Friendship's Punch
Airdate: September 14, 2008

Sousuke tries putting Speedor's Engine Soul in Go-Roader but it goes haywire. BearRV narrates and says it drains their powers. Speedor is upset at Sousuke. Back at the palace, Kega has a made a special drink. It is for Straw Banki. He drinks the Gai Aqua and becomes stronger. She plans to spike the water. Straw sneaks up on people an drinks an explosive drink and blasts bubbles at everyone. It goes up to building and blows it up. Go-On Wings attack him.
Silver helps people up and stresses that they are Go-on Wings. Straw Banki sticks straws in people's mouths and toxic gas come from them, in order to pollute. The other five arrive and bash the Banki down. Speedor refuses to go into his gun. Saying he regrets picking Sousuke as his partner. The other blast him. Banki freaks out that his Gai Aqua is gone, so he retreats. The straws come out of the humans. Black thanks Gold. Sousuke notices the Gai Aqua.
Renn takes it to find their weak point and it splashes all over them. They are enchanted by it. They walk off and create the Gaiarc Insurance, saying they must pay for hero help. They trick people to join. The others try to figure out what is going on. The buzzers don't even work. Renn says he wants to do bad things. Sousuke tells them to get out of their way. Speedor tells Sousuke to open his eyes. Renn and Sousuke drop their Go-Phones, steal from children and walk away.
Kega tries to make more Gai Aqua. Meanwhile, Sosuke and Renn steal from a Jewerly store, when Miu comes in, offering to pay. Miu confronts them, thinking it is a plan. Sousuke offers her a ring, she is touched. Hiroto arrives. Miu is still enchanted about the ring. Renn confronts Hiroto and he punches him down. Sosuke flip kicks Hiroto. Renn wakes up, back to normal. Bomper explains this to the six. Bus-on says because he had a little drink, it wore off.
Speedor and Hiroto both beleive Sousuke was swayed too easily into evil and it speaks to his character. Gunpei drops a pin and Hiroto gets a reading. They all run off to get Straw Banki. Renn apologizes to Bus-On. Speedor sees this and thinks about his own partner. The six attack the Banki, Silver says that it is his fault that Sousuke has become cooler. the others are shocked. She corrects herself. He powers himself up and beats them all up. Bomper and Speedor watch this. Speedor says Sousuke is weak.
He isn't his partner. Bomper asks Speedor if he picked Sousuke if he was strong, he says it was because of his heart of justice. Bomper asks why he has little faith in him then. Straw Banki takes a blue drink and it makes a bubble around the six. They do have faith in Sosuke. Menawhile, Sosuke sprays at everyone where he is robing. He walks in a field and sneezes. He then sees Go-Roader come up to him. He speaks to him and tells him to let his flame of justice burn again.
His fist charges up with fire and punches Sousuke down. Sosuke rolls down the hill and says he forgotten the heat. Go Roader gets on his knees and Sosuke realizes it is Speedor. He scolds him. He says he wanted to open his eyes. Sosuke is touched. Speedor says that they have their weak moments but must work together. They reconicle. Straw is about to suck his explosive drink but it knocked out of his hands. Sousuke arrives on top of Speedor inside Go-Roader.
Sosuke bashes the Banki down. He then transforms and leaps off Go-Roader, it goes in robot mode. Go-On Red introduces himself ad Speedor does within Go-Roader. Go-On Mach Team! Straw Banki becomes strong again and fights the two. Speedor takes a hit meant for Red. Go-Roader is put in wheel mode and defeats the monster and the bubble over the others is lifted. Speedor falls, Roader becomes small and Speedor's cast pops out, saying he is out of power.
Straw becomes big. The others will take care of it, they fight him indepedently. Gunbir-O and Seikuu-Oh appear and they both destroy the monster with their finsishers. Sosuke and Renn apologize to their victims and return their money. They say evil doesn't suit them, Hanto says it's not like Gunpei. Gunpei runs after him but he hides behind Hiroto. Sosuke thinks its over but there is still the jewerly store, bank and children. Speedor apologizes to him. The Siblings want an apology too.

  • BearRV narrates this episode.
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