Goodbye Mother
Airdate: August 10, 2008

Yogostein is mournign inside the monster machine and Kega tries to get him out to no avail. Kita says if they can't make a monster, they can go find one. Ran is fixing something but is surprise the others want to go on summer break. They call him their mother. They then arrive at a hotel, belonging to Renn's parents.
A lady welcomes Renn back and thanks him for his work as a Go-Onger. She informs him his father is at a meeting and won't be back. He leads the way. Gunpei suspects something. Meanwhile, Kega and Kita look someone for the Arerunbra family. Kega is not for it, but Kita drags her. Bomper bounces around in
the hot springs and gets sick. The others eat and have fun at the beach, except for Renn who walks away. He is sifting through garbage in a cave, where Gunpei addresses him. Renn continues cleaning up. The garbage is sucked up by a statue. Then the evil duo arrive. They realize they are after the statue. The two morph and avoid Kita's attacks. Bomper tells the others. Saki shrieks at the sight of Sosuke nude.
Black and Blue are beat up. Kita gets near the statue and Blue clocks it, not believing it is a Gaiarc. Kita is to movee but is stopped by other three. The Go-On Wings arrive and bring the baddies down. The Go-On Wings are prepared to destroy the statue but Blue protects it. He shouts, 'No!' Blue grabs the statue and runs past them. The others try to stop Blue but he runs off with the statue.
The Gaiarc leave. The six take off their helmets, Red asks Hiroto what the statue is. He explains he is of the Arerunbra family, before the Gaiarc rebellion. The other Engines listen in to Bowhale. They caused a riot but then disappeared. Being in a clean environment like the Earth, it turned him to stone. Hiroto wonders why Renn took the statue. Miu finds it strange as well.
They all split up to find Renn, leaving Gunpei alone. Hiro even looks for Go-On Blue in the forest. The servant lady wonders where Renn and his friends are, she finds Gunpei, who interogates her. In a secret hiding place, Renn apologizes. He makes food for the statue. He sucks it in. Bus-On tells Renn he thinks it is a Gaiarc too but Renn won't hear it. Hiroto finds him. Hiroto walks forward.
Gunpei arrives and punches him down. Hiroto states the seriouness of the situation, Gunpei stresses that it is important to Renn. Gunepi says he heard the story, that Renn's mother was very fragile. She coughed but Renn tried cheering her up. He taught himself to make omelettes, which she love. He took the omelette to a statue, saying he coudn't let her eat it. The statue sucked it up.
He prayed to it for his mother to get better. He did so until she passed away. Gunpei stresses what would happen to Renn's heart. Hiroto punches Gunpei down, saying soldiers don't do things cause they want to. Gunpei then says he is not a soldier then. He stands up slowly, sayes he risks his life to fight for justice, that's why he is a Go-Onger. Hiroto and Gunpei fight. Renn can't stand it. He tries to pry them apart.
The ministers arrive. Kega turns the statue to its true form, a Pollution Knight and he stands before them. Hiroto transforms and fights the knight. Gunpei joins in and takes Go-On Gold out of the fight and the Knight beats them up. Renn tries to stop the knight but he brings him down. Uzumaquixote is about to finish him off but stops. One half of his face crackles and he then backs up and crackles all around. Renn is touched. Bus-On says that there is a clean spot in his dirty body.
Uzumaquixote leaves. Renn gets up. The others run through the forest, Miu leading them. They bump into Uzumaquixote. He plums right through them and beats them up. Renn arrives. The four try an attack and he sucks it in and sends a whirlwind, blowing them away. the ministers tease them. Black and Gold arrive, they fight, Renn stops them. Renn transforms.
Renn says what he wants to do is be a mother and makes Black and Gold make up. They triple team Uzumaquixote. Renn thinks back to his mother dying and he broke the statue, the crack. The three weapons do their finishers into the crack. The knight is defeated. Renn lowers his head, the others come to him. The ministers go to Uzumaquixote, he tells Kega where the prince is. She isn't so thrilled. Kita gives him the fuel to become huge. The three robos fight against the knight.
He tries taking their power. He slashes the two robos and they go down. Engineoh is alone, Renn goes out and shoots his gun at the two. It has a special power, Supply Soul Set, that he developed. Renn tells the two to listen to him. All energy is gathered to Triptor and her blades are used by the other two robos to finish off the monster. Later, the gang say goodbye to the hotel crew. Renn says it was a good summer break, he had fun playing with his family. The siblings leave. Renn addresses his mother, he enjoys making memories with his current family.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie.
  • The special soul chip is introduced.
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