Tomorrow is There
Airdate: April 13, 2008

Sousuke is upset that Saki took Hanto shopping and not him. Bomper says it is better for the young to be with the young. Sousuke accuses Renn and Bomper for treating him like he is old. Hanto actually has to carry a bunch of things Saki thinks is very cute. Speedor narrates. Saki addes a little bear keychain to her Go-Phone's already full plate of keychains. Hanto moans and Saki spreads his cheeks to smile like always. she spots dessert and wants to get for everyone. Hanto rests his bags when he hears screams.
He runs as Saki tries to pick a cake. Lens Bankin captures his victims in his camera. Hanto arrives and transforms. Lens is about to capture him, when Saki arrives and doesn't transform because she frets what to do with the cake in her hands. Lens captures the two. They awake in a strange place with a bunch of scrap. They put the souls in their phone to ask where they are. BearRV says it doesn't appear to be the human world and Birca says it isn't the Machine World.
Red, Blue, and Black arrive to fight the lens Bankin and tries taking them but they avoid it. Lens tells them that he sent the other two 'over there. ' The three return to the bus and ask Bomper what he meant. Bomper says there are 11 dimensions and Saki and Hanto are in another dimension. Saki tries transforming but she can't. She blames herself. Hanto tries to make her smile and then discovers he's hungry. he reaches out for the cake and eats a slice. Saki tries some. In the Gaiarc headquarters, Kitaneidas says the victims are in the Junk World.
He tells Lens not to be lazy and continue capturing people. Kitaneidas just laughs wickedly when asked what will be the fate of the victims. Back in the Junk World, Hanto offers the sad Saki the last cake. She reveals she went to a Cake Specality school. She dreamed to own her own cake shop. Her teacher told her she had no taste. Hanto tells her not to give up, humans always prevail. They hear noises and run to the Ugats. Bomper tries to figure out where the two are. Renn tries to think about it and figures out something.
Saki and Hanto see the Ugats taking the humans away like prisioners. Kitaneidas explains he is running out of scrap to make Ugats. He plans to turn the humans into Ugats. Some people are put in a cage and steam goes up on them, turning them into Ugats. They wear their regular clothes and are freaked out. The other people are freaked out. BearRV tells Saki and Hanto that they must be in the junk World. Hanto tells Saki to bring out her inner heronie, even though they can't transform.
She gets encouraged by thinking of all the times she was brave, when she rescued that boy in episode 6 and when they were under disguise in episode 3 and when the three stood up to the first monster in the 1st episode. Menawhile, the other three tease the Lens Bankin in the human world. Saki throws her bear keychain on a Ugats. Hanto and Saki leap into the scene with chains and fight off the Ugats themselves. Hanto wraps chains around some Ugats and Saki knocks them out with their own weapons. She helps people up and Hanto frees the others.
The three finally stop and pose. Lens takes their picture and out of nowhere, they appear. saki and Hanto think their friends have arrived but they are just cut-outs. sousuke punches turns the monster's dial and punching it, bringing everyone back. Blue and Black punch the monster back. Saki praises Hanto and they take the people to safety. They transform and do the roll call. The five finaly form the Super Highway Buster with BearRV inside. Lens Bankin becomes giant and the six Engines grow big.
EngineOh and Ganbir-O are formed. Lens Bankin wraps the two in film and blasts at them. He plans to send them to the Junk World, but they are able to get up and fly into sky to the sun to create harming backlighting. Before Lens Bankin is destroyed by their two finishers, he takes pictures of them. The three Ugat-victims return to normal, they thank the Go-onger. Later, Saki and Hanto bring an Engine-inspired cake. the other three are not sure about eating it, Sousuke falls face first in the cake and likes it.

  • Why 11 dimensions?
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