Stop Hiroto
Airdate: September 07, 2008

Yogo enters the palace limping and says that he gained enlightenment. He makes a new Banki, he says working together was a mistake. He wants to use his own power. Hammer Banki used all his powers, he is not like the others, he is a total terminator. At the Wing's house, Miu is cooking and falls due to Hiroto's experimenting. He comes out of a lab with a defective Power Soul. He and Bowhale talk about how this new project lost control and it is incomplete and it needs work.
Miu shows him his burnt food because of him. At the bus, Saki wants her expensive pudding to herself, which she used her savings for. Bomper alerts her. Hammer attacks and brings buildings to literal pieces. The five arrive to find a desert. Hammer knocks the five away. The Wings arrive and are ineffective. Hammer bashes them down. Silver takes a hit meant for Gold and is kncoked out of her helmet. Gold tries to stop Hammer but Yogo detains him as Hammer bashes Miu.
The five save Miu. Hammer is loosing power and he teleports away with Yogo. Miu is unconscious and Hiroto shouts for her. Yogo puts Hammer in the machine in the palace. The others unsuccessfully try to convince Yogo on teamwork. But he is against it. Miu is in critical condition in the bus and Hiroto is loosing it, thinking of using the unfinished project. Sosuke stops him. He pushes Sosuke down, breaking Saki's pudding as a result. They think he doesn't care about Miu.
Gold is outside and shoots a mountain making large boulder that he must stop. The five boys arrive and watch him fall. They come to his aid and think he is trying to endure Hammer's attacks. He says they don't get it, that a new power is needed. Hiroto punchs Sosuke's stomach. Renn says he is forgetting the most important thing. Hiroto says he has nothing to learn from them. Hammer Banki is ready. The boys return to the girls. They wonder what the training is for.
Miu tells them not to let Hiroto use Go-Roader GT. Bowhale interupts, he snuck in to Hanto's Changer. Without the Power Soul fixed, the Go-Roader will destroy anything. Miu says Hiroto will try to stop Go-Roader, after it destroys the foe. Gunpei can't believe Hiroto is acting so reckless because of the incident involving his sister. Renn asks Bowhale about the data of the Power Soul to help adjust it. Hiroto and Bomper gets readings of Hammer. Miu offers to help Renn.
Hiroto arrives with the Go-Roader case to Yogo and Hammer. Yogo can tell that Hiroto has gone on his own to avenge for his sister and compares himself with him. Hiroto is insulted by this. Hiroto puts the power soul inside Go-Roader. And has it go to wheel mode. Hammer stops it. But it runs over Hammer and knocks him to a wall. Hiroto says that is the power of his rage. The Go-Roader comes towards him and he becomes Go-On Gold and is unable to detain it.
Go-Roader brings down a building. Yogo teases Gold. Roader goes towards Gold from an explosion and he is unable to detain it. He struggles to get up as Roader comes towards him again. Black, Red, Green, and Yellow stop the tire. They say they must fight together and they are worried about Miu. Gold pushes it by its side and it returns to its small size and pops out the burnt Power Soul. They scold Hiroto. Yogo stops Hammer, but he tells him he doesn't need his help and grows big.
Yogo warns Hammer. Bus-On and Jetoras attack the big Hammer Banki. The team forms G9. Silver apologizes Gold and says he is the one to apologize. Blue tells him to use a new Token Soul that he worked together with Bowhale. Gold admits that Blue was right, that he did forget something. Weapons aren't what give you power, it is camaraderie. They all give him the blessing to use Go-Roader. It becomes big and becomes a robot. Hammer and Roader go at it.
Roader climbs up a building, flips and kicks Hammer down. It becomes wheel mode and gets on a red slide. G9 shoots energy on to the wheel and it turns endlessly. G-9 launches it and it destroys Hammer Banki. Yogo gets on his knees. Kita tells Yogo that he was too proud to think he could win on his own. The ministers are on the same level, hug each other and say they will work together. The wings offer a big rich meal as forgiveness to the five. Saki thanks Hiroto.
Hiroto says he was thinking on entrusting Go-Roader GT to them because they made the Token Soul. Hanto comes up to Hiroto asking if it was true. Hiroto says he doesn't think he can trust them after all. He says that if they can endure their training, then he'll acknowledge them worthy. They all moan. They race in white shirts and black pants. The girls are happy. Hiroto teases them and keeps racing.

  • Bus-On narrates this episode.
  • There was a lot of hype and speculation, I can admit I bit into it a bit as well, about Miu possibly dying in this episode. Of course, that was not the case.
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