Love Affair
Airdate: August 17, 2008

Bomper is teaching the five about the Arerunbra family. blue says the Wings are searching the location of the Prince. Bear RV worries if the 'Tiger' is okay. Saki notices her and then she blushes so much, she is red. She says 'he's handsome. ' The Go-On Wings are elsewhere searching for the Prince. Yogo is still mournign and the other two Ministers are hot. Kega stumbles upon the Prince's place. She hides it but Kita forces her to dump her oil on it. Prince Nigoru arises and rushes to Kega.
He called Kita dirty. Kega explains that despite being a Bankizoku, he loves clean and beautiful things. The Go-On Wings arrive. He calls his Beautiful (female) Ugats to fight the duo. The other five arrive. The Prince brings out his sword and fights the five easily. Red is beaten. Silver notices red in trouble and goes to his rescue. Kega tells him about his knight being defeated. He sugests fighting together. Kega has no choice.
The two combine and he is huge with her inside. Kita leaves. Engineoh G9 is formed. It flies and avoids the attacks. Grand prix is tried on the combo. He goes down. They create a storm. He targets Jetoras and he flips off. Miu and Bear RV are worried about Jetoras. The combination splits up. The baddies laugh. Bear RV races past Nigoru. Yellow is inside her and wonders why she broke the fusion. She asks Jetoras how he is, he wakes up.
Nigoru sees Bear RV save Jetoras and calls her beautiful. Nigoru says he can't dirty what is beautiful and splits up from Kega and she smacks with the camera, smearing her lipstick. The storm clears. A rainbow forms. All the heroes are un-transformed, except Saki. Later in the bus, the boys clean the dirt off their Engines. Outside, BearRV gets red when Saki says she is in love.
Saki believes she should tell her how she feels. Meanwhile, Miu and Jetoras are at a resturant. Miu apologizes for not fighting together. Saki arrives and has BearRV talk. She says at first she thought he was rude. Miu says how rude. Saki tells her to be quiet. She admits she loves her. Saki shows tickets for a baseball game. Miu grabs her device and says they refuse. Saki runs to her and asks what is up.
Miu says the heart gets in the way. Saki says heart and love gives you power. Miu remembers saving Sosuke and then wipes the memory away. The two girls fight and then flowers arrive. The girls thought it was for them. The Prince is after BearRV. The two girls are not falling for it, except for Bear RV, much to their surprise. The soul chip goes to the Prince and he leaves a storm cloud for the two human girls. Hiroto asks for Miu from the four boys.
They are making a charm to ward away the enemy. Meanwhile, the girl dry their clothes. Miu says BearRV is using a love tactic to make Jetoras jealous, that is why she went with the enemy. Saki is insulted and insults Miu. Miu says if she can't understand her Engine's feelings, then how can she say they are partners. Saki is for saving BearRV and asks for Miu's help. Miu says to ask her friends, Her pals are fixing the Engine Casts and Miu can sense the foe.
Miu leaves in a huff. At the castle, the Beautiful Ugats set a system so he can see BearRV. Miu stops and watches traffic. Jetoras tells her to reconsider, that Saki asking for help reminds him of when he asked her to be his partner. In the Machine World, he told her he needed her. He needed her to fight. In real time, he tells her to go. Hiroto arrived. Miu tosses her jacket to him and tells him she is going to someone who needs her. Saki spots her, they have a happy reunion.
Kega is prepared to smash BearRV's soul chip but is thwarted. The Prince plans to marry BearRV, that she is ebautiful. That Kega had refused her proposal before. He tells her to acknowledge her own beauty. She leaves in a huff. They hear 'Bear RV!" outside. Jetoras is inside her Engine Cast, Nigoru shows up and falls for it. Miu explains the real BearRV is up there. He tosses the cast and Saki captures it and tells the truth to the Prince. Jetoras becomes a chip again.
Saki tells BearRV that she overdid the love strategy. The two girls transform and do the roll call. The other four arrive with their charms. The Beautiful Ugats fight them. Gold saves Red. The girls fight the Prince. He says he could have defeated the Engines before. The two say they have buddies now, they are stronger than ever. They defeat him with Floral Cannonball attack. They fly him away with their finishers.
Miu thanks her for reminding her the reason why she faught. The two girls leave happily. Nigori meets with Kega. She has the fuel. He asks for it. She says he should have stayed asleep. She smashes the vile with her foot and leaves, saying Gaiarc don't need beauty. He dies in a explosion. Jetoras tells BearRV that he wants to be friends. She says she doesn't like weak men and he grossed her out by imitating her. Miu is upset. BearRV says she is surrounded by handsome guys. the five guys run off. Speedor says he supposes Jetoras did like BearRV.

  • The thank you sponsor segment is back to normal. The ending has children doing the end theme.
  • The castle used in this episode is the same castle used in Episode 39 of Gekiranger.
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