Doki Doki Every Day
Airdate: May 18, 2008

Carrigator narrates about busy city life. A school teenager falls, saying he is sleepy. Pink gas fill the city. They all find themselves ina hot spring. The Kaman Banki is heating them all up. Hanto is delivering a package. And hoping to be in a hot spring when he gets his chance when he bumps into the Banki. He joins the others and enjoys it at first. Red arrives and fights the monster. The others join in. Hanto is contacted but he is relaxing inside. Birca tries to snap Hanto out of it.
They will become Bonsai. Kega arrives laughing. she tells them that the humans are in a 'fun place. ' The team figures Hanto is inside. Saki interupts Kega with the obvious. Kega sort of agrees with what they believe is her plan. The Banki attacks Red... But he swings it away and it hits another man. This man tries to wake everyone up. He breaks the spell and they escape. They all spill out. The man is proud of himself. the monster asks for help. The victims run away. Kega comes to Banki's aid.
Red is surprised the man saved them. Saki tries to snap Hanto out of it. Highway Buster is formed, but Kega stops the attack towards her charge. The four take off their helmets and scold Hanto. The man grabs Hanto by the collar and drags him away. Sousuke follows, Gunpei tells the other to forget about them. The other two minister laugh at Kega, especially that she claimed that she would wipe humanity in 3 days. The old man trains Hanto in his dojo in the mountains. Sousuke follows him.
Hanto won't give up fun and runs off. He bumps into Kega in disguise. she seeks to be his pupil. She says her name is Rena Kegrashi. Later, The two chop wood. Hanto can't focus. Kega is chopping wood perfectly. Speedor believes she is familar but Sousuke doesn't see it. The old man slumbers. Later, they arrive at a waterfall. Hanto goes first in hopes to impress 'Rena. ' He enters the waterfall and falls over, almost deowning. Kega doesn't understand what the big deal is.
In the bus, the 3 eat dinner. Saki wants fun, but Gunpei is uptight and not for it. At night, Kega meets with her pupil. She plans for him to go in the waterfall. She returns to bed and Hanto grabs her hand. She shrugs it off. The sensei is in a bunny outfit. The others arrive near the dojo. The monster is under the waterfall. The sun rises and his eyes opens. He has reached enlightenment. The three spot him. The three transform and shoot the Banki. It hasn't effected him, he blasts back at them.
He then sucks them inside his hot spring world. They can't resist. Bomper witnesses this and tells a sleepy Sousuke. he runs off. The sensei is eating breakfast with Hanto feeding him. Training will take 3 months. Sousuke grabs Hanto, saying time is up. Hanto says goodbye to Kega, saying she is pure, beautiful, and strong. She raises her fist but he clasps it. She then reaizes it is Go-On Green. She becomes red and thinks he was mocking her. She dons her outfit and knocks the sensei out as she leaves.
The two arrive to where Bomper is. Sousuke makes Hanto listen to have a strong heart. Kega arrives and is upset. Kama Banki arrives and blasts the two. Red transforms but Hanto runs straight into the dimension. He tries to snap the 3 out of it. He wants to hurry back to Rena. He transform and snaps them out of the dimension with his Bridge Axe. Birca says love is more fun that training. hanto gets everyone in their positions and does the team call with Rena in back.
Kega pushes the Banki in the first, green fights him on his own. Everyone is otu of it but follow what Hanto says. He then calls for their finisher and the Super Highway Buster is formed on its own and he carries the heavy thing by himself. They ask why he is in a hurry, he says it is for Rena. The Banki is made giant and Hanto already has the engine Casts and makes them big at once. the casts are in the wrong Engines. BearV is in Bus-On, Carrigator is in Bearv, Birca is in Speedor, Gunpherd is in Birca.
Buson is isnide Gunpherd and Speedor is Carrigator. Hanto says there is no time to fix it and enters Speedor. Everyone is confused and upset. Hanto forms EngineOh G6. The five are in different chairs. Banki beats them up. They fall. Hanto picks them up and shoots at him with the Gunpherd Gun. He is about to blow but is destroyed. Sensei gets up and Hanto runs around looking for Rena. Speedor tells Sousuke that he is dense. The 4 hide from Hanto, believing he has been rejected. Hanto is sad he can't find Rena. Elsewhere, Kega looks at her reflection in a lake and whips it.
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