.
Miu falls on her knees and shakes her brother. Saki shouts as she doesn't know what to do. Inside the Gunjiro, Bomper brings in the last man to prop up, Renn as they have everyone in the main room. All the male Engines are frozen as well. Their hearts are still beating but they don't know much other than that the shower caused this. Miu says she can't live without her brother. Bomper alerts them of another attack. BearRV tells them to pull themselves together.
Shower Banki melts a car with her new shower. Yellow and Silver attack her with no avail. She holds their swords. She questions them about where the men are and Silver lets it slip that the males are frozen. She knocks them down. They try to convince her they were kidding. She of course calls their bluff and teleports away. Silver and Yellow grip each other in fear. Back at the palace, the women discover Kita is frozen. Kega first thinks it is that the heroes defeated him like they did Yogo.
But her minion clarifies it was her formula. Kega takes this as her chance. Back at the Gunjiro, they are alerted that Bandoma are coming. Miu and Saki won't calm down. BearRV makes her hologram huge to be stern with them. She drags Saki away. BearRV and Yellow fight off the Bandora in the city. BearRV says her father told her this type of fighting is un-ladylike but she is doing it. Later, Saki has fashioned a camaflouge tarp over the Gunjiro. She tries to get Miu's spirits up.
Miu thinks it is hopeless. Bomper alerts Miu that Shower Banki and the Ugats are near. Shower Banki clarifies the bus is obvious to find. They run towards them and sink in a trap hole they set up. Miu is intrigued. Saki drives the Gunjiro, even though she only has a Learner's Permit ("Paper Driver"). She squeals out and swrives off. They near a mall where there are female manniquins in the window. They stop to rest. Saki is thinking of switching vehicles. Miu still thinks they can't do it.
Saki slaps her. She makes her realize they are the only ones that can protect the others. Saki then comes around, especially after Saki makes her 'smile. ' They rally together and make a little speech for the others. BearRV says they got to show their female guts. The three put their 'hands' together. Later, a Ugat has tracked down Gunjiro. Shower Banki melts an upcoming bridge. A Bandoma attacks and Gunjiro avoids it. They abruptly stop at the bridge after a misunderstanding.
Shower Banki and the Ugats engage in battle, they fight them but they enter the bus. The girls are knocked down. The Ugats attack what they think are the men, but are really manniquins in their outfits. BearRV inside of Go-Roader then beats them. Shower Banki gets kicked in the face and rolls down. When she gets up, the three face her. They clarify they did a bait and switch. The men are in manniquin's women's clothing at the mall display window.
The two girls transform and they do the roll-call with BearRV inside Go-Roader. They present themselves as Go-On Princess. Shower Banki showers them with a red super shower but gets beaten up. The G3 Princess song plays. Go-Roader kicks and punches the foe around. They conduct a finisher and flip and freeze her shower and slashing it and destroy her. BearRV runs out of energy and they take her soul out of the wheel.
Shower Banki becomes huge and before she can attack the two girls, she is attacked by the male Engines. The male Go-Onger and Engines thank them. Speedor and Bus-On attack her. The Ancient Engines arrive and blast her. Seiku-Oh and Gunbir-Oh make a new arranment. Seiku-Oh Gunpherd and Gunbir-Oh Jetoras destroy her. The men flip down and the girls run over to them. They un-transform and realize they have girls' clothing.
Saki says she remember how good Hanto looked as a girl. Hiroto asks why he is in a pink dress. Miu says she thought he looked good in it. Sosuke akss if he has been frozen too much lately. Renn says it is fine. Miu and Saki ask for a reward. Gunpei agrees to it, surprising the others. Saki wants a feast and Miu wants a massage. They get what they please. Speedor caps up the end with his narration, insinuating that the girls might surpass them. He gets scolded by the three girls.

  • Jetoras is now featured in the ending theme.
  • How embrassing would it have been for the girls to undress and re-dress their male teammates.
  • I was one of those who thought Toripter was female.
  • I seriously doubt this monster will be used in Power Rangers, but I have been wrong before.
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