Engine Stall
Airdate: May 25, 2008

A Gaiarc Minister is on their way to Earth. gunpherd syas he suspected something. At the bus, Souusuke gets tails in a coin toss, which is rare. Saki trips with her salad and Hanto brings down Sousuke's pants in the process. Renn comes out with a hot frying pan. And it fries Sousuke's exposed leg. He jumps up high. He end sup on the clothing line, so Gunpei swings him up and over the bus. Saki apologizes and tries to cheer everyone up. Bomper alerts them of trouble, they all enter the bus.
Sousuke struggles to go in, by pulling his pants up. They look at the satelite signal, Saki wonders if it is new partner Engines. Bomper clarifies that it is a Gaiarc. Hanto frets it might be a minister, he then adds that he was kidding. Sousuke is up for any challenge. A portal opens in the city and the new villain attacks the city with his ships. EngineOh G6 arrives. Bus-On indetifies it as Hiramekimedes' craft. The villain circles around the heroes. The five seem to know a great deal about him, but not Carrigator.
He dodges their attacks but they can't dodge his. red proposes splitting up and flying with Speedor but he informs his partner he can't reach that high with his jumping ability. Sosuke is shocked to find out it was just jumping. They all are dropped down. The new guy leaves. The heroes try to wake up their partners. In the bus, Renn is fixing Speedor. Sousuke is upset. Sousuke does a coin toss and gets tails again. He imagines Speedor as an angel heading to the 'Angel World. ' He is bumped down by Renn, saying surgery was a success.
Speedor hides and gives him the silent treatment. The new guy arrives to the Gaiarc. Hiramekimedes seems to be Yogo's vice-minister. Yogo is thrilled to see him but the others question his whereabouts. Hira simply says he had a 'situation. ' Yogo brings up the point that Hira brought the good guys down. He claims he split their hearts in half. Sousuke wonders if the engines really are okay. Saki and Renn asks Buson and BearRV for the truth. In an illustrated flashback, it is depicted that Hira defeated them.
They don't know why or where he appeared. Saki can't prounounce his name. Gunpei stops the bus suddenly to find the guy, who they can't prounounce his name. Renn gets it right. He says he has no interest in them. He wants the Engines. The 5 transform and try using their guns but the Engines run into the bus. He mentions heir hearts are broken. He rushes at them and kicks Red down and beats the others down. They then fight ugats. He then throws screws inside the Ugats, powering them up.
They beat the Ugats with their weapons. Red then fights Hira and gets beat up by him. Blue and Black shoot at him but he deflects it. And avoids attacks from Yellow and Green. He beats up all 5 with his Brilliant Triangle cut. He then blasts at them again. They all un-transform and groan. Hira says the Engines are dead inside because they didn't come to save them. He prepares to kill them and enters his plane. the five jump in the bus and are followed. He blasts at them.
Sousuke maneuvers out of the way and enter a tunnel, getting away from him. He flies away. Bomper sighs. They have stopped somewhere. Gunpei looks at the soul card and they are all down. Sousuke demands to talk to Speedor. He just apologizes, saying they can't win. Sousuke cheers Speedor up, the others put their engines in their changers too and they all admit they were scared but they have each other. Sousuke tosses his coin, Saki remembers what happened last time with the accident but is cheered.
It is heads this time. Yogo laughs at the other ministers in their palace. kira is in his ship, waiting for the Engines to come out. Saki has come up with a plan using the casts. The boys aplaud. Bearrv congrats her. Speedor peps up the other Engines. Sousuke still says Hira's name wrong. They are all charged up. Later, Engine Oh G6 towers at the sunrise. They call Hira out. He arrives in his plane, the engines have split up and all launch from Carrigator flying.
Bearrv bits Birca's tail and Speedor soars towards the plane. Go-On Red and Speedor become charged up by Gunpherd and Buson and destroy the plane. Kira's plane splits into five. He laughs at them. Then the fie hear a helicopter blades. Two new engines arrive and scare Hiramechimedes. He thought they were dead. The five ships fly away. The two Engines go after the planes. The gold one has a female voice, her name is Triptor and Jetoras (male) splits into five illusions that trick the other planes. Triptor bumps into an airplane and then is chased after by Hira under a bridge.
Triptor gets fanciful and avoids his attacks. He is then by himself and freaked out, wondering where Jetoras is. He is right behind him. Triptor appears before him. Both of them attack the baddie and the ship explodes. The two new Engines leave. The Engines gather. Saki laments that they got the good part of the deal. Speedor admits they never heard of Engines who can fly. Gunpherd tells the audience they had no idea who the mysterious newcomers where.
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