Search for a treasure
Airdate: September 28, 2008

In the place, Kita wants Drill Banki to come at him at every angle and he slices off that smoggy part of his staff. He tells Drill to calm down, he does until Kega rings the bell. Yogo wants himt o steel a map from a human. Deep in the mountains, the five are looking for the Gaiark signal and are attacked by two children dressed up as a monster telling them to go away. They carry them home. They concerned about their living conditions their father has given them.
The father comes in and the Go-Onger tell them who they are. He has the kids apologize for the prank and play outside. Sosuke why he lives in a place like this. Hanto finds his map and he kicks them out. Saki, Renn and Gunpei talk to the children as they fish. They have been living there for half a year and their father is looking for treasure. The father sets out to leave, when Hanto and Sosuke block them and ask them about the treasure map. He doesn't want to share with them.
Sosuke tells him he finds his dreams interesting and Hanto says he wants adventure. Gunpei calls their father bad and the kids defend their dad. They say after mom died, their dad's company went down and now they want their dreams to come true. There is a legend of a golden dragon, it sleeps deep underneath. The father got the map from an antique shop. With the Gaiark, Yogo says the Human World used to be called the Dino World and the historyof the anicent animals.
BankiZoku, a Horonderthal killed the dinos. yogo wants to revive it. Back with the father, he holds a picture his children drew that he holds dear. Living together in a happy home. Hanto and Sosuke want to help make their dream come true. They reach the cave and Drill Banki comes out. The two morph and fight the monster but he is hard to beat. They try to their weapons but its no good. They get beaten up by the monster's finisher. The monster then grabs the father.
He drops him down and takes his map. He tackles the monster but he bashes him onto a tree. The monster leaves. The two come to the man's aid. The Go-On Wings arrive. The seven attend to him. Miu tells the kids that it is a mild concussion. The father wakes up and tells his children that to promise to find the Golden Dragon. He apologizes to them. Sosuke says they will get the map back. Hiroto wonders why the Gaiark wants it. Miu wonders if the dragon is real.
The father says the old entrance that was dug up during the Edo era is near the cave. The seven Go-Onger reach the small entrnace. Blue offers the lead becuase he is the thin one. Silver says she should. Gold tells them to wait, pets Silver and has her go first. Drill Banki reaches the spot where the dragon should be. The seven arrive. They try the Super Highway Buster and the Wings finisher, but it is no good. It opens up the cave, revealing the dragon. Drill Banki becomes big.
The seven jump out. Bomper sees this and sends the Engine Cast. Gold teleports theres and the 9 Engines are made big. They jump in and form Engine-Oh 9. The Drill Banki beats them down. He continues blasting at them while they are down. They jump up. They call on Go-Roader and he kicks the foe down. Golden Dragon wakes up. The Go-Roader goes to wheel mode and they do the strike attack, the dragon comes out of the cave and knocks the wheel out of the way.
The mysterious trains comes towards them. They notice the Engine logo and they knock them down. Yogo sees this and is excited. Drill Banki thanks the train. It makes itself solid and it is three prehistoric Engines. They knock Drill Banki down. He retreats into the ground. The train leaves. EngineOh 9 stands up. Back at the kid's house, they help their dad nurse back to health. They see a flash and go out and see the dragon pass over them.
The kids are thrilled. The Gaiark wonder what it really is. Drill Banki returns and says he was beaten. Back in the forest, the 7 apologize to the family, saying the dragon ran away. They say they are greatful. The dream of golden treasure is gone but the real treasure is here. They are to return to Tokyo and find an apartment. The 7 are happy for them & bid them goodbye. Hiroto akss Renn if they notice what they did. Gunpei says they have the same mark. Speedor says it definitely is.

  • Gunphred is now featured in the ending credits.
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