Starting Alright

Starting Alright
Airdate: April 20, 2008

The gang are eating breakfast and Renn is busy the six Engines to do research on the Engines' capablities. Sousuke is not sure about having Saki cook, Hanto reminds him of how good her cake was. Renn tells Bomper he wants to train to be a Mechanic. And thinks of the Engines as his own team. Meanwhile, the pictures Lens Bankin took in the last episode left important information for the Gaiarc ministers to use. They release their special united monster. Meanwhile breakfast is too sweet for the boys.
Sosuke celebrates that Renn is out of the bus. They are alerted of a powerful monster. Before Renn can ask what he wanted to ask, the five transform and Kagami Bankin becomes big. The Six Engines arrive and the two big robots are formed. The five Go-Ongers and the six Engines do the roll-call. The sword is called. Kagami Bankin opens its mirror and has Gunpherd and Birca as arms and deliver attacks on GunBir-o. GunBir-o are split apart and Black, Green and 3 Engine Casts go down.
The monster then uses the sword against them, mentioning he has info from Lens Bankin. This strikes Renn. He uses the Engineoh finisher and they go down too. Kagami Bankin runs out of energy and retreats. In the bus, the gang is upset their own attacks were used against them. Renn thought this time would come, that data would be gathered of their attacks. The three ministers celebrate with a drink as Kagmi Bankin re-charges.
Because he is made up of three Ministers, it takes three times to charge up. Renn tells the others that he and Bomper have developed a new combination. The first three Engines are already remodeled, ready for it, but the other three still need work. Renn asks Hanto and Gunpei for help. Gunpei says they are still needed in case the monster come back. Hanto agrees. Gunpei says he has no charge, Renn gives them their casts. They are made big to be faster to remodel. Renn takes Carrigator.
Kitaneidas says it is boring to wait for the monster to recharge, he wants to send the Bohma. They all are a bit drunk. Bomper alerts the gang. the five grab their henshin items. Renn hands Sousuke the first three Engines. Sousuke reminds them they only have 10 minutes that the Engines can be in giant size. Bus-On suggests splitting up as they fight the Bohma. Hanto looks at the instructions and presses a bunch of buttons on Birca to download the info.
Speedor takes care of baddies. Gunpherd shifts as Gunpei presses buttons, Gunpherd says it tickles. BearRV does attacks too. Bus-on talks to Renn through his phone as he is under Carrigator, repairing him. The Bohma are taken care of. Kagami Bankin arrives. They only have five minutes left. EngineOh is formed. Kagami Bankin takes a new form, which has three parts out of the ministers. The Ministers say it is his true form, with their courage, power and knowledge.
Kagami showers them and they go down. Kagami then kicks sticks at them. He then twirls around in wind gust around Engine-Oh. Hanto has Birca ready. And so is Gunpherd. Renn gets from under Carrigator. They run into the bus and Bomper says the Blaster Soul System is still downloading, it is at 43%. EngineOh is down and Speedor says they only have 160 seconds left. They stand up and try the finisher. The Mirror Bomb splits them up.
The monster gets blasted at by Go-On Blue that is on top of Carrigator. The others have arrived. Renn jumps into Bus-On. Carrigator carries the other two. They activate the G-6 formation and create Engine-Oh G6! They all transfer into the new cockpit. Kitaneidas drops her glass and it breaks. She turns from red to blue. The Ministers freak out. The monster's mirror bomb is smashed. He tries copying their power but they kick-smash his mirror. The Handle Busters are formed.
The special souls are set in to perform the G6 Grand Prix finisher. It knocks the monster down and then he explodes. The five take their helmets off and congratulate Renn. Renn thanks Bomper and Carrigator and most importantly he says, everyone else. Saki offers to make him breakfast everyday, both Gunpei and Sousuke fet. The 5 minutes are almost up and the gang freaks out.

  • From this episode, Bus-on is part of the ending theme song instead of Speedor.