Wings of Justice

Wings of Justice
Airdate: June 08, 2008

In the Sutou estate, Triptor comments that Speedor and the others are stronger than they were before because of their partners. Gold is sure to show the Go-Onger the difference between them soon enough, that the Go-Onger are nothing compare to them. Sosuke is pulled to the end of the food line at the parked bus. Meanwhile, the new guy blames the Bankijyuken and yogo brings in a new guy HappaBanki, of explosives. He plans to make more pollution. Sosuke is mad that there is no more food left.
Bomper alerts them of an attack they respond to and get exploded on. they all roll on the floor. Two dynamites are captured by the two siblings. They throw the dynamites back at the Banki and the Ugats, resulting in the Ugats are destroyed. They pull out Change Souls of their own. And insert them into their Wing Triggers and become Go-On Silver and Go-On Gold, or rather Go-On Wings. Ugats are summonded once again and the duo quickly defeat them. Gold faces the monster.
And the two surround him. They send an explosion back at him. The Banki retreats. Red takes off his helmet and ask them if they are Go-Ongers as well. He clarifies they are Go-On Wings: Hiroto and Mio. Sosuke doesn't like being antagonized. Triptor and Jetoras arrive, Renn connects the dots. Hiroto tells Sosuke if they continuing fighting the way they do, they won't suceed. Mio tells him to be careful. They jump in their Engines and fly away, leaving Sousuke angry.
Back at the bus, Gunpei is doing push-ups. He admits they have something they don't. Speedor and Sosuke agree both Wings are a pain. Renn saki says Silver can be the type of girl she might not like. Hiki comes up with an idea and goes with Yogo privately with the Banki in the tank. Back at the estate, Miu fixes another rose arrangement. A rose petal falls and both feel a sensation of an evil will. Sosuke eats his meal that he snatched from Saki, but unfortunately Miu drops her rose petals on it. Hiroto believes the Gaiarc will act soon and the five should butt out.
Renn demands to know how they became Go-Onger. Hiroto has Triptor explain. Before the ministers arrived to the human world, she and Jetoras were following Hiramekimedes in the human world. Mio and Hiroto were jogging on the beach and heard their psychic pleas for help. They entered a cave to find the split Engine casts and souls. They took them back to the Engine World for harsh training to become Go-On Wings. Bomper alerts them to an attack. Hiroto urges them not to go. The five are determined to go but the wings have already started walking off.
The five transform. Ugats are chasing people in the forest. The five arrive to the rescue. Explosions occur and they hear Happa Banki. The five leave to meet Yogo, Hira, and Happa. They do a roll-call. The five form their blaster and is bested by a combined attack before they can shoot. They are tied up in chains by Hira. The duo transform from the mansion. They insert the souls in their engine casts and jump in.
They arrive to the scene and the wing race attacks the baddies. The duo jump out and introduce themselves. Ugats and summoned and they fight them with the Rocket Daggers. Hira offers to fight them and his attacks fails. He tells Yogo he can't. Happa goes after the duo, while Hira and Yogo retreat. The duo fly up in the air and perform an attack. They fly back him and slash him and then finish him off. They set their souls in and form the Wing Boosters. The Engines defeat him.
The chains get off the five. Happa tries becoming big but he can't. Gold reveals he took out his fuel (Bikkurium Energy) that makes him grow. Happa is destroyed once and for all. The civilians come and thank the Go-Onger but they feel bad because they weren't responsible. Gold makes them feel bad. Silver rubs it in by saying they know how helpless they are. Sosuke takes off his helmet angrily. The duo just smiles at him and they leave in their Engines. Sousuke shouts at them angrily.

  • Finally a female and male duo!
  • This episode has a different tone.