Childish Guys
Airdate: July 13, 2008

EngineOh and GunBiroh combat Seikouh, which flies off into the sky. The two robots crash into each other. Jum-bowhale says that is it for today's training. Speedor narrates. Gold thinks it is a waste to train them. Back with the Gaiarc, Hira can't believe he has failed. Kega suggests polluting the air, Kita says that is his place. He brings out his newest Banki: the tiger of baloons, Fuusen Banki, who has a pig face.
Bowhale serves the gang a feast of food in front of their bus. Hiroto questions his trainer. He is optimistic about the five. Children are given baloons and a guard tells the giver he shouldn't have buisness there. The monster pumps the guard full of air and leads him flying away. He then explodes the balloons, releasing black smoke, making all the people cough. The dust leads to the food and Bomper and the Wings are alerted.
The five run into the bus and arrive transformed to the site and it is dark. They go to help the coughing people and spot the balloon guard. The monster alerts them and they shoot at him. The baloons reflect back at them. Red fights him but it is no use. He blows smoke at him and flies upward. He then throws baloon bombs at them. The Go-On Wings then arrive. They fly and bust him, he flies off and the smoke clears and it is day again. The guard deflates and the Wings help him down.
With the Gaiarc, Kega rubs it in at the monster's failure, but Hira has a plan. In the bus, Gunpei is dissapointed he didn't get meat, Sousuke is more concerned about Wings taking away the glory. Bowhale appears on his Go-Phone. He offers them a lecture. Hanto wonders if he can fly if taught, Bowhale lets him down, but encourages him he will be a better fighter. Sosuke is not for taking a class. At the mansion, Miu has made yet another flower arrangment.
Hiroto is looking for Bowhale's Engine Soul. Miu thinks he went to the Go-onger, Hiroto wonders what he is so interested in them. In class, everyone is sleeping but Renn. Speedor, Bus-On, and BearRV tells Bowhale it is no use. Bowhale wonders why. Back with the Gaiarc, Kita can't wait to see what he is up to and Hira promises no mistakes. Yogo is especially mad, he tells him if he fails this time, he will disown him. The five are awake and Bowhale says he made Bomper. Everyone is surprised.
Bomper says he was with the Engines already when he came online. Bowhale said with the experience of the Wings, he decided the human partners to the Engines would need help. Bomper detects Gaiarc. The five run to the stadium and find nothing. Bomper is alone and tageted by the monster, made big and floats away. The quintent transform and do their roll-call and then fight. Their attacks are deflected, they are brought down and they do a group attack. They then form the Super highway Buster.
Bowhale defeats the monster and it is made giant. EngineOh and GunBiroh are formed. He floats away and the two crash again. Hira arrives at the scene. Bomper screams for help as bombs head to him. EngineOh runs to him. The Wings watch as EngineOh falls. Bowhale talks to them, telling them the Go-Onger are good. Hira attacks the two. The siblings transform. Ugats are sent against them. EngineOh grabs Bomper. The Monster splits the six Engines up. Hita tells the Wings they are next.
Gold says he will fight Hira himself, they end up on the second floor of the stadium and then on the cement once again. Hiroto looses his weapon and Silver helps him land and he makes his combo weapon and they perform their finisher on Hira. He falls through a wall. Seikouh is formed. The five hold on to their baloon friend as the monster gets closer but Seikoh saves the day. The five Wing team do their roll-call. They fly up. They defeat his baloon bombs and destroy him.
Bomper is back to normal and thanks the five. Bowhale is with them in the Go-Phone. Bowhale approves, the duo watch from afar. They don't understand Bowhale. Back at the palace, Hira kneels for forgiveness. Yogostein kicks him away and he crashes onto a beam and falls down. Hiramechimedes pleads for forgiveness. Yogostein is unmoving. Hiramechimedes screams into the night.
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