Sosuke Banki!?
Airdate: May 04, 2008

The Go-Onger, except for Sousuke are sparing with each other. They comment on how he would be jealous. He then sneezes from the bus. He says it is the third time he is sick. Speedor tells him how important it is he rests. Speedor narrates. The new monster arrives. He charges himself up and attacks the city with electricty. Sousuke is ready and grabs his jacket and Speedor. Bomper warns him not to. The others are shocked that Sousuke went on his own. Sousuke confronts the monster and transforms.
Hatsuden Bankin charges himself up and attacks Sousuke. Sousuke hides for cover. Speedor tells him to wait. Hatsuden attacks again and Sousuke races towards gun and real close and strikes him. But its sends a large amount of electricty that strikes both of them, causing them to scream. The four arrive at the burn sight and find the body of Sousuke unconscious somewhere else. Sousuke finds himself in the Gairac hideout and through a reflection that he is a Bankijyu. Yogostein scolds him.
Yogo plans to use a geneator amplifier. Sousuke thinks he is going mad but then realizes it was the lighting that hit them both. Meanwhile, Hatsuden inside Sousuke's body snickers and congratulates himself for inflitrating the Go-onger. He gets up. He crawls on the floor and finds Bomper, telling him to sleep. Bomper wonders where the Bankin went, so Hatsuden grabs a tool. Sousuke also figures it is his chance to get the Gaiarc. Both attempt hitting someone, when... Renn enters with food, Renn tries feeding him.
Hanto has a home redemy. He puts some paste on his foot. Saki puts aroma everywhere to relax him. The three fight over each other when Gunpei arrives offering a dry towel rubdown. The five fight. Back with the real Sousuke, the amplifer is activated. Yogo turns around and asks what he is up to. Sousuke makes up a lie and Yogo tells him about the amplifier's power. Yogo pushes him out and the amplifier is placed outside by the Ugats. They plug Sousuke in. Sousuke charges it up.
While the team argues, the monster inside gets mad with electricty around. He charges out of the bus and charges an imiginary turnstyle. Sousuke damages the amplifier. Hatsuden syas who he really is but Gunpei just checks his temperature. They all think they have to send him to the hospital but he runs off. Speedor in his engine soul cast talks to the four. Yogo and Sousuke fit. Yogo sends a mihty blow to Sousuke in Hatsuden's body. Sousuke's body arrives and the two want their bodies back.
They fight on the floor. They keep rolling when Yogo arrives. Sousuke gets up and tells Yogo to get rid of Go-On Red. They both fight on who really is Hatsuden. Yogo realizes their minds have been switched. The other four arrive. Yogo grabs Sousuke's body and tosses Sousuke to the Go-onger. They tell him to destroy the monster. They race forward and punch Yogo and detain sousuke's body. Sousuke is touched they knew. Speedor apologizes for not figuting it out eariler.
Yogo attacks all six. Hatsuden is hurt emotionally. He transforms into Go-On Red. Sousuke is mad. Red attacks the four and then tries shooting Sousuke. Sousuke punches him down. Sousuke tells him he doesn't have his soul. Sousuke and the four Go-onger do the roll-call. Speedor says there is a way to make him normal. All five engines fly around Sousuke and tell him to think hard about returning his soul and the monster goes off-line.
Sousuke's soul becomes a chip. They set the soul in their Junction rifle and he enters his body once again and the bad soul flies away. Sousuke is happy to be back to say the least. Hatsuden comes back online and sneezes. They defeat Hatsuden with their blaster. He is made giant and sneezes. Speedor beats the baddie down. EngineOh G6 is formed. They finally destroy him. Sousuke sighs. Back at the bus, he is surprised to find the bed a mess. The four act none the wiser. Gunpei makes it that the others were dumb to not know, they all fight and Sousuke is knocked out.
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