Engine Banki!?
Airdate: November 02, 2008

The gang celebrates Yogostein's defeat. Hiroto wonders what Renn is doing, he is making a new weapon with Bomper. The Anicent Engine Souls summon Sosuke's toy truck and jump on board and race out of the Gunjiro. The others splash each other with water and Hiroto wonders outloud to Sosuke if they are being careless as all the Gaiark haven't been defeated yet. Miu tells Hiroto to enjoy himself. At the evil palace, the Ugats cry at Yogo's memorial service.
Kega reads the eulogy. Kita is working on a new project that interupts and brings Kega back on her butt. Kita sets a ball in the monster device and creates a new Banki. Meanwhile, Renn has completed his weapon and notices the 3 Engines gone. He tells the others. The Wings are walking elsewhere and notice the toy truck. The others search the city for them. Renn spots four boys with the car. At the mansion, Go-On Wings and the Wings race question the three but they scurry away.
Renn grabs the three souls, entering the place with a guitar case. Bus-On says they say they have a good reason. Meanwhile, the others reunite and wonder what is going on. They hear a noise and run off. Bus-On translates that they are disgraced because they were controlled by the enemy. They can't face their partner, they believe if they were more disciplined that would never happen. And as a result Sosuke died. Renn tells them it's not their fault and that they don't blame them. A rose petal falls.
The Engine Banki, a huge truck runs through the city, releasing smog on everyone. The four Go-Onger are surprised by its appearance. Kita and Kega are inside. He calls them companions, not partners. This one has deadly exhaust gas, not thinking of the enviroment. The four transform and GunBir-Oh are formed, Speedor and BearRV are made big. Back at the mansion, Renn shows the two his new weapon, to use the power of the Ancient Engines. He tries to encourage them.
The trio cut communication. Hiroto tells him he will take care of it, he will convey his feelings and to go. Miu is going too. BearRV and Speedor go down at the wheels of Engine Banki. It transforms into a robot form to fight GunBir-Oh. Bus-On and Jetoras attack Engine Banki. Blue explains how the Ancient Engines feel. Engine-Oh Jetoras is formed, the first time it is formed. Back at the mansion, Hiroto looks at his toy figures and picks up the Tyrannosaurus.
He asks if they know why Speedor and Bus-On picked Renn and Sosuke as partners. Back in the fight, GunBir-Oh is accidently shot by Engine-Oh. Engine Banki turns back into a truck and Go-Roader GT is formed and stomps them. They become a robot again. The 2 good robots attack the bad one as Go Roader holds it back. EngineOh Jetoras does an attack but the foe spins like a torando to beat the good guys. They all fall and then get back up. Engine Banki splits them up.
Toripter explains to the Ancient Engines on how the Engines picked their partners. The others are on the ground watching as Speedor and Sosuke fight. Engine Banki releases missiles. Sosuke leaps out as Blue catches Speedor. Sosuke attacks the Engine Banki with his word in front of the two ministers. The others take out their weapons and send out thier attacks. Hiroto and the Engines watch the fight through Hiroto's laptop. Red falls and the others catch him.
Highway Buster, Junction Rifle and Wing Booster are formed and attack at the same as Hiroto does a heart-felt message to the three. The three souls jump in his hands. Their weapon have run out of power and the foe marches towards them. Engine Banki becomes a truck again, the good guys race towards them and the bad guys are brought down by Kishamoth. Hiroto is inside Kishamoth and he leaps out. He takes out the new weapon and K-Line and T-Line get in his hand and sets them inside.
He uses the KanKan Bar. He makes a railway crossway that the Engine Banki strikes and then gets attacked by K-Line and T-Line, de-powering him. Kita and Kega say their good-byes to him and teleport away. He becomes small. Hiroto tells Sosuke it is up to him. Red puts Kishamoth in his Mantagun. He makes the KanKan Mantan Gun and with the power of the three Ancient Engines, he destroys Engine Banki once and for all. Later, everyone is happy the trio are back. Toripter says it is thanks to Hiroto, who will not share with the others what he said.

  • Bus-On narrated this episode. When Birca won in the commercial bumper 'Eye-Catcher,' he says he hasn't won in a while.
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