Sibling Battle!?
Airdate: July 06, 2008

Nokogri Banki has been reborn as Chainsaw Banki. Meanwhile, Miu is shopping for clothes for her brother while Jum-bowhale is narrating. Hiroto is meeting with a Caucasian woman. He gets a call from his Instructor, Jum-bowhale. The woman demands to be listened to and trips on Hiroto and Saki who was passing by, sees them in a supposedly comprimising position.
Saki of course runs to her crew to tell them of what she think she saw. Bomper comes rushing in, with an Gaiarc alert. Chainsaw creates smoke and dust with all he has cut. The five run in. Everyone trips on themselves. The Wings arrive and Gold tracks the monster down with his Trigger. SIlver puts in Jetoras to smack the monster down and clear the smoke. The seven meet and the five accuse Gold of beig a 'playboy. '
Silver is shocked to hear this. The monster attacks them. Blue takes out his notepad and notices it is Nogori. Hira tells him to retreat, which surprises the other Ministers. Silver demands to know their source on her brother. Chainsaw attacks them and the six un-transform and Hiroto leaves Miu with them. Gunpei says he saw Hiroto with an Indian woman, Renn says he saw him with a girl in a china dress, and Miu refuses to believe it.
Miu runs off, disenchanted by her brother, who she thought was a righteous loyal man. Miu arrives home to find Hiroto fending away five women. He then escapes them. Hiroto wraps them around poles and a fence with ropes. He tells them not to approach him again and leaves. Miu unties them and they are surprised to hear that she is his sister. The blonde woman says it is her fault, saying he would be a big hollywood star by now.
One girl says he would be a Kung Fu champion, the Indian woman says 'curry king,' the African woman says 'soccer player,' and the Chinese woman says he would be good at Kendo. They all say this while leaving. The blonde says they are scouting him for his signature. Miu is happy he is not a playboy. The blonde says he gave up fame to be a hero with Miu. She leaves in a huff, saying Miu ruined his future. It becomes night and Hiroto enters the empty house.
He turns on the lights and puts the Trigger in the charger. She is still outside, by the sea, thinking outloud. Just then, she gets a call but doesn't answer it. She leaves it the Trigger blinking. She screams out saying she can be alright fighting without him. Hiroto is boxing shirtless and is called by Jum-Bowhale, saying that he tried calling Miu. Saying she is upset and might go 'boom. ' The Ugats and ChainSaw are making sawdust in a warehouse to create an explosion. The five run in.
Silver jumps in, surprising them. she tells them to shut up and watch, she fights the ugats. The five join in the battle. Chainsaw starts cutting wood, creating sawdust. Silver goes to him and is lost in the fog. Chainsaw eggs her on. She puts on her tracker on the Trigger. Gold talks to her, she tells him to stay away and he thinks he is sulking. She says giving up everything for her is nonesense, she readies her dagger.
He is oblivious. He bumps into wood and finds sawdust. He thinks about what the whale said, about 'boom. ' Silver threatens to shoot. The monster eggs her on. Silver continues shouting at her brother. She pulls the trigger, Gold knocks the gun out of her hand and an explosion occurs. The ministers are thrilled. Hira knocks his head on the bar in their hideout. Jum-Bowhale takes off from the port.
Everyone is un-transformed. Miu apologizes to Hiroto, saying she didn't want to get in his way. He says he became a hero because it is what he wanted the most. He thinks to himself, saying there is only one thing he seeks. She says, "I didn't know you were intothat. I will support you. " He says she got it wrong again. She says she will keep a secret from the others. Jum-bowhale arrives. The five do the Superman 'is it a bird/plane' thing and no it's Jum-bowhale!
He sprays water from his blowhole on the fire. Miu explains to the others that he was their teacher, Triptor confirms them--calling him "Uncle. " Jetoras is not happy with that reference. Hira arrives on his plane with a horde of jets. Bowhale makes scrap of them. Chainsaw finds the Wings. The Wings transform and do their roll-call. they avoid the monster's attacks and slash him. They finish him off with fire and ice. The five are surprised to see it over.
Bowhale converts to jet mode and finishes the horde. Chainsaw becomes big. Hira retreats. The two Wing Engines are made big and their own robot, Seiku-Oh is formed for the first time. Silver says Gold could be more 'passionate. ' Seiku-Oh touches down and fights the Banki. They go up once again and Silver tells her brother to go wild on him. They destroy him once and for all, not before him reciting a lyric from a song about night fog. The ministers are upset.
Sousuke puts Speedor on his Go-phone, he says Jum-bowhale might listen to them. At the mansion, the two siblings, Bowhale and Jetoras celebrate the reunion of the Wing team. Jetoras flatters his sempai. Miu reveals what she thought Hiroto is---a Gattai Maniac. He almost chokes. Triptor and Miu find it cute. Miu says she will let him start off all the Gattais from now on. He could care less, it kind of humors him.

  • For some reason, the Wing Race Engines had champange glasses as well.
  • The clear alluding is that Miu may have thought Hiroto was gay, but of course that was not the case. I think it is a cute mislead.
  • Regardless if the women were recruiters, that is no way to treat them---tying them up.
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