Gunpei's True Intentions
Airdate: June 22, 2008

The quintet are awaiting for the Wings in a netrual location but they are late. They were sent a note. They were to be asked by Gunpei but Wings arrive. The Wings think it was them, they show them a similar note. They then suspect a Gaiarc trap. Gunpei reveals he was the one to send the letters. He says they must win against Gaiarc and wants to work together. The Wings leave abruptly. Gunpei tries to implore them but is thrown to the ground and then says he won't give up.
Meanwhile, Nokogiri Banki is created. The other two ministers aren't so sure about Yoko anymore. Gunpei is writing a letter to Hiroto by himself and Hanto is watching. Hanto and the gang look over a cell phone poll website by girls for their best hero. Go-on Black is the lowest ranking and Hanto wants to make him number one! Bomper alerts them of Gaiarc. The monster cuts tall things to fall on people. Red takes him down and fights one-on-one. The others arrive and so does the Wings.
The siblings transform and do their roll-call. The monster gets up and threatens them with a crumbling building. The Wings fight the monsters as they ordered the five to take care of the people. Hanto tells Gunpei to stay. His involvement surprises the duo. Black is beat up and the Wings take care of it. But Black interferes again and hits Gold accidently. Black takes a hit from the monster. Meanwhile, the four get to the people in the building but it is crumbling. The Banki tells them to wait as he cranks his arm blade.
The duo try shooting him but everything shakes. The building collapses and the Banki disappears under the smoke. The smoke clears and the four Go-Onger are safetly on the ground with a few civilians. The duo blames Black for the loss. Later, Gunpei sits by himself near the bus. Inside, the four add bandages to themselves. Hanto looks at the site again and he is number one. While Go-On Wings have lowered along with Black. Gunpei enters and apologizes to them all.
Gunpei is sure to defeat the monster and leaves. Later, Gunpei has devised a device in the forest to avoid saws by dodging them. A saw comes from under the ground and he falls. He remembers what the Wings said about him not being a pro. He screams. Hanto watches and comes up with an idea. He comes out dressed as a clown on high stilts. He calls out the Banki. Gunpei becomes aware of this. Children crowd Hanto. The Banki does indeed appear and the children run.
The siblings become aware of this with their powers. Hanto avoids the monster and fights his successfully until he grabs his foot. Black comes to the rescue. The original three arrive. Hanto tells them to let Black fight on his own. Banki slices off the stilts from under Hanto. The monster retreats. Gunpei is upset at Hanto. Hanto figured out the monster slices down anything taller than him, so he worked as bait. Gunpei berates them for acting in such a manner.
Sosuke tells him that he has the wrong idea, they are neither pros or amateurs, they are Go-Ongers! In usual Gunpei manner, he storms off. The siblings are there and Hiroto says their quarelling hasn't nothing to do with them, so they leave. Gunpei talks to Gunpherd in the saw area. Gunpherd admits Hanto is braver than he thought. Gunpei admits Hanto is the first guy he has met that he is like him. Gunpherd restates what Sosuke said and adds that he chose himself to be a Go-Onger.
Gunpherd ends the transmission. Gunpei sits on the floor and remembers when he asked to be a Go-Onger. He comes up with an idea. Meanwhile, Yogo tells his Banki to go to his new target. Hira thinks of a new power source, after a comment from the other Ministers. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green arrive to the attack site and are beaten down. Black arrives and heads for the mosnter. He successfully avoids the attacks. They fight and Black falls to the ground. He gets up and says you just got to plunge in. Gunpherd says 'plunging' was just an example.
Go-On Wings watch. Black finds the monster's weak point and the others come rushing in. The building starts crumbling down. Yellow and Black hold the building as Red and Blue save the children. Green and the Wings fight the monster. Green smashes his arm off. The Wings finish the Banki off. The building top falls but the children are safe. The monster grows big and G6 is formed. The WIngs call for their Engines. They circle around the monster and G6 destroys the foe.
Back with the Hellgaille Palace, Yogo is sad and on the ground at his Banki's failure. The other two are drinking and Kega criticizes the Banki's predictable pattern. Kita suggests attacking by air. Hira pops up behind the bar as a bartender, saying he'll do it. Back at the bus, Renn tends to Gunpei's wounds. The others are happy with gunpei being number 1, including him. They say the reaction doesn't suit him. Gunpei tries to be the tough guy but falls from a chair, making everyone laugh.
Meanwhile with the Gaiarc, the scraps of Nokogiri are being reassmbeled inside the monster machine as part of Hiramechimedes' plan. The Suto mansion, Miu is wonders if the Go-Onger have made up but her brother has a bad felling. She says not to worry about it. She leaves him to get tea. Hiroto then hears a voice say'whale. whale. ' He picks up his Wing Trigger. A new Engine is the source of 'whale whale,' he has found a new home at an airport.

  • Birca narrates this episode.
  • Episode 20 premiered July 6th, two weeks later.
  • I thought Jum-boWhale would come later in the series. At this rate, we will end up like Gekiranger, that the mecha became old news by the episode 40, except of course the Rin Beasts.
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