Commoner Hero

Commoner Hero
Airdate: June 15, 2008

Jetoras narrates. Miu is fixing another flower arrangement. she wonders why the go-onger are so pathetic. Her brother asks to go on a walk but she is gone. Minewhile with the Gaiarc, Kita wants to target the Go-On Wings and perpares his new Vacuum Banki. The five are going back to the bus with groceries and Sosuke is upset tat those 'jerks. ' Hanto thinks they were right. Bomper shouts but it is not a Gaiarc attack---it's Mio! She criticizes their decorum or lack thereof on Saki.
She says until everything is tidy, they will remain pathetic. Gold is jugging and Vacuum tries to suck him in but he quickly knocks him with a street sign. He continues jogging. Mio has taken the five to a fine expensive meal. Jetoras and Buson argue about what meal is best. Renn reitrates that they are doing their best, but the other three aren't exactly showing that off. Hiroto is boxing and Vacuum thinks he is catching him off guard but he isn't. He transforms.
At the Boutique, Miu pays with a gold card and the six discuss materialism and good heart. Sousuke and Miu have a tiff over who is better. She has Miu pick out any dress she wants. She grabs Sousuke and takes him off to buy Western clothes. Hanto runs off to work. Gunpei and Renn try to escape but Saki has them carry her stuff. Meanwhile, Gold has beaten Vaccum and he retreats. Saki, Gunpei, and Renn arrive and want to chase after the Banki but Gold reassures them he is an idiot.
Miu helping them is news to him. He calls it her 'bad habit': not being able to resist a stray dog. Back with the Gaiarc, Kita suggests Vacuum go after Silver, since Gold is hard to capture. Hiroto and the other three talk by a tree. Gunpei has had his fill of their insults. Hiroto then gets an omnious feeling and makes sure of her location and runs off. The three are confused. Meanwhile, Sosuke and Miku are walking. Sosuke makes it clear he is not her Ani. He leaves her. She walks the opposite way and is chased by Vacuum.
He looses her. She confronts him and is about to transform... when he gets on his knees to apologize, which catches her offguard and he captures her. She screams and Sousuke runs to the source. Vaccum tells him to meet him at a mountain. Vacuum teleports away. Hiroto catches the end and insults Sosuke. He says it is a problem between siblings and transforms and flies off. Sousuke blames himself. Miu is tied up and surrounded by Ugats. Gold arrives and is told not to move.
Because then his sister will die and to surrender his henshin item. She apologizes to him telepathically. He de-transforms. He knows even if he gives in his trigger, she won't be freed. She wants him to continue fighting. They stare into each other's eyes. Sosuke arrives running and offers his henshin items. Vacuum drops down and sucks them in. Sosuke offers to take her place but Vacuum beats him up. Sousuke gets up and tackles Vacuum. Hiroto then transforms.
He fights the Ugats and frees Miu. Vacuum takes Sosuke down. He gets up and is prepared to get his items back. He grabs a rock and races towards him. He smacks vacuum and gets his vacuum bag and returns Miu her henshin items. They transform together and attack at the same time with their weapons. Gold joins in the battle. The Wings do their finisher along with Sousuke. Vacuum becomes giant. GunBirOh attacks him. Gunpei explains about Bomper telling them of the attack.
Bus-On and BearRV arrive. Blue puts Speedor's cast on his buckle and it teleports to Red's buckle and Engine-Oh is formed. Vacuum sucks their sword and the attacks of Gunpherd in. The two robots are sucked in and taken out and in again. Gold teleports their cast case through his trigger and they make their partners big. They attack Vacuum and free the two robots. Gold suggests making a combo and they form Engine-Oh Jetoriptor. Vacuum returns the Gunpherd attack but Triptor blows it back.
He is destroyed. The seven meet back at the bus. Miu still thinks thye are failures. Hiroto thinks they have ways to go. Sosuke says he won't loose to the likes of Hiroto. Hiroto and Miu set to leave. Saki is upset because she left behind the dress she wanted. She grabs Sosuke and runs off. Hanto climbs on Renn. They run past the duo. Miu tells her brother they are passionate. Hiroto is amused she hasn't changed. Jetoras says there is more to come, but as always, that is another story.

  • From this episode, Bear RV is featured in the ending song.
  • It seems the sibling's psychic link don't permit them to read their thoughts directly.