Sosuke… Eternally
Airdate: October 26, 2008

The gang have the now bronze Sosuke in the bus and Renn believes he is dead. Bus-On narrates. Gunpei screams, Hanto and Saki cry, Hiroto is upset, Miu asks Speedor if it was Yogostein. Hiroto angrily says his name. Meanwhile, the other ministers can't find Yogo, who they now admire. They see him marching in the city, attacking it with his new power. He grabs random people and swing them around. Back in the bus, Gunpei smashes his head to a pole.
They all want revenge. Bomper tells them of the attack. They all slowly stomp out, determined. They confront Yogo, he mocks Sosuke and then engage in battle. They all get smacked down and then electrocuted. The ministers arrive. Yogo tries knocking them out of the way, saying he doesn't need help. They have heard this song before and call him on it. He wraps the heroes in tape and takes their Change Souls away from them. He knocks them all down individually.
Bomper arrives on Kishamoth and picks them up, retreating to safety. In the bus, they all feel defeated. At the mansion, Hiroto angrirly punches his punching bag and sand comes out. A river of tears pour out of Miu. Back at the palace, the ministers complain. Yogo puts gears in everything and everyone and turns them all into bronze like Sosuke. When Bomper tells the gang, they are unmoving. The Engines then play reverse psychology, saying they are no good.
Speedor says he is glad he met Sosuke and fought with him. Renn gets up and goes to Sosuke. They all think of him, the times they had with him. That he made everyone smiled and kept on trying. Miu thinks back to when they fought together. Hiroto thinks back to his strength. Gunpei says he was the greatest hero. They agree their behavior was not the best, that Sosuke would be ashamed of them. Yogo keeps attacking. Even without their change souls, they are determined to fight, they're still Go-Onger.
The four walk forward with pots and pans towards Yogo. The siblings come and join them. They engage in battle. The girls kick and flip. Hanto avoids his hits. Renn knocks his ehad and Hiroto gets in some good punches. Gunpei gets choked and lifted in the air and tossed away. He blasts at the six. They groan but pick themselves up. Meanwhile Sosuke walks towards a purple light and hears his voice. The six continue get beat up by Yogo. The six gather. Hiroto helps Miu up.
Hiroto, Gunpei and Hanto wrap chains around Yogo and hold him back. They toss his staff and Renn grabs it and with the girls, they stab Yogo. They are amazed that 'they did it. ' They let go and he wakes up, grbas his staff and shocks them down. He pumps up and becomes huge and rusts up the city. Renn calls Bomper for the casts. He says how dangerous it is to board the Engines without their suits. He sends the case and Speedor's Engine Soul is on top. Speedor says he wants to fight too.
They make the Engines big and they leap in the cockpits. Toripter warns Hiroto. The Wings attack Yogo first. They go down in fire. The others take their hits. Bus-On leaps from the rubble. They say they will fight like Sosuke. He gets closer to the light and says this is not his palce. He tries running off but the light tries sucking him in. Meanwhile, the Engines are bashed back when trying to ambush Yogo.
BearRV bites Yogo. Birca and Gunpei launch from CarryGator and blast at Yogo. The gang then spot the place where their Change Souls are in Yogo. Hiroto offers to go for them but Speedor knocks Yogo down. He holds Yogo down as the gang climb in. Insdie, it is unstable but the gang each grab their Change Souls. They leave. Sosuke fights from being sucked by the light and screams. The six transform.
Yogo takes Speedor off and stands up. The six do their roll-call. Sosuke's face starts moving. EngineOh G12 is formed. Blue uses Red's Handle Blaster and they perform their finisher. They get all fired up and destroy Yogostein. The gears go down and dissolve. Everyone returns to normal. The gang take their helmets off and are revealed at their accomplishment. Miu thinks of Sosuke. Renn looks at his empty seat. Speedor wishes Sosuke could have seen it.
They get a call from Bomper, saying Sosuke has gone misisng. Meanwhile, Yogostein is still alive and wants to continue. Sosuke arrives and tells him there will be no next time for him. Yogo is shocked. The others arrive. Gold stops Blue from intervening. Sosuke transforms and they have one last battle. Yogo takes his cape off and does his best but Red does a big strike. His helmet comes off. Oil squirts out of Yogostein and he is finally destroyed.
The ministers fall on their knees. The gang reunites, especially Speedor to Sosuke. Sosuke applauds them but almost faints, so Renn holds him back. He says it is difficult to fight after coming back to life. Miu gives her brother her helmet and goes to the others, scolding Sosuke for not telling them sooner that he was alive. He apologizes. Bowhale narrates. They all put their hands together and jump up.

  • Toripter is now included in the ending theme, including Go-On Wings and the Ancient Engines.
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