Partner Gunpei
Airdate: August 31, 2008

Two surveyors can't get anyone to fill out their survey. Kyoshi disappears and the police investigates. A detective Sakyou picks up the pen Kyoshi dropped. He is special investigations, Gunpherd narrates. Disappearance cases have been occuring throughout the city. Gunpei has an instinct to follow it, Saki thinks he is nostaglic. A shadow follows a woman and she goes under a sewer hole. A Bankijyu appears.
The Go-onger confront him. They transform and fight him. He deflects their shots and leaps away. Police officers corner the Go-Onger, accusing them of the kidnappings. They indeed do end up arrested in jail. Detective Kashiwagi comes in apologizing and they are let go. He and Gunpei are reunited. They eat in the office. They were partners, he asks for the facts. He asks why kidnap normal people. He asks Gunpei if he will be his partner again.
Kita and Kega play cards in the palace. Kega is confident they won't get Manhole Banki again. Laying Out Seven with two people doesn't eally go well, as Kita quits because he misses Yogostein. Gunpei and his ex-partner enter a victim's room. There seems to be no clues, Gunpei asks Sakyou if he believes the Gaiarc is the kidnapper. Sakyou says this is a normal investigation, if the police find out he is involved in a investigation involving the Gaiarc, then he might be fired.
Bomper wonders if Gunpei will come back. Everyone puts their faith on Bomper. Gunpei and Sakyou walk, Gunpherd says that Gunpei is his partner now. Sakyou asks for his help, he smells a victim's bag and head to a building. It is the school where the victim worked at. They spot a kid with a pen. Gunepi shows the ballpen to the others. All the victims had these pens, they had high points in a pen-spinning test. Gunpei tells them to spin pens to lure the foe.
In comes the Go-On Wings. Gunpei gives Hiroto a pen and he spins it greatly. Kega tries spinning a pen and fails. Kita explains this will help a machine he has made for distruction. Kega tells Manhole Banki to just get people who can do it, doesn't matter skill level. Meanwhile, the Go-On Wings are dressed as schoolkids. The others are under disguises as well, in wigs and some are unrecognizable. Gunpherd tells Gunpei and Sakyou that he smells Gaiarc. A manhole appears under Sakyou.
To save Sakyou, Gunpei pulls him out of the way but his ShiftChanger with Gunpherd inside falls inside the manhole. Gunpei jumps in the hole and Manhole Banki rises up and he runs off. Sakyou tells the others. Sakyou remembers the first time they saw Ugats. Gunpei protected Sakyou and fought a Ugat. The three Go-Onger came to save the day. sakyou noticed he was enchanted. Sosuke doesn't remember. Meanwhile at a warehouse...
The victims are tied up spinning pens and Gunpei is punished by a Ugat. Gunpei wonders where Gunpherd is. Kita appaears in an image and pushes them to work faster to activate the machine. Gunpei refuses to do so. He is dropped down and beaten. He spots Gunpherd. Gunpherd distracts a Ugat and the Engine Soul flies out and the Change Soul goes in and Gunpei trasnforms and uses Gunpherd soul to fight with his gun and takes the Ugats down. He frees the people.
The Manhole appears beneath him. Manhole Banki fights him. Bomper alerts the others about Gunpei. Gunpei is down, but not out. He uses his weapon and takes Manhole down. He destroys the device. Black and the Banki go outside. The others arrive and fight flying manholes. He splashes sewer water on them, they fly in the air. The Wings try their finisher and Manhole is defeated by the Super Highway Buster with the Wing finisher. Sakyou arrives as the Banki grows. G-9 is used.
Manhole Bankji is destroyed by G-9's finisher. Sakyou believes Gunpherd is a better partner than he was for Gunpei and asks him to take care of him for him. Miu tells Hiroto that Sakyou is cool. Hiroto says both his partners are cool. The main four get on Gunpei's case that he said he was a former detective but in reality, he was just a cop. He denies it. They spot each time he had said it. He gets behind Sakyou and he apologizes for him. The four punish him, Miu and Sakyou help.

  • We find out in this episode Gunpei was never a detective, just a police officer, if he would have stayed, he may have become one, but if the police were not fighting the Gaiarc, he was not interested.
  • Gunpei claims his nickname as a cop was 'Handsome Detective. '
  • Clips from Episodes 4 and 11.
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