Reckless Flash
Airdate: July 27, 2008

The Ministers believe Hira doesn't want to face them after another failure, Yogo wants him back. Hira is alone in the forest and blows up a small part, wanting revenge on our heroes. Meanwhile, Hiroto is shopping and surprised to find Sosuke. Sosuke wears Hitoro's "brand. " Sosuke wants to learn what makes hs new comrades tick. Sosuke is shocked by the bill. In the Ginjiro Number One, the others are eating watermelon. Gunpei is concerned about Red and Gold's tempers.
At a resturant, Sosuke is happy that Hiroto is treating. Red tries to show he is smart too but attempted to read Gold's philosophy book that is in English. A spoon drops and Gold gets a omnious feeling and he runs off and Red then gets a call from Bomper. The others run off from Ginjiro as well. After the opening sequence, Hira is attacking people when seven reunite. Gold and Red argue over who will fight Hira and Red goes down. Hira attacks the six and Gold avoids it and slashes Hira down.
Hira does his finisher on Hira and he retreats. The ministers were watching. The other two make fun of Hira and Yogo gets upset and leaves in a huff. They go after him. Back at the bus, the four return, while Red is still tagging along with Hiroto. They admire Gold's fighting style. Renn mentions how Hir has been no match for Hiroto. Hira struggles to wake and collapses near a rock. He remembers the night the Gaiarc were going to start their take over of the Machine World.
The Ministers rallied the Ugats. Hira felt unrecognized, funny enough since he is so different looking than the Ugats. Hira eve thought about killing Yogo and taking his position. Just then Yogo pointed a weapon at Hira. He appointed him vice-minister. Hira was touched. The weapon was made for him and he gave it him, Yogo said he wanted his intellegence. Hirta bowed to Yogo and he says now he must repay Yogo for such a honor. In real time, Hira sits in the lotus mediate position.
He closes his ideas and calculates, looking back at his mistakes, trying to figure out where he messed up. And he comes up with his last ping. Meanwhile, Hiroto is hitting his punching bag to hone his senses and Sosuke wants to try it. Speedor berates Triptor for making fun of Sosuke. Sosuke doesn't anticipate the rebound of the bag and falls in the pool. Hiroto anticipates his opponent's movement, he stresses this. Triptor mentions Hiroto giving advice is rare.
A overpowering blackout occurs in the palace, caused by Hira pumping himself with Bikkurium energy able to power 100 Bankis and it shocks the ministers. Hira explains he wants to fight with brawn, as he has fought with brains and it has failed. Yogo warns him it is powerful addictive drug. Hira tells him wants to restore honor to the Earth branch and becomes the new form. Meanwhile, Miu gathers Red's clothes as he hairdries his hair. Miu stresses to Red that Gold wants to fight Hira on his own.
The seven gather at a quarry, feeling energy of 100 babki and nothing. Until the pumped up huge Deteramedes appears. He strikes them and they transform trhrough the smoke. He beats Seikouh in flying. Deteramedes is too random in his attacks that Gold can't read him. Deteramedes pops out of the ground beating up EngineOh G6. Deteramedes spouts incorrect number calculations. EngineOh G9 is then form.
Deta becomes a big head with a snake neck and swallows G9. They are hit and down. The ministers are shocked. Kega and Kita fret/realize they were too hard on Hira. They look at Yogo, who is thinking about Hira. Deta jumps up and down on G9. Even Bowhale is overwhelmed. Red turns G9 and makes Deta falls down. Red foes forward and avoids attacks and grabs hold on Deta and tries the finisher, whcih shocks everyone. Gold is against it. Red does it and Silver encourages Gold to do as well.
As a result, they all split up. All of them end up on the ground. Gold stands up and the two circle each other. They go up at each other together and Gold ends up going down twice. Red stops a hit for Gold. Red fights the crazy dude. It ends up that not looking ahead is needed and is Red's advantage. Gold tells Red not to copy him and uses his weapon, surfing on his own weapon and destroys Deta. The five celebrate. Wings continue dissing the five. Yogo picks up Hira's weapon.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie.
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