Granddaughter Hanto!?
Airdate: August 24, 2008

CarryGator narrates that a item has landed in the mountain from another dimension but the Bomper doesn't know if it is an Engine or Gaiarc or what. Hanto walks alone in the forest. He talks to Birca, spots something moving in a bush and trips over a branch and hits his head on a tree. He rolls down the hill, loosing his Shift Changer. A Bankijyu walks by.
Meanwhile an old woman with a cart full of stuff stops at a place full of what she calls 'treasure. ' Within the waste, she finds 'live waste' Hanto. The other four gather and find a monster. Both the monster and Sosuke freak out. The monster falls. The four transform and fight her. she changes the direction of their attack. She retreats quickly. They wonder where Hanto is.
Hanto thanks Osen at her house. He notices his Changer is gone. He agrees to help her but realizes he is in a dump. At the Gaiarc palace, Kita is surprised to find out Yogo is gone, he left a letter. Kega is worried because when his 'type' breaks, it breaks forever. Kita sent the monster, the Dousing Banki. She is searching for the super dirty-changing weapon from the Junk World.
Hanto drops a fridge and it sparkles. He closes it up and lifts it. He feels she is using him too much. She says she is happy in the mountain. She drops a picture of her granddaughter, which Hanto looks at. She is now dead. Osen compares him and Hanto. Birca tells the other four what happened. Gunpei found nothing. Renn thinks of using the Wings to search the air. The Go-On Wings land at Osen's home.
Miu spots someone and they go near the 'girl,' it is Hanto. Hiroto backs up. Hanto enters with food for Osen. He tells her to think of him as her granddaughter. He gives her a massage at her request. She does feel like she is back. He asks why she collects scrap. She says if she doesn't, she thinks of the past, she'll feel lonely. Miu and Hiroto watch from outside the window, Miu gets it.
Just then the other 4 butt in. Hanto berates them outside. They tease him. Hanto calls him "Senorita. " He apologizes to them and tells them not to interfere. The Wings nod. the boys then call him cute. Dousing Banki and Kita take the woman and the fridge. Kita laughs, it is his super weapon, it will trash the world. They leave Dousing Banki to take care of the seven, they transform. Green and the Wings go after Kitaneidas and Osen. Dousing beats up the four. The trio reach Kitaneidas.
Hanto yells at Kita to let go Osen. The Gaiarc laugh. Osen is actually a witch professor who created the device, she is from the Junk World. The four charge through Dousing's explosions and dizzy her with constant spinning. They use their Highway Buster with Gunpherd soul against her. His direction doesn't change and takes her down. She grows giant. Kita tells Osen to use the weapon, the Ugats carry it. Hanto tells the Wings to stop. He is still convinced she is good.
Kita attacks them and the Wings take care of him. Gold tells Hanto to take carte of Osen. He fights off Ugats and gets to her. she kicks him down and the Ugats hold him over. Dousing beats up EngineOh but is stopped by Gunpherd. Engine Oh Gunpherd is formed but his bullets are sent back to them. Wings go down but are not out. Hanto mentions Osen's granddaughter, she is about to turn the switch. Engineoh goes down. Hanto shouts to stop, while Kita says 'now. '
Hanto is upset when she turns the switch. Everything glows yellow and the trash becomes flowers, the mountain is covered in flowers. Hanto is let go and falls to the grown. Evening Dousing Banki and the Ugats are full of flowers. The Ugats fall. Kita feels betrayed. Osen says if the switch is turned backwards, it does that. Osen says to get her there, he told her humans were going to invade her world, the Junk World. Kita continues lying. Osen drops down and says what a cool kid Hanto is.
Kita groans at the sight of beauty and retreats. Hanto thanks her and the Wings join them. The others arrive and form G9 and destroy Dousing. Osen and the five reunite. He says he knew she was good, but it was him that changed her. She has no granddaughter but she learned of the sincerity of the Human World. She leaves on her broom-like device to the Junk World. The four tease Hanto again. Hiroto teases Miu that it would be nice to have a little sister like that. She pulls his cheeks.

  • This ending ends with Birca.
  • The Junk World was introduced in Episode 9.
  • Yogostein was mentioned but not seen in this episode.
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