Engines' Bonds
Airdate: October 19, 2008

Renn and Bomper fix the Engine Casts. They were beat up by the Hornoderthal, an ancient Banki. The Ancient Engines explain this to the other four outside the bus. Birca narrates that 65 years ago, the ancestors came to stop Horonderthal. During the battle, they fossilized themselves with him. The siblings discuss this with Toripter, Jetoras, and Bowhale in their house as they do repairs to their casts. Meanwhile, the three ministers admire Hornoderthal.
Yohostein wants the others to bow but they dont want to. Horonoderthal leaves in a huff and the others go in the opposite direction. He attacks the city and Bomper tells the gang. Renn says maintence isn't done yet. The foe puts a red ray on the city. Everyone's GPS in their cars turn into an arrow going forward and cars crash into each other. The streetlights are also effected. These Horno Waves are what destroyed the dinosaurs. The Ugats are in lab coats working on a new device.
Back with the gang, they ask the Ancient Engines will fossilize him again, Speedor translates for them that they won't become stone this time because they have Sosuke as a reliable partner. He leaves. Toripter asks Hiroto if they should go. He tells them to wait. Jetoras thinks they can learn from the trio. Red forms the new robo to confront the beast. Yogo arrives in his plane and sends out his device that goes inside his foe and creates a new form. His waves are even stronger.
The foe wraps tape around the robo and goes inside, Red jumps out and falls. Speedor goes inside his Go-Phone. The Ancient Engines struggle and their eyes become red and start attacking the city. Bomper warns the others. Red is attacked by Yogo. They fight. Gunbir-Oh arrives as the casts that comprise him are fixed and they grab Kyoretsu-Oh. CarryGator tries calming them down but get knocked down. Red leaps over Yogo and tries talking to Kishamoth. Yogo explains what he did.
Red tries communicating to the trio despite them being under an evil spell but Yogo makes it clear he wants to fight him. Red gets up and agrees to fight. Seiku-Oh arrives, the WIngs think if they defeat the foe, it will bring their friends back to normal. The ancients turn around for a sec and go back and forth. Red asks Speedor what they said. Birca says they are suffering. The foe makes the spell stronger and they go against GunBir-Oh once again. Yogo take this opening on Red.
And a piece goes inside of him. Red tries his finisher on Yogo and knocks him back. Bus-On and BearRV arrive and Blue transports Speedor's cast to Sosuke. He tells Yogo that their match will have wait and they form EngineOh. Yogo says it is already over. EngineOh confronts their friends and GunBirOh is sent against the foe. Their ancestors attack them and Speedor tries to make them remember. Seiku-Oh and Gunbir-Oh fight the foe but talk to the ancients.
Seiku-Oh and Gunbir-Oh are swung away by the foe and split apart. The ancients runs toward EngineOh and knock them down. EngineOh stands up and run towards them. They exchange punches. EngineOh splits into 3. All the Engines surround the Ancients and the spell is lifted. They split to 3. The other Engines are happy. Speedor says that they say that because they reminded them of feelings from their time.
The Ancients suggests merging all twelve. Bomper says they haven't done the adjustments. Red is for it so they do it. All the Engines do their roll call, Subtitles are shown for what the Ancients are saying. They form EngineOh G-12. The ministers are upset at the sight of this. Yogo is still optimistic. CarryGator reminds them of the time limit. The foe tries fighting the twelve but he is no much against the giant.
Red calls for GoRoader GT. and it rolls towards the foe. They perform their finisher and with the spirit of the four robos. They destroy the enemy. The device goes down on the ground. And Yogo picks it up and puts it on himself. Later, the seven walk celebrating under the sunset. They run past a tree but Sosuke stops in his path at the tree. Hiroto notices this.
Everyone turn around to notice him, Sosuke falls on his back. Miu backs up in disbelief. Speedor tells them when Yogo attacked him. The gear is squeezing his heart and he turns to bronze. Miu falls to her knees and sobs.

  • Magically, they got their bus back when Saki's sister sold it last episode.
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