Airwave Jack
Airdate: April 27, 2008

Gunpei comes into the room to find Hanto with his new part-time job: esembling fake flower arrangements. Gunpei mentions it being plain, Hanto says that this way he won't have to leave the team. Hanto brings up the fact that there is a lull in Gaiarc attacks. Gunpherd narrates. Bomper enters distressed. On the news, it is announced Sousuke is going on the world grand prix, he is excited. Saki has been chosen as an idol by viewers, she is mostly confused. Also, Renn will battle to be quiz king on a TV game show.
The two are shocked, even more when Hanto is announced to be the heir of a millionare. Hanto is more than thrilled to not have to work, even though he doesn't even know the man. He leaves happily. Gunpei wonders what the heck is going on. Kegaleshia tries to Kitaneidas's plan to best the new EngineOh G6, because she sees the Go-onger are happy. Yogostein is happy about it, he sent Antannae Bankin. Kitaneidas made one an misunderstandin. Gunpei says his calls aren't being answered by the others, much to Bomper's dismay.
Just then, police ask for Gunpei and the news reports he has been fingered for a bank robbery. Gunpei is being arrested, against the bus and manhandeled by two men, then multiple amounts of policemen. He manages to escape. They run by him as he hides. Gunpherd reminds him strange things are happening to everyone else. Meanwhile, Saki leads a small concert at the mall with an audience made of men. Gunpei arrives in an disguise and asks her what about Go-Onger.
She is too excited about making people smile. At the game show, Renn answers all the questions correctly. Afterwards, Gunpei approaches Renn. Renn is enthused by the quizes. The police arrive and Gunpei runs off. The Gaiarc watch. The monster moves on with the plan. The news reports that a law as been pased to let factories make 10 times the smoke. Meanwhile, Hanto is welcomed by his 'grandfather. ' He is not related to him but he still calls him grandpa. The man gives him his allowance.
Hanto kneels to the ground with his money. A maid informs the man that a guest is there for Hanto. Hanto meets with Gunpei outside. Gunpei asks him what about the Go-onger, Hanto is more in love with being rich. Gunpei hides in a pile of garbage from police sirens. He collapses on it. He asks Gunpherd if he knows what a stray dog is, they notice people dumping garbage everywhere. A new law has been passed for households to dump garbage anywhere. It's all been from TV. Something clicks for Gunpei, he contacts Bomper to trace the signals.
Sousuke is told to take a break by Speedor when they notice Gunpei. Gunpei tells him Gaiarc is up to something, he is too much into the Gran Prix. Gunpei grabs Sousuke by the collar and tells him he didn't even win the nationals. Sousuke refuses to beleive it. Gunpei tells him to open his eyes, he needs him but he brushes him off. Bomper tells him the signals have a hypnotic effect. He takes off his hat and goes off on his own to confront the monster on the roof.
Antannea Bankin admits to have created the news program (he is the anchor). Gunpei transforms and fights the monster. He rolls down and is shocked from the ground. He is dropped to a lower roof. Bomper calls the other four but they don't answer. The ministers celebrate and Gunpei takes a satelite shower and falls off the roof, un-transforming. He then tackled by half a dozen policemen. the monster has a Ugat televise Gunpei being arrested with a purple camera. Saki sees this, so does Renn.
Hanto's 'grandfather' is watching and Hanto enters the room. Sousuke watches. Gunpei disables the men with his skills and is attacked by the monster and the Ugat cameraman. Gunpei says he won't give up and gets another satelite shower. He bleeds from his mouth, he says he believes in his friends. The others watch as he is tortured. Gunepi says Saki's smile, Renn's knowledge, Hanto's free heart, and Sousuke's fiery heart will never falter. His friends watching are encouraged and nod.
The monster decides to turn him into electrons and is attacked by the other four Go-Onger. The Ugat with the camera is destroyed. Hanto admits he was quite happy. Sousuke thanks Gunpei. Speedor apologizes to Gunpherd for being hypnotized as well. Gunpherd scolds them all. Gunpei transforms and the five do the rollcall. The ministers are ofcourse not pleased. The team do a series of visual insults and then beat the monster's butt. They finish him off with the Super Highway Buster with Gunpherd inside.
He grows big and the Engine Casts are teleported. EngineOh and GunbirOh are formed. They block off an attack and hit the monster. GunBirOh helps EngineOh up and slash the monster. Sousuke suggests using EngineOh G6 but Gunpei wants to do it. He avoids attacks from the monster in Matrix-style and finishes the monster in with his Gunpherd gun. The hypnotized people awake and take the garbage away. The smoggy skys clear. Gunpei is understandably exhausted.
Renn gives a massage to Gunpei, saki gives him coffee and a treat. Saki and Sousuke question each other if they enjoyed their fantasies. Sousuke says he would wanna make it to the grand prix, but on his own and when the Gaiarc are defeated. Hanto exists with the flowers in a box, depressed that his rich life is over. Everyone scold him. Everyone plays around with Gunpherd as the other Engines look ashamed around Gunpherd as the phones are being charged up.
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