Idol Debut
Airdate: September 21, 2008

A strange monster appears out of a portal and makes a car explode because it wanted to get into another direction. The seven arrive and say Bomper didn't get a reading. They do a quick introduction and feel the monster is mocking them. They create the Super Highway Buster and shoot him with BearRV with no effect. The Go-On Wings try their finishers but no good. He becomes bigger and goes to sleep. Gold os for using G-9. The ministers arrive as a rock band.
Noise is its favorite food, Rombiako is from the Sound World. Kita says that it was feeding on a noise from the Human World through a dimensional tear and made it larger. Renn says sounds from their attacks made it bigger faster. Yogo says if they keep attacking, it will become even larger. Miu doesn't understand why they care if they want to destroy the world. Kita clarifies that they want to dirty their world so it's easier for them to live in.
Gunpei gets mad but the others hold him back. Kita says according to legend, he will shrink with beautiful music. The ministers rock out, the seven heroes hate the song. The monster becomes even bigger in his slumber. The trio are ashamed. Saki thinks about an idol unit. Hiroto wants it to be left to him. Saki thinks she and Miu should be on standby to sing. Kega says she doesn't trust them too. Saki agrees to a female trio idol unit, they drag Miu away. The boys wonder if this is okay.
Hiroto plays his guitar and sings a ballad. The boys feel ashamed. The monster starts to get red lights, meaning it might shrink. The men applaud him. It almost makes the last light but quickly makes it to the blue, becoming bigger. Hiroto is crushed. Meanwhile, the three girls are in a room studying. Kega says a name should be decided. Miu has designed some outfits and thinks it is more important. Kega has made KeSaMi, taking their initials. Miu vetoes it and Kega vetoes her dress idea.
Saki suggests special training. Hiroto is still disenchanted and plucking rose petals. A pretty bell of a local business rings and makes the monster shrink. Renn calls Bomper. The monster awakes and destroys the pretty bells. Gunpei and Hanto transform. Meanwhile, the three girls dressed as schoolgirls go on a rollercoaster. Kega is not enjoying it, as it is her first time. Saki checks the video and scolds kega for not smiling. The monster blasts buildings and Gunbiro holds it.
Bomper says the ringing as similar to a female's singing and thats why it worked. Yogo and Kita then put female wigs, kilts and makeip and try singing in a feminine manner. The monster become even bigger. Renn and Sosuke scold the two well-meaning Ministers. For training #2, Kega puts the girls in similar outfits to hers to make them pose 'sexy. ' They are both for not posing. The robotic outfits force the girls to pose in such a manner. The monster knocks Gunbir-O down as Kita and Yogo join Hiroto in flower picking.
Sosuke tries Go-Roader but it fails and makes more noise. GunBir-o starts loosing power, so Renn charges them with Kyuuyu Soul. For training 3, Miu tells them for moving and dancing training. They must avoid balls for a machine. GunBir-o is split away and the boys come to the aid of Hanto and Gunpei. They all get blasted at. Miu brings up the spirits of the other two, they put their hands together.
They yell and charge with fire, they imagine the monster in each ball And dodge perfectly. The monster is about to stomp on the males but the girl's voices stop him. The trio in pink outfits arrive. They sing the G3 Princess Rap. The boys dance along. So does the monster. Everyone cheers when the song is down. The monster shrinks and lands on the ceiling. Kega says her name.
And changes into her form. The other two transform. They do their roll call for G3 Princess! They charge together a pink energy ball and it is a cute ball wrapped with red, yellow and silver. She tosses it and Silver spins in the air and tosses it to Kega. They all jump in the air and toss it to the monster, destroying him. Go-On Silver and Go-On Yellow take off their helmets and a picture is taken.
Later, as the sun sets, Miu wants to protect the human world. Kega says don't fool themselves, her goal is to dirty the world. The girls are disenchanted, so is BearRV. Kega says the next time they meet, they will be enemies once again. As Kegaleshia walks away, BearRV in her narrative calls her a jerk.

  • The girls close up the show with their song once again.
  • Special dolls of the G3 Princesses and consponding soundtrack were released.
  • For the clips of the next episode and graphics of sponsors, the G3 Princess song is played in the background.
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