Primeval Engines
Airdate: October 05, 2008

Sousuke puts Speedor's Engine Soul in his Engine Cast and it hurts him, he has to take him out and Renn believes he sustained internal injuries from the last battle. They check the schematics. They think back to the 'Golden Dragon' hitting them. He reports this outside to the others. Hiroto says based on that stratum (layers of rock), the new Engines been asleep for a long time. Hanto puts CarryGator's soul in his Shift Changer and he explains the three are Ancient Engines.
Sosuke freaks out at the knowledge that they are ancestors of these Engines. They of course have many questions. CaryGator doesn't know. Renn comes out and says they have to wait for Speedor to heal on his own. Speedor apologizes to him. Sosuke tells him it is not responsible, that he won't be happy until he makes them bow to the ground. He wants to find and catch them. They all wonder how he will catch them. He runs off. As usual, he has no plan, everyone agrees.
The other ministers show Yogo the three in question and they still think it is Horonderthal. Kega brings up the obvious they look Engine-ish. Yogo won't take it and threatens her. She then brings up that it attacked Drill Banki. Yogo has excuses. Drill drops and falls. He tells him to look for Horonderthal. He runs off. Meanwhile, Sosuke runs through the forest. Speedor asks him if he can wait until he is better. Sosuke is too mad now and spins his hologram on leaves.
Sosuke even scares Speedor. Meanwhile, Drill is looking for Horoderthal and wants to make it pay. They bump into each other and Drill makes a blood bath threat. Bomper tells the others. Red transforms and fights the Banki. Red splits his finisher in half. The three Engines arrive and hits Drill, Red jumps out of the way and then he jumps on the three as they race away. The others arrive and find the train tracks. Hiroto suggests luring the three out.
Hanto asks how. Hiroto has them think back to when they last appeared. They figure fighting on purpose can be lure them out, as their minds are probably prehistoric and simple. Meanwhile, Red is let off the three and disappear. He takes his helmet off and asks Speedor where he thinks he went. He says when he's close, he should be able to detect their aura. He thinks they are more than just thugs. He figures they might want to fight the Gaiark as well. Sosuke tells him he is annoying.
Sosuke doesn't think them as comrades, that they are barbarians. Speedor suggests putting him in his body and let him talk to them. Sosuke closes the phone and thinks it would useless. Meanwhile, Yogo pulls Drink out, as he is all injured and has him go out again. Back with the others, Seiku-Oh and Gunbir-O have been formed and they battle. Bus-on and BearRv don't approve. Renn says it doesn't look like a real fight. Gunpei asks for a real punch and gets it, then he brings Seiku-oh down.
Silver and Green have enough of their real battle. Sosuke reaches a switchyard and flips his coin and picks one warehouse and finds the three sleeping. Speedor tells him to leave it to him. He wants to pay respects to his ancestors. He puts him in his cast. jump up. He asks to put on the table and he tries talking to them, even though he is being electrocuted. The mammoth one trumphets. Speedor understands him, that they came during the dino age so they don't know about humans.
Blue thinks they should stop as their time limit is running out. Yellow spots Drill Banki. He then sees the two and becomes huge and knocks them back. Hanto says their enegy might be done. They both get attacked. Meanwhile, Speedor offers working togehter. They don't like humans. Banki tells him of the situation. Drill Banki drills under the ground, pops out and attacks the two robots. He splits them all up. The four rangers un-transform, Yellow and Blue come to their aid.
Sosuke is about to leave them and Speedor tells him to wait. He implores them, saying how humans are important. Bus-On and BearRV fight Drill Banki but are kicked away. Now all six are out of armor and blasted at. Red arrives and he jumps up at him. He is swatted down. Speedor tells the three that humans are passionate. Red is knocked away once again but won't give up. He is blasted at but runs and avoids. Drill tries stepping on him but Red plays hard to get but then gets squashed.
Speedor says they have been able to fight so far because of their partners. Red pulls the foot off him and slash at his nose with his sword until knocked down. The trio wake up and roar and leave the station. Red jumps up, is pushed down. They arrive at the battle site and blow the foe down. They split up and T-Line and K-Line bite and flip the foe. Speedor arrives and tells Red to board them. He says they have never seen someone as pasisonate as him. He jumps in.
He puts Speedor on the dashboard and puts his phone in and the lights turn on. He then is able to understand them and they introduce each other. He moves Kishamoth and they form Kyouretsu-Oh. The others are amazed. The robo fights Drill Banki. They kick and bite his drill. They perform their finisher and make Drill spark up a lot and then explode. Everyone celebrates. Yogo can't take this, he backs up. Kega says "I told you so. " He drops to his knees.
Later, the three gather near the seven. Hiroto asks how he was able to tame them. Miu says Sosuke is primitive himself, so he probably get along well. Sosuke catches the comment as an insult slowly but they then say they were complementing them. Speedor tells them that they want to be his partner. Sosuke says they can be partners #2 and Speedor is #1. Speedor blushes. The seven roughhouse and depart.

  • The footage of subway passengers being startled was recycled footage from Boukenger when GoGo Drill passed by, it was used here in this episode for the three Ancient Engines.
  • How the heck did Speedor's hologram touched the leaves if he is a hologram?
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