First Smile
Airdate: August 03, 2008

The five pray at a shrine in a forest. This is no ordinary forest, it has trees that are over a thousand years old. They enter the Gunjiro and Saki believes the forest looks familar. BearRV narrates. In the palace, Kega believes Yogo needs cheering up. As Yogo stares at Hirmamechimedes' weapon, wondering why he died. Kita recommends moving on, Yogo just wants to be left alone. Flames enters the palace and starts circling them. The spirit of Hira appears and the other two coward in fear.
After the opening sequence, the engine of Gunjiro won't start and has no gas, so the five are stuck. Saki wants a wa lk through the forest and spots a smile behind a tree, that she only saw. Gunpei finds nothing. He believes it was a ghost but Saki runs in. She thought he was lost but then she ends up lost, even though she feels like she's been there before. A monster attacks her and she transforms. Bearrv informs her that it is not a BankiJyu. The boy watches. None of her weapons work. He slashes her away out of the park.
The Go-Phones are unable to communicate, so the boys leave Renn to repair the bus. A eye follows Sosuke. He hits it and then a horde of eyes appear. Hira's ghost sees this. Green and Black are lost in a fog and green spots a woman. The woman turns. She is a ghost that says 'hate,' just like Hira did. Renn enters the bus and tells Bomper it is not broken. Crows pass by, scaring them both and then a giant cat appears. Renn runs into the forest. Hira becomes whole, now called Urameshimedes.
In the palace, Yogo is touched by the fact his ghost is back to enact his revenge. Saki wakes up to dew from a leaf in a cave. The boy saved her and has a campfire. The boy says he lives nearby. He walks off and hides, scared of the monster. Saki reassures him that she will defeat the monster. She tells him to smile. He does, but then she doesn't. The four scared boys reunite. Renn frantically puts Buson's soul chip in his phone and Buson and Speedor worry about Saki.
Gunpei says they must find her and get out of there. Saki and the boy walk hand in and hand. She says as a child, she came camping with her parents in the forest and got lost. She met a boy that looked like him. She was crying and he cheered her up by making funny faces. He is the originator of her smile motif. They repeated over and over again. She was then found by her mother and looked for the boy but he was gone. In real time, she beleives he is an adult now. She says she will help him now. The monster appears.
The boys walk in the forest and spot the backs of the Wings but they are faceless. They are spooked, run off and bump into the real Wings. The boys are so thrilled to find out they are real. They freak out again as they see a horde of female ghosts. All six run. Yellow and the boy run from the monster's attacks. The boy trips. The Seven reunite. Hira's ghost appears. He says he went to the Ghost World and was helped by the dead to spook them. His soul wandered many worlds and found the monster, Bakki in the Samuari World.
Bakki is a youma (evil demon) that destroys forests. He gladly came when he heard of all the forests the Human World provided for him to destroy. Hira leaves and Sousuke tells Saki to take the boy to safety. The six transform. Bakki brings them down. Bakki runs off and they follow but the Ugats surrounds them. Saki and the boy run from the monster but the boy goes down. Saki feels hopeless, the boy tells her to smile and that is when she realizes he is the same boy from her childhood.
He says he is always there. Apparently, he is the spirit of the tree or the forest. Bakki arrives. The boy hides and Saki transforms, with the strength of her smile, she avoids the hits. She fights him beautifully, and knocks his sword in the air. He tries choking her but she lets free and blasts him down. She calls for the racing bullet but with the boys' help, they defeat Bakki. She takes off her helmet and the boy returns into the tree, much to saki's protest. Hira posssess Bakki and makes him bigger.
He appears on his chest. G-9 is formed and the darkness covers the sky. fire spirits are gathered. Bakki performs a Hira like attack. Yellow asks Bomper to transport kitchen salt which he does and she beleives it will purify the evil spirit. She puts salt on their Blaster Chips and perform a specil 'heaven' Grand Prix. Hira's spirit ascends and explodes and so does Bakki. The ministers mourn Hira as Yogo pours liquour on his sword. Saki looks up at the tree and thanks the boy. she could never smile before she met him. A single leaf falls.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie.
  • So there is an origin to why Saki always stretches people's cheeks and says 'Smile Smile. '
  • Bakki coming from the Samurai World, the same world that is highlighted in the movie is a way to introduce it to the shows' continuity.
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