Tank Full of Chivalry
Airdate: May 11, 2008

A Bankin shoots an unindentified girl in a dark alley. she gets out of the alley and she is in a red and white dress. The baddie keeps attacking her. She screams and the Go-Onger hear her call for help. Hikigane Banki has the girl unconscious. The team arrives and transform. The Ugats arrive and they fight them of course. Hikigane leaves and Blue stops him. He picks her up. Hikigane finds himself cornered but he flies away with jets of water. The five take their helmets off.
The girl come to and calls Blue a pervert. And she slashes his face. Saki bandages it and the girl apologizes. Renn asks for her name. She says it is Buukiroin, which means a woman who acts like a girl. sousuke asks for her real name. Gunpei gets angry. She starts crying and runs off. Elsewhere, an adult man is given saki by Ugat and Kegla but he slashes at them. She tells the others that he told them to get the girl, so he would give them money and weapons. The man does eat. Hikigane Banki arrives.
He gets the old man upset. He wields out his sword. The others leave. The monster shoots bullets at him but the man slices them. The monster kneels to him. He must be stubborn because he asks who the Go-Onger are. The 3 generals sigh. Renn meets up with the girl. He tells her that he believes her. He asks why she runaway, she wonders how he knew, he admits he did it before. She says her family is big business and she is the only daughter. She has a dream to make a theme park. The Banki attacks the Tokyo Tower.
And the girl's father knocks him down. He looks through a telescope. The girl says her dad is very strict. Renn says his family owns a resturant and his dad was against him racing. He is sure her father will understand as well. She believes it is hopeless. He offers to explain it to him. The monster arrives and shoots them. Renn says he won't give the girl up. Her father arrives and the girl hides. Renn is surprised they are related. He backs up. He is a ganster oyabun. He asks why he is with the Gaiarc.
He says it is only advantageous. Renn says he won't return him his daughter and cowards in fear. The father slices a statue in front of him. The other four arrive. Renn stands his ground. The four don't know whats going on but fight the Banki. The dad asks if Renn is serious about fighting. If Renn wins, the girl will be free. If he looses, he will be his henchman. Kegla hosts the 1st round. She puts dice in a bowl. Renn thinks it through. He says Chou and wins. The dad is upset and shows his tattoo.
He literally scares the dice, making it that he won. Renn consults Bus-On but he is scared as well. Kega offers a toast. Renn frets. Meanwhile, the four fight the Banki. Red is shot down. All four then go down with a misile. The second duel is to pull a cloth from under a tower of cards. The girl frets. She counts up to three and both towers shake. Renn's stay up and the father celebrates and his collapses. Meanwhile, the banki shotos water at the gang and short them out. The last duel is by sword. Renn grabs the sheath. Dad draws his sword. Renn pulls his out. They duel.
the team use their individual weapons to no avail against the foe. The monster sends missiles flying at them. The girl, dad, and Renn are outside now. A newspaper flies in Renn's face as the dad attacks. They duel. The girl goes down to her knees. The dad slices Renn's sword in half. Renn says he won't give up because if you give uyp your dreams, you loose everything. He fights him in combat and gets his jacket sliced. The girl stops the sword and offers to fight her fahter.
She brings him down and puts her knife near his face. He faints. Renn is alerted by Bomper. The four are in trouble until Renn arrives. He fights the baddie. The four blast at it. He transforms and they do the roll-call. The five defeat him with their super highway buster. It isn't easy. He then becomes giant and EngineOh G6 is formed quickly. It races around the monster, avoiding its hits. It is then destroyed.
The girl tells the gang she will chase her dream, making a ganster team that will makes children smile. She thanks Renn with a kiss on her cheek. They reveal they are aliens and leave on a spaceship. The five are of course shocked. Renn wishes she would have told him which planet she is from and writes down on his notepad. He touches the lipstick mark she left on his cheek.
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