Honor Recovery
Airdate: June 01, 2008

Buson narrates, the Engines and the Go-Onger talk about the new mysterious Engines. Bomper says he has not heard anything about new members arriving. Carrigator chimes in that they are of the Wing Race and they are rare to their World. It is the first time they have seen them. Back at the Gaiarc, Yogostein mourns the death of Hiramechimedes. The other ministers rub it in his face. Justly, Hira arrives. He mentions the Wing Race, it seems the other ministers are unaware of their existence.
After the three Ministers left the machine world, the two wing race engines chased after him and then they entered a portal. Kega thinks she can do better and introudces Oil Banki to be sent. Elsewhere, Saki asks Sousuke if he will be okay letting others doing all the hero work. Oil Banki is already big. EngineOh G6 arrives. Oil is dripped under them and it is slippery. The Banki beats them up. They are then slipt into six engines again. Their wheels are victim to the oil. Of course, the new wing Engines arrive.
They tease them. Saki gets mad. Triptors calls them 'green horns. ' They tell them to back off, the Go-onger get more upset. The two Engines avoid the Banki's attack and set him on fire. He runs off. They introduce themselves as Triptor and Jetoras, they say to call them when they need help. They retreat. Sousuke asks Speedor if what she said was true. He says that when they drove the Gaiarc away, Hira was missing, but he can't believe it was because of the two Wings. The five rally to think of something.
Oil Banki apologizes to Kega. Kira clarifies they need a plan to beat the Wings. His helmet light bulbs light one by one. Kira asks to borrow Oil Banki, Kega clarifies that he belongs to her. She steams up and she is calmed down, she let's him do what he wants. Sousuke recommends wrestling eels to practice with slippery things to overcome that. It gets in his pants and he takes off his clothes, making Saki screech. Hanto comes up with an idea and has a drawing, that no one understands.
He demonstrates an idea with adhesive on his feet to not slip but he becomes stuck to paper. At an ice rink, Gunpei has another illustration no one gets. He clarigies it is not a yuma but a penguin. He gets on a tobagen-like device and asks Renn to push. Gunpei passes his target and crashes into the wall. Everyone else slips on the ice, trying to reach him. Oil Baki is being remodeled by Hira, he doesn't look that different. Hira laughs. Hira tells Oil to go. Back in the bus, Renn tells to study.
Buson says they have tried many things.. including Sousuke trying to race up a child's slide. They eat cake and Sousuke plays with a oil bottle and comes up with something. The boys come up with the same conclusion and Saki demands to know what it is. They have been overthinking it. Meanwhile, Oil Banki is giant again. He is attacked by the Wings. Hira arrives in his plane. Hira adds wings to oil Banki, shocking everyone (the two Wings and Kega). Kega the has changed her point of view on Hira.
Hira leaves the scene. The Wings try to chase him but Oil Banki doesn't let them. He tries burning them. The six Engines arrive. EngineOh and GunBirOh are formed. The Wings get away from his flames. He spills oil on the floor and the two robos wipe it away with mops. After successfully cleaning it, they throw the mops into the monster's nozzles and try to pull him down. Speedor calls for the Wings. They arrive and shoot at Oil Banki. He stands on the ground. The two robos do their finishers and destroy the monster.
Kega is all steamed up at Hira for failing. The other two generals take her away. Hira doesn't think much of it. Meanwhile, the Go-onger argue about who came up with the idea. They take off their helmets. Sousuke tells them to join them. Triptor and Jetoras thinks they aren't so bad. Triptor asks 'Aniki' what he thinks. Turns out the engines have their own partners. Inside, there are two Go-Ongers. They are not so sure. They fly off. Buson said they kew nothing of their partners.
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