Devilish Woman
Airdate: October 12, 2008

Saki runs through a train station, upset that'she'is coming. Gunpei narrates. With the Gairak, Yogo is upset and won't give up. He leaves to find the real Horoderthal. Kita takes out the Heater Banki who can raise the temperature. Saki walks sadly down the street cheep saying 'Devil. ' Gunepi is about to enter a taxi with a bunch of boxes and a woman in indigo bashes him out of the way to take the taxi. He tries to call her on her rudeness but she calls him sweaty. Indeed it is hot.
Gunpei spots the Banki and everyone runs away and he transforms and goes after him. The other boys arrive and he deflects their lasers with his heat. The five fight. The boys goes down and the Wings arrive. The Wings fight the Banki in the heat And he throws a firey wind at them. He has he doesn't want to fight and retreats. The girl in indigo comes to them. Red is mesmerized and gets hearts in his eyes. Hanto and Renn are infuatuated with her as well. Sosuke introduces himself.
She says her name is Sanae. Hiroto says she is cute. Miu grabs Hiroto by his ears and leaves. Sosuke, Renn, Hiroto and Sanae skip away. Gunpei is sitting down and takes off his helmet. Later, Saki meets Gunpei and Bomper at a bench. She says she has bigger problems than Gaiark. To Saki's shock, Sanae is being surved by the boys at the bus. The Ancient Engines are in love as well.
He blocks her from them with his fan and shuts them off. He flips his coin and she grabs it. He flips it and they find they are compatable. Sanae wants a present. Hanto brings a bear. Saki intervenes. Sanae reveals they are sisters. Sosuke says he would have never guessed they were related. Saki pulls her big sis in the bus, with the boys leaping up and down the window to see. Saki closes the window blinds. Sanae says she came to see her sister.
Saki says she bets she can't stay in Kagonma because of her debts. Sanae takes out a picture of her secret, blackmailing her. When she was a child, she peed on her bedsheets and Sanae took a picture of it. Sanae is shown in a devlish blue light. Sanae runs off with the photo. Gunpei enters and Saki wants him to help her, to drive her away cause she's sure she's up to something. She tells him of her bad deeds: ditching her in a hiding spot for hours and tattling on her for eating her cake.
Gunpei is for scolding her. Saki is estactic. He comes out and grabs her and hauls her away from the upset boys. Bomper tells them of an attack and Saki leaves behind the two, telling the three boys to take care of the Banki. At a resurtant, Gunpei and Sanae sit face to face, Sanae goes to sit enxt to him, thinking he is upset about the taxi. Saki spies on them. She touches him but it doesn't work. He tells her to go back to the other side. He asks why she came to Tokyo.
She starts crying and everyone's attention turns to her. Later, the trio find a man grilling meat on the Banki. He runs off and they chase after him. Gunpei gives Sanae a hankercheif to clean off her fake tears, that she can't make real friends with her fake self. She says he is right. She wants to apologize to Saki, she reveals herself. Hiroto is getting his hair 'did' at a salon and the Banki comes in and ruins his hair. At a fountain, Sanae shows Saki she ahs changed by ripping in half the photo.
She goes to her knees asking for forgiveness and Saki accepts. This makes Gunpei happy and he lifts her up. She says it is the first time a man scolded her. She says she felt happy being scolded and gets close to Gunpei and then apologizes. He says he didn't hate it. Saki really beleives that when she is around him, she is different. She even thinks they might be good together. Meanwhile, Yogo digs for the ancient Banki. Kega finds it weird that the humans aren't curious about the heat.
Saki and Sanee are holding hands and walking and Saki puts her hand with Gunpei. Sanae wants him to forgive her and he gets excited at the notion. Bomper tells them of Gaiark attack, Gunpei trusts Sanae with the keys to the bus to take Bomper to safety. The three boys knock the Banki down and fight him. Black and Yellow arrive. Red and Green fight over Sanae. Saki tells them to break it up.
They form Super Highway Buster and it is no use against him. The Wings arrive and confuse him. They freeze his heat ray and himself. He is then made huge. He aims to make the gas tank explode. Red calls for the Engine Casts. Sanae grabs rope behind Bomper. G9 confronts the Banki is made hot. Yogo releases the beast. Banki bashes G9 down. The Ancient Engines are called.
They make it freezing cold for the Banki and freeze him. They form the robo and destroy the Banki. Everything shakes and the beast rises from the ground. He bashes them down. The foe jumps away and slashes building. The Ancient Engine roar and Red barely understands them. He then gets a call from Bomper saying Sanae took the bus and tied him up.
She sold it to a car dealer and has a case full of yen. She heads off, happy about betraying her sister. Yogostein arrives to the Hellgaille Palace saying he finally found Horonderthal. Back at the car lot, Sousuke, Renn and Hanto try to explain to the dealer that they need it back but they say they need a 20 year loan. Miu asks her bro if they should help them.
He says lending money damages relationships. Miu agrees. They start off to leave. Saki apologizes to Gunpei. Gunpei is still under her spell. Saki pushes him off and calls her sister a true devil. She runs off and punches the siblings in their stomaches on her way off.

  • It is never really explained how they get the bus back.
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