Final Request
Airdate: July 20, 2008

This episode picks up where the last episode did, Hiramechimedes is stabbed in the stomach by Yogostein. The other ministers thinks it is a bit too far. Hira leaves before Yogo can do more damage. Yogo calls for Boseki Banki to kill him. Bomper is fixing the Engine Casts in the sibling's mansion, invited by Bowhale, which Hiroto is not so happy about. A flower falls and they jump to action. They find Hira fighting off Ugats. The five others arrive to watch. Hira tries performing an
attack but Boseki stops him with her attack, wrapping cloth around him to bind him. He is insulted but Boseki says that he has been banished. Hira tries avoiding attacks from the Ugats. The five say they won't ignore him because Hira is wounded. The five start fighting the Ugats and transform. Boseki picks Hira up and threatens him with her sword. He moans that he has been abandoned and the Wings scoff. Boseki slashes him and drops him down the cliff. She teleports away.
The five take off their helmets. The Wings leave. After the opening, Sasuke detects green oil. They follow it inside a cave. They find a mopey Hira. Gunpei wants to see the wound and he threatens them but he falls. Bomper checks his damage. Hira says he doesn't have long to live, he has one last wish. Sosuke has compassion for a fellow warrior. Back at the mansion, Hiroto finds it funny that the others are plunging into the bad guys' troubles. Sosuke arrives, saying Hira is not acting.
Sosuke says Hira's last wish is to race Hiroto. Hiroto finds it nonesense. Sosuke says they didn't believe it either. The race's goal is the main base of the Gaiarc. Sosuke hands Hiroto a map. Miu asks her brother what they will do. Sosuke returns to the bus where Hira is in their sick bed. Sosuke kneels to Hira, apologizing that he failed in convinicing him. Outside, Gunpei says even though he made them suffer, he can't help but pity him. They then see Hiroto approaching.
Saki runs to Sosuke to tell him. Later, Sosuke and Saki hold the wounded Hira up. Hiroto transforms and makes Triptor her true size. Hira then calls his Bandouma Special. A portal opens and it comes out. Gaiarc readies the two. They jump into their ships. The five cheer them on. Triptor and Gold arrive to the palace. Gold comes out and stands on the island. It is actually an illusion casted by Hira and Boseki. Hira's wounds heal, explaining he has an advanced repair system. That Bomper couldn't detect it.
Boseki is sent after Gold, who wraps him up. Ugats slash at him. He calls his weapon and defeats all the Ugats. He then fights Hira. Boseki becomes huge. Silver and the Wings Race arrives. Gold said he knew it was a trap. SeikuOh is formed. The sky becomes dark and lighting strikes the poor robot, having them fall. They are wrap in thread. Hira explains the Wings couldn't predict this because it is the nature of the position of the island. Yogo is impressed.
The other ministers are impressed. Boseki is about to strike at them, when the other two robots arise from the ocean. They are still cheering for Hira, with banners. They then notice Boseki and fight her, thinking she is there to kill Hira. She is striken by lightning. They then notice SeikuOh down and free them. Hira tells Boseki to attack them and this shocks the five dummies. Gold berates them. The robots swam to the island. Silver explains it was all a trap. Boseki sends her finisher and it brings the two robots down.
Hira laughs. Red is understandbly mad. EngineOh pounds the ground. The two robots get up. Bowhale make Gold realize that even though the five are reckless, they saved them. Hira gets into his ship. The two fall again. The Wings start to see how important the five are. Bowhale asks about borrowing their power, Silver is not so sure. The gang gets shocked and wrapped by the enemy but SeikuOh saves them. They suggest becoming one. EngineOh G9 is formed.
They all enter the cockpit and Hira is shocked. G9 flies and the Handle Blasters and Wing Blasters are used to perform a finisher on both Hira and his minion. She is destroyed and Hira curses them from the scraps of his ship. Miu asks Bowhale why he didn't tell them about G9 before. He says he was waiting for them to acknowledge the power of the Go-Onger. Bomper was the one to fix it as well. Sosuke, Gunpei and Renn are insulted by being called simple but it is a compliment to Bowhale. CarriGator narrates that he wonders what will happen to Hira.

  • Will Boseki Banki be the only female Banki we will see?
  • They think 9 is a lot??! Wait until they see 12!
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